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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:06pm 11/11/14 | 37 Comments
Skyrim's boots are big, knee-damaged ones to to fill, but BioWare has come to the party with a game that works, and works very hard. Our review tells you why.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is an epic experience that haunts you between play sessions, enticing you to come back for more. It may not hit the lofty heights of Skyrim, but it comes bloody close..
Nathan "nachosjustice" Lawrence took the game for the review spin for us, and did not walk away disappointed.

Click here for our full, in-depth Dragon Age: Inquisition review.

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Posted 08:29pm 11/11/14
YES! That is all.
Posted 08:41pm 11/11/14
time to pre-order.
Posted 09:18pm 11/11/14
Welp, I'm getting it now. Whoever moderates comments should brace themselves for an influx of trolls though, 4chan is pretty invested in this game failing.
Posted 09:26pm 11/11/14
got mine on pre-order.
Posted 10:08pm 11/11/14
Nice review. In fact nice site overall. I've been looking for an alternative to PCGamer - sick of their rubbish. Think I've found a nice place to settle in AusGamers.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 10:10pm 11/11/14
That review has the release date as the 9th of October 2014.
Posted 10:48pm 11/11/14
i think that was the original release date.
Posted 11:45pm 11/11/14
Cheers tana, fixed :)
Posted 12:18am 12/11/14
Do I need to have played the first two?
Posted 08:30am 12/11/14
You can actually "make" a save through their web game called Dragon Keep.
Posted 08:45am 12/11/14
Hi Meddek, I didn't have a save from the first two games, and it plays out fine. There are some great references to the first two games, but Inquisition is a great place to start.
Posted 12:12pm 12/11/14
Sweet, this totally wasnt on my radar due to the RPG on rails they made the last few versions of DA.
Posted 12:25pm 12/11/14
9.2 out of 10. Wow. I thought this was going to be good but not that good. Have been interested in this game since it was announced as well.
Posted 01:38pm 12/11/14
Let us know your thoughts in the comments here once you've given it a crack, y'all!
Posted 01:53pm 12/11/14
I'll be giving it a crack when I can.
I'm pretty brutal when it comes to RPG's.

I have to play this, just so I can happily say The Witcher 3 is better when I play it.

The review was a pretty light on the details. It read more as a preview. You didn't bring any meat to the details, for example no details about the combat or anything really. Just touched a few subjects :(

It is asif reading everything there was about DA:Inquisition is a prerequisite to this review, and the review acting as a confirmation to say 'yeah it didn't fail on what you've previously read' Which is a problem if you haven't really read much about it.

Posted 08:34pm 12/11/14

I'm just gonna wait for some user reviews.
Posted 08:39pm 12/11/14
what is that link for?
Posted 08:50pm 12/11/14
To show how generally unfavourable DA2 was for users?
Posted 08:58pm 12/11/14
What do you want to know more about, Tollarz0r!?
Posted 11:00am 16/11/14
I wanted to know how the combat works precisely and if it will be fun in the long term. Also, more specifics about character progression and generation.

However, that all may be irrelevant now. The game uses Denuvo copy protection which is made by the same company that made SecruRom and Sony Rootkits... If you've forgotten about those, they had a habit of killing systems and requiring fresh installs. They also became system vulnerabilities exploitable by malware.
There were also plenty of issues with people being locked out of their games due to install-limits and unresponsive customer service.

So yeah, Buyer-beware this game is using what is likely pretty intrusive copy protection from a company with a history of bad press.

The copy protection also costs about 5% performance as confirmed by the devs themselves.

last edited by Tollaz0r! at 11:00:23 16/Nov/14
Posted 12:52am 20/11/14
Just fired this up. Awesome graphics, feels really polished. First impressions - epic.
Posted 03:19am 20/11/14
To show how generally unfavourable DA2 was for users?
Yeah but it doesn't show that at all, DA2 got trolled pretty hard with hundreds of no star reviews within an hour of release because it had day 1 DLC which at the time was a big deal. The game didn't live up to the hype and wasn't as epic as the first but it was far from a bad game.

I played a few hours of this tonight and they really have no consistency with this series unlike Mass Effect. New menus, new combat and new controls. I haven't played enough yet to say whether any of that is bad or not but I am slightly annoyed at the default mouse button mappings, I'll have to sort that out next time I play. The achievement sound that Origin chimes in with now and then is pretty distracting as well, playing an epic dragons and magic type game and then a ringtone sound chimes in and you are pulled right out of any immersion the game manages to achieve.

Another issue I've struck is one that comes up in every bioware game, the character creation process. It's really hard to tell how your character will actually look in game and if the character that you thought looked like a normal human ends up looking like a mongoloid freak in game you have to go through the entire process again to fix it or put up with your monstrosity for the rest of the game. It'd be nice if they let you edit your character without having to start a new game.

Haven't really got into too much of the combat yet, same kind of pause system they had previously for the tactically minded. It doesn't feel as fluid as DA2 but that might just be the default control setup and not knowing all the shortcut keys yet.

Haven't seen much open world space yet either, that is something that I'm interested in seeing as bioware are usually epically s*** on that front.
Posted 05:24am 20/11/14
I loved DA1, never got round to 2, is it good? Worth playing?

Can't wait to play this, it's been added to the backlog!
Posted 08:10am 20/11/14
A few people saying they're going to Pre-Order in this thread... I thought AusGamers was smarter than that.
Posted 08:48am 20/11/14
Metacritic is very mixed for user reviews, lots of highs and lot of lows.

The biggest critism I'm reading is the control scheme/UI and Party Member AI.

Why was it not mentioned in the review of the game how clunky the controls are? No auto-attack (not without the tactical view) Party members doing silly things like a ranged dude staying in melee range? A clunky looting system? For an Action part of Action-RPG these are pretty big issues, it's like having bad gun-play for a FPS.

Just in case people are unaware, it doesn't work on most Duel-Core systems, you really do need a Quad. People are attributing this to the Denuvo DRM DA:I is using, there is no proof of that however, with people talking about BF3 (same engine) running fine on Duel Cores.
Posted 08:58am 20/11/14
A few people saying they're going to Pre-Order in this thread... I thought AusGamers was smarter than that.

I couldn't help myself with the collector's edition, please don't judge.
Posted 09:43am 20/11/14
The achievement sound that Origin chimes in with now and then is pretty distracting as well, playing an epic dragons and magic type game and then a ringtone sound chimes in and you are pulled right out of any immersion the game manages to achieve.

I think you can turn that off in the origin settings.
Posted 08:09pm 20/11/14
Couldn't turn it off in any settings but found a work around on the origin forums where you just rename the achievement.wav file so the program can't find it.

Played for about an hour this afternoon thinking I'll do a bit of gathering in preparation for some serious questing tonight and I fell into an inescapable cavern while looking for iron nodes. Typical bioware and their s***** map design. Autosave popped just as I realised I was stuck so I lost an hours worth of talking to NPCs and killing some kind of armoured yak for it's leather. They have a fast travel system but I haven't yet unlocked anywhere to fast travel to.
Posted 11:23pm 20/11/14
Can't say no to this.

Posted 11:38pm 20/11/14
i wish there was a way to edit the look of your character after starting the game. what looked good during character creation doesn't look so good in game.
Posted 10:28am 21/11/14
I'm playing it with a controller and really enjoying that control scheme although that could be because I've gone a 2h warrior. Certainly addictive game. Spent about an hour and a half doing the keep and working out which character to go. Upon doing that, I figured I'd play for about 30 minutes before going to bed ... 2 hours later.
Posted 06:01pm 23/11/14
it runs well but having the manually adjust the camera all the time is annoying.
Posted 07:42pm 23/11/14
i've played 12 hrs and i've only explored half of the hinterlands. it's so f*****g big.
Posted 08:27pm 23/11/14
I just impulse bought this on mexican Origin store. I have my doubts about the combat though. Ill download it when I go to bed.
Posted 08:42pm 23/11/14
lol i just impulse bought this aswell. i only played about 6hrs of DA origins and never played DA2 so hopefully the combat and exploration is enough to hold me through while i struggle to understand the story.
Posted 12:54pm 24/11/14
i'm playing on hard difficulty and i'm really enjoying the combat. i'm mixing it up between real time combat and pause/tactical cam combat. i usually take on small groups in real time but use pause/tactical cam for bigger groups.

Posted 09:18pm 24/11/14
I have to say the combat is a bit s*** and awkward. May not so much on consoles but It all feels weird on PC. Aside from that and the frame rate issues the actual story and stuff seems ok but these issues are affecting my ability to enjoy this.
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