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Post by Joaby @ 11:30am 13/07/15 | 5 Comments
A post on Steam's community forums claims that Warner Bros and company will have an update on how fixes for the woeful port of Batman: Arkham Knight are going next week. That is to say -- they won't have fixes for the game next week, just an update on when those fixes might arrive.

Following a lengthy apology for releasing the game in a nigh unplayable, broken state, Gary Lake-Schaal, the VP of Game Technology at WBIE, explained that the issues were still their top priority and that a number of issues have been identified, but they don't have a clear idea of the status of their progress.

The post also contains a pledge on behalf of WBIE to modify their 'internal review process' for all their games, and that due to the nature of the game's broken-ness on PC the first round of DLC -- Batgirl: A Matter of Family -- will be delayed with no timeline for release.

You can read the full post, as well as all the well-adjusted people posting in the Steam comments here.

If you purchased the PC copy of Batman: Arkham Knight before it was removed from sale, have the patches made the game more playable?

Batman: Arkham KnightPC portbrokenupdatesteamBatman
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:38am 13/7/15
Those "patches" sure haven't helped, Joab. In fact, they've created new problems for me.

In fact, as far as I'm aware, only one patch has been released.
Posted 11:43am 13/7/15
As someone that didn't get to see the problems, what kind of glitches have been encountered that are making it unplayable?
Posted 11:49am 13/7/15
I doesn't work on start-up every once in three starts for me (just a black screen with music). I have to crash it and restart to play. Before I moved it to my SSD, there would be moments where frame rate would drop to single figures, mostly in the Batmobile, but also just when gliding sometimes.
Posted 12:11pm 13/7/15
I had controller support issues, framerate drops, and the game crash a few times. The initial patch didn't have any performance improvements, the big thing they fixed was some of the graphical details not being up to scratch and some of the things causing the game to crash.
Posted 12:23pm 13/7/15
Ironically I'm having a ball with this game. The only issues I've run into are a few low res textures here and there. Avg about 65fps with everything maxed. SLI usage is all over the place though so there are huge performance increases to be had.

p.s. Trog maybe not implementing 10 minute posting restrictions may help with AG not dying a slow and painful death. Madness.
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