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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:21pm 07/09/15 | 9 Comments
Ahead of an upcoming beta (of which we'll have plenty of codes to giveaway), Ubisoft has confirmed we'll have local servers for Rainbow Six Siege.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will be using the Microsoft Azure datacentres located in Australia to ensure players can enjoy an optimal online experience when the game is launched. “Local servers have been a priority from day one.” Said Ubisoft Australia MD Edward Fong. “It is essential that Australian gamers get to experience the same online environment as players across the globe.”

Microsoft Australia’s Cloud & Enterprise lead Toby Bowers said, “Ubisoft’s use of Microsoft Azure datacentres in Australia demonstrates Azure’s cross-platform capabilities and is great news for the gaming community who will enjoy the benefits of a locally hosted environment and support”.
It's a half-vague press release, but when probed, our local representative did indeed confirm that the game -- across all three platforms -- is powered by the local Azure datacentre. A first for this type of thing.

We're not too sure on the specifics here, but given the power of Microsoft's cloud this can only be a good thing for server-hosted cross-platforming (this likely doesn't mean PS4 players can play PC players though, or Xbox One).

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:10pm 07/9/15
Pumped for this, got my code from Nvidia ready to go.
Posted 10:14pm 07/9/15
I dunno, it seems a bit slow.
Posted 10:36am 08/9/15
I saw Summit playing this on Twitch a while back, it looked pretty solid.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:57am 08/9/15
It's very good. So easy to die like the old R6 games.
Posted 12:41pm 08/9/15
I'm just concerned with the possibility of dieing fairly early then having to wait 5-10 mins for the round to finish.

It was an issue with Counter Strike as well, that has since been addressed with 2 min (1:45 league) round timers. I'm sure many of you remember Lighting CS 1.6 server's with 2min round times, so much better.

Don't get me wrong, the game looks good and fun. However it may not be for me if rounds can last too long.
Posted 04:22pm 08/9/15
From memory the rounds are over pretty quick.
Posted 04:27pm 08/9/15
for as long as they have uplay bulls***, I wont touch any of their games.
Posted 09:39am 09/9/15
Nothing wrong with uplay lately tbh.
Posted 10:20am 09/9/15
Yeah, Uplay is pretty inoffensive these days. I mean, its a bit annoying having some games in Steam, some in Origin and now some in Uplay but meh, its not that big of a deal, just a matter of clicking a different shortcut to run it.

I'm more worried about the sort of s*** they pulled in AC: Unity, where there was content in the game you couldn't unlock unless you played the corresponding mobile game (like chests you couldn't open and assassin contracts you couldn't do). And for the first time, not everything shows up on the map when you use a vantage point, you either need to run around everywhere manually to find all the chests and stuff or pay 'Helix credits' to buy an unlock pack to make everything show up on your map. Need more 'Helix Credits'? Time to pony up more cash. They wound a lot of it back within a few months of Unity coming out and made all the content accessible, but I dunno if they did it because they learned their lesson and realised it was a f*****g lame idea, or just because the mobile app was too buggy and wasn't working so people couldn't unlock it.
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