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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:42pm 18/02/16 | 3 Comments
XCOM 2 may have spoilers for people who've never even played XCOM: Enemy Unknown (the aliens win), but that might be its only flaw. To know why, you might want to read our review if you still haven't joined the human revolution against our alien overlords.

Here's a snippet:
20 years of alien brainwashing on earth's inhabitants has seen the XCOM project go from humanity’s last hope to being some sort of terrorist style organisation, which has seen the introduction of XCOM 2’s newest mechanic, concealment. Most missions start you off in concealment, allowing you to move your soldiers swiftly through the level until you are either spotted by a civilian, alien, or scanning tower. Smashing a window or firing on an enemy will also remove concealment, but it allows you to set up the sweetest ambushes on unsuspecting alien scum.

Speaking of soldiers, all the classics from XCOM: Enemy Unknown are back -- Snipers, Assault, Heavies and support but all have had a few tweaks. Snipers now have a wicked pistol they can use as well as their usual long range rifle. Assault troopers are now called rangers and have picked up a wicked looking machete which they can use for amazing close range damage. Support soldiers have been upgraded to Specialists and come with a military drone that can hack into the enemy's network, heal teammates or electrocute enemies (depending on the skills chosen). The minigun-wielding Heavy is back, now known as the Grenadier, probably on account of the extremely useful grenade launcher they now have slung over their shoulder.
Click here for our in-depth XCOM 2 review.

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Posted 01:07pm 18/2/16
I would knock it down a to 9 just because of the stupid unnecessary pauses during action cam which slow things down horribly.

There is a mod out which removes some of them.
Posted 01:26pm 18/2/16
just started playing it this morning. it runs f*****g terribly on my rig for some reason but am enjoying it.
Posted 12:47pm 25/2/16
So this is basically Xcom but with more pretty graphics. Don't get me wrong, I like Xcom and still play it, but the devs could of been a bit more imaginative. I think I'll wait to play it when the price drops below 50%.
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