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Post by Sarah Tottenham @ 05:50pm 14/01/16 | 10 Comments
Razer, a brand normally associated with its expensive, high-end gaming products, moved into new territory this month when it announced the release of the RZR Collection, a collection of Razer-themed Counter Strike: Global Offensive weapon finishes.

Produced in collaboration with the Australian freelance designer, Luke Millanta, the RZR Collection was first teased in a Twitter post on December 23. The collection was again teased on December 26, with the post racking up more than 1,200 favourites in the space of three hours.

On January 3rd, Razer finally made the news official, announcing the release of the collection (hosted on the Steam Workshop) and a short preview video. Millanta, previously known for his work with Fnatic, Orange eSports, and Multiplay, also posted links to the collection and video.

Comprised of eight weapon finishes, the RZR Collection’s finishes feature primarily linear-based designs in Razer’s traditional colour set (green, black, and grey). All eight of the weapon finishes are named in honour of both past and present Razer products.

Steam Workshop approval ratings for the collection currently stand at 97 per cent, however some members of the community have taken to Twitter and Reddit to voice their frustrations, either with the design of the finishes or that their favourite weapons have not been covered. The most notable complaint has been that some players do not want Razer-themed weapon finishes in the game as it, to them, is just another form of advertising.

What do you think of the RZR collection? Should this collection be added to the game or should Razer stick to making hardware?

Check out a video showcasing the finishes embedded below, and >click here for the full collection.

Latest Comments
Posted 07:32pm 14/1/16
pretty s***** skins.
Posted 08:39pm 14/1/16
I'm ok with it. I won't buy them. I just sell most stuff I get, funds buying games during steam sales.

I'm sure I'll pick one up during a game, shoot people with it, then get shot. So the game remains the same. Honestly, there are so many skins that these will probably just be little more than 'just another set'.

I bet most people crying about it are mad their current skins will be worth less.

I look forward to the Avengers 2 skins, the Microsoft Collection and the Pokemon collection.

Good times.
Posted 01:29am 15/1/16
Razr have done stuff like this before. ie razr footprints in PoE

I'm surprised it isn't more mainstream in games really. Marketing departments do annoying s*** all the time.
Posted 10:11pm 15/1/16
i remember when games were about gaming, and gaming news websites were about gaming news.

no wonder i don't keep up with this s*** anymore
Posted 01:44am 16/1/16
Why is it snowing on de_inferno? map update or just for the advert?
Posted 10:55am 16/1/16
S*** I must be getting old. I thought CS was about shooting goodies and baddies. Do people really pay for skins? Those boxes that 'drop': are they just skins too?
Posted 01:25pm 16/1/16
I remember the days when crusty old people just ignored gaming news that wasn't of interest to them instead of whining like a b**** about it.
Posted 07:08am 17/1/16
Posted 09:21pm 18/1/16
hard to ignore when its 50% of "news" these days.
Posted 10:56am 19/1/16
awww cranky. I like that you're so high and mighty you feel you can classify what's "news" and what's just news. pompous d***.
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