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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:07pm 24/04/15 | 9 Comments
You poor sods waited oh-so long for one of the most celebrated games of all time, but it's here. Grand Theft Auto V for PC is finally on PC. Question is, was it worth the wait?

Joaby seems to think that answer is yes, but he's terrified of being told he is wrong, so fervent and passionate you all are as PC gamers. But I'm going to pat him on back, tell him to take a deep breath and reassure him it will be alright. Right?
Fear not, however, because the fix is already in. Modders have already added field of view management tools to the game, alongside lighting tweaks, superhero powers, snow and more. Mods aren't supported by Rockstar, but they're not specifically blocked (except where they affect GTA Online) -- and so tinkerers did what they like to do, as soon as they could.
Click here for his full GTAV PC review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:07pm 24/4/15
Perfect score for a perfect game. So good.

Also I find it hilarious that my rig can run GTA V at extreme details but switching to GTA IV kills the system. Logic.
Posted 02:55pm 24/4/15
Yeah goes to show just how bad GTA IV was, definitely worth the wait for this.

People are so used to games coming off the conveyer belt that they complain when a developer actually wises up and takes extra time to make it optimized as possible, yet if this came out the same time as the consoles and was another unoptimized port they would have been raging.

Glad Rockstar learnt their lesson perhaps next time we get optimized and a pc release at the same time as consoles.
Posted 03:12pm 24/4/15
Just got two 980s and GTA V runs and looks a lot better now :D
Posted 03:36pm 24/4/15
Got SLI 970's runs quite well, although had to turn off MSSA as it just destroys frame rates when it goes over 3.5gb, but I can live with a little jaggedness as everything else is max.
Posted 04:06pm 24/4/15
If they released it at the same time as it came out on consoles though, they wouldn't be able to make people buy it three times.
The GuVna
Posted 04:36pm 24/4/15
Was quite impressed on the rewards I would have got if I did purchase it on my xbox 360

I want a monster truck and railgun!
Posted 04:58pm 24/4/15
I had the graphics switch problem at launch, what surprised me was that it ran on laptop intergrated intel 4400 @ 30 fps, not all on min specs. Wont win any fashion parades. But its playable, I find myself forgetting the missions and just wandering about. Its sad but i spent 2 hrs watching a guy watch tv and then went to the theatre

Weirdly GTA4 ran fine, It was the LOTD and BOGT that stuttered all over the place.

Now I'm waiting for valve to wave $ signs in front of the modders faces. Sigh
Posted 05:18pm 24/4/15
The traffic AI in it is absolute s***. They drive nearly as bad as Brisbane drivers. Blowing through red lights, can't turn at an intersection without stopping to have a look at some birds or some s***, slower than a granny with a zimmer frame on the highway.

I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about and why everyone is so like omg this game is like sooo perfect. It's not. It's good, but it's far from perfect. I guess that's what gamers have come to expect though, if a game doesn't crash every 5 minutes *cough* EA s*** *cough* then I guess they'll call it perfect.

Hell, the graphics aren't even that great in it.
Posted 08:08pm 24/4/15
Runs great on my 970, game is awesome. Gonna fire it up now actually. #masterrace
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