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Post by Eorl @ 10:48am 09/10/14 | 4 Comments
Electronic Arts' digital distribution platform Origin is now offering users a free download of BioWare's critically acclaimed RPG, Dragon Age: Origins.

This is a limited time offer, however, so you need to download it by 14th October. This should help players familiarise themselves with BioWare's series before Dragon Age: Inquisition arrives on November 21st.

The other free On the House title currently in effect is Bejeweled 3, which is available until October 28th.

In related news you can catch nine minutes of direct capture footage from the PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition. YouTuber rechyyy (clayman90) captured the footage, which is apparently on max settings. Though it may be harder to pinpoint exactly what looks better, given YouTube’s abysmal bitrate and compression, it still looks incredibly well-detailed.

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Posted 04:00pm 09/10/14
Thanks Origin.

Posted 08:00pm 09/10/14
Posted 11:10pm 09/10/14
that looks lush i have preorder.
Posted 02:08am 10/10/14
Sweet. I'm building up quite a collection of free games on Origin. Haven't actually played any of them yet though. Thanks EA! Will get to them one day.

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