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So, it looks like Legacy of the Void won't be the last bit of story-focused StarCraft II campaign action. Huzzah! Called Nova Covert Ops, this new content (obviously starring ghost icon Nova) will feature new missions taking place after the events of Legacy of the Void. With 9 missions planned, split into three chunks, the first mission pack is expected early next year.

There's an announcement trailer which you can check out below. It doesn't really show off too much but the real-time graphics definitely point to this being another piece of quality Blizzard content to look out for.

The story focuses on Nova and her involvement with a group of terran separatists known as the “Defenders of Man.” Similar to Kerrigan’s role in the Heart of the Swarm campaign, Nova will be directly controlled in each mission. Unlike the scrappy Raynor’s Raiders, Nova will be supported by all of the might and resources of the Terran Dominion, including a special black ops version of the typical Terran army.

The Nova Covert Ops missions will also feature a new gear and load-out feature. You’ll be able to acquire and equip different weapons and gadgets for Nova to deploy in the field. This gear can dramatically change how you play through the mission and encourages you to revisit the missions with different loadouts for more replayability.

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