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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:49pm 13/04/15 | 7 Comments
PlayStation Plus users can download Arkan Studio's much-loved Dishonored for free for PS3 between now and May 5, Bethesda revealed.

A PlayStation Plus subscription is required to not only nab the game, but to also play its content (so if your sub lapses at any time, you won't have access to the game). The offer dries up on the 5th, which also happens to be new content release day for Bethesda's other well-received shooter, Wolfenstein, when The Old Blood drops for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Here's an excerpt from our Dishonored review, in case the game has somehow slipped you by:
It’s probably easiest, from the outset, to give you the requisite comparisons for contextual purposes. In every review of this game you read, these will appear almost like a checklist, but it’s important to lay a foundation given this is new waters for everyone, which in itself is an important point I’ll touch on shortly. Thief, Deus Ex and BioShock - those three games could very easily sum up for you the types of situations and opportunities you’ll be faced with in Dishonored, and yet levelled by the aforementioned narrative construct, any components it harbours from those games is left to “homage” rather than “borrow”, because it’ll conjure familiarity for most, but on the whole everything is delivered in such a grounded way, it all becomes the property of the Dishonored universe.
Click here for the full review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:38pm 13/4/15
no ps4 no care

Honestly I found it disappointing though, I never even finished it. There never really seemed to be much of an option when it came to how to get in and out of places. I like how with Assassin's Creed you can go over the roof tops or go through tunnels, or just run on in through the front door.

Half the time in Dishonored, it seemed like you HAD to go in through a certain point. There was never much rooftop action either, from what I remember.

I mention it because I'm sure I saw somewhere in a trailer that you were meant to have a bunch of options when it came to how you accomplished your mission. Seemed more like the illusion of choice to me.
Posted 07:23pm 13/4/15
For almost all of the maps there was a few ways to go about it, it just wasn't apparent and needed some looking into to find them. However, in many points on those maps you ended up getting funneled through a door of some sorts, that was kinda s***.
The Nerfatar
Posted 08:09pm 13/4/15
I stopped out of boredom early on in Dishonored. Went back way later, and found that it actually gets pretty good.

There were various ways which I didn't even consider, like possessing fish to swim through pipes, so I can't remember how linear it felt or not. Overall it felt a lot like the first two Thief games in the later levels (which I think shared a lot of the same creators).
Posted 08:56pm 13/4/15
I really enjoyed Dishonored, awesome old school Thief vibe. Yeah there is legit a bunch of different ways to enter places and even end/accomplish every mission - they just take some creative thinking and exploring. Really dug the art styling, music and storyline too, was a bit short though.

There's normally always a rooftop/climbing, underground sewer, or fish/rat possession to go through small pipes, or even possessing guards and going through the front door, array of options. Rat swarming peeps was always fun.
Posted 08:40am 14/4/15
Half the time in Dishonored, it seemed like you HAD to go in through a certain point.

wrong, there was always multiple paths to get into places. you just didn't explore enough.
Posted 11:23am 14/4/15
Talking about it makes me wanna install it again. I've played through it a few times but never seem to get bored, such a good game.
Posted 12:18pm 15/4/15
I actually can't enjoy Dishonored after playing the Daud story DLC. His blink is so much more fun and the missions are way better designed.

Still the best Thief game since Thief 2 tho.
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