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Post by Eorl @ 08:44am 04/02/15 | 18 Comments
Yes, you read that title correctly. The ever-popular Grand Theft Auto series is once again continuing to show its strength today with Take-Two announcing that Rockstar's open-world title has now shipped more than 45 million copies to consoles, 10 million of which is on next-gen consoles.

The news comes from Take-Two Interactive's latest quarter financial results, which also pointed to the long-awaited Heist missions becoming available in early 2015. That could possibly mean around the time of the PC launch, on March 24th, but we'll have to wait and see.

Alongside those ridiculously large numbers was NBA 2K15, which has now shipped nearly 5.5 million copies to date. Take-Two reported in its Q3 FY15 financials a net revenue of $53 million, compared to $1.86 billion year-over-year and net income of $40 million compared to $58 million year-over-year.

Of course such a decline has been attributed to net revenue and cost of goods sold related to sell-in of GTA 5 during Q2 and Q3 during 2014. Though it isn't really fair to compare the year-over-year sales with such a blockbuster title headlining 2014.

“Take-Two’s positive momentum was demonstrated once again, as we delivered exceedingly strong third quarter revenues and profits, and finished the quarter with nearly $1 billion in cash and short term investments,” said T2 CEO Strauss Zelnick. “We successfully launched one of the most diverse holiday lineups in the Company’s history and we also generated substantial growth in digitally-delivered revenue.

“Looking ahead, we expect that our fourth quarter will provide a strong finish to fiscal 2015, anchored by the launches of Evolve and Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC, along with an array of other offerings.”

Grand Theft Auto V will be heading to PC come March 24th. Take-Two's other big title, Evolve, will be launching on February 10th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:23am 04/2/15
Now if only they'd use all the hard-earned money made from this success to knock out Red Dead Redemption 2
Posted 10:30am 04/2/15
Posted 05:59pm 04/2/15
mmm rdr 2, I'd even pre-order that s***.
Posted 06:51pm 04/2/15
where do you go with the RDR story though..
Posted 07:43pm 04/2/15
Might've sold even more if it was on PC too.

just sayin'
Posted 07:59pm 04/2/15
Sold copies vs development time cost vs costs of pirating
Posted 08:10pm 04/2/15
I think what paveway is trying to say is
Posted 08:14pm 04/2/15
i was talking about red dead redemption
Posted 08:43pm 04/2/15
Trust me I played the game on the 360 when It first launched and you would not of wanted it on PC then. I think a lot of people forget about how bad the launch of GTA V online was.
Posted 08:58pm 04/2/15
I am pretty excited about GTA V. The PS3 version was almost a perfect game despite the technical limitations. Now with the vastly improved graphics, FPS mode and added content it will be perfect.
Posted 08:48am 05/2/15
trevor is one of my favourite computer game characters, he is very well done
Posted 09:18am 05/2/15
non pc games are lame.
Posted 09:22am 05/2/15
trevor's a top bloke
Posted 03:20pm 05/2/15
my brother bought a PS4 to play this game and i havent played it yet because i want the full experience when i purchase it on PC. But I have watch him play a little bit and the game looks god dam awesome!
Posted 03:34pm 05/2/15
Have played some on XBone, is pretty cool!

But have that dirty dota habit so not too far in yet :(
Posted 03:58pm 05/2/15
But have that dirty dota habit so not too far in yet :(

haha who plays that game!! :|
Posted 05:25pm 05/2/15
who would :|
Posted 07:31am 18/2/15
I'd like to see Red Dead Redemtion land on PS4...
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