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Post by Joaby @ 10:19am 16/07/15 | 6 Comments
The third chapter in the StarCraft II story is nearly upon us, and from today if you pre-purchase the standalone, Protoss focused finale for the game you can jump in immediately and play both the Prologue and the closed beta multiplayer.

Those who buy into the pre-release version of Legacy of the Void can play a three mission long prologue titled Whispers of Oblivion and starring Zeratul, who we've definitely seen in StarCraft prior to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's MOBA.

A physical copy of the standard edition of Legacy of the Void is $59.95, while a digital version will set you back $54.95. You can also drop an extra $20 for the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes a World of Warcraft pet, a HOTS mount and a Hearthstone card back. A Collector's edition is available for RRP $109.95 for pre-order, and it comes with a hardcover StarCraft Field Manual, a DVD and a soundtrack. No matter what version you buy, you'll also unlock access to an upcoming StarCraft Warrior Hero in Heroes of the Storm.

There's still no firm release date beyond "Summer", but the full game is slated for release this year. You can read Steve's interview with StarCraft II Lead Artist Allen Dilling while you work out whether you should buy into the game now. You can head to the Official Site for more details on what Legacy of the Void contains.

StarCraft II is five years old. StarCraft is 17. At this point they're both probably addicted to Minecraft. Do you think they call it MineCraft?

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:01pm 16/7/15
Wee woo wee woo I know what I'm playing this weekend!
Posted 03:57pm 16/7/15
Might have to pre-order the CE like the past two then.
Posted 10:32pm 16/7/15
I wish blizzard weren't so anal and just use steam. S*** having multiple gaming clients.
Posted 12:55am 17/7/15
Blizzard collectors editions seem to be have been getting more and more boring and more and more disappointing over the years, to the point where even I'm wondering whether they're worth buying anymore. Maybe the contents aren't final yet, but I saw a list of the contents in the collector's edition earlier today and the only physical things in the box were the game itself and the art book, all the rest was just codes to redeem s*** in Wow, Diablo 3, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. Such bulls***.
Posted 08:49pm 18/7/15
I was actually surprised this has gotten some kind of release date considering how long it took from Heart of the Swarm...something which I never bothered playing because by the time it came out I wasn't interested anymore. At least I've picked it on cheap on special but I think I'll continue waiting to play until Legacy of the Void releases and then do one big binge...perhaps even play Wings of Liberty again.
Posted 12:35pm 20/7/15
I collect a lot of Collectors Editions of games, just because. I'm seriously disappointed with the CE offering for LotV. The stuff they're offering for LotV seems to be steering the game into the right direction with the freeing up of the arcade map editor and stuff but I can't help but shake the feeling it's all a little too late.
There's a great arcade map called Star Battle but it lacks the support of a proper ladder system so it's usually just pub stomps.

I am keen to play through the campaign since the story and missions in SC2 + HotS were actually quite fun and challenging to beat on Brutal.
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