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Post by Eorl @ 10:06am 20/02/15 | 0 Comments
ArenaNet has unleashed a flurry of new information for their upcoming paid expansion to the ever-popular MMO Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, detailing just what you can expect from the new Revenant class that will make its debut plus some new skill mechanics.

The upcoming expansion will see the addition of a new "unique" profession called the Revenant, one which ArenaNet is hyping as "not seen in other games." The Revenant is able to wear heavy armour, and invokes powers from "legends of the past" in order to deal devastation attacks to foes.

Unique to the class, the Revenant is able to slot two "legendary characters" sourced from the vast crypt of Guild Wars history. A player can choose only one to have active, and that choice determines what skills you have available in your right side skill bar, much like the current weapon system determines your left side skill bar. Due to this unique mechanic Revenants will not have access to any weapon swapping, but ArenaNet assures us that their abilities "more than make up for it."

Only two legendary characters have been revealed so far; Legendary Demon Stance: Mallyx the Unyielding, and Legendary Dwarf Stance: Jalis Ironhammer. Invoking a legendary character will reset your energy bar, putting it to halfway while it regenerates over time. "This creates a push-and-pull feel with the energy that you manage as you use your skills," says the blog.

It isn't all Revenant information though, with ArenaNet also discussing changes to boons, status effects and conditions. That can all be read up on at the official blog.

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