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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:51am 24/09/14 | 6 Comments
Let it be said this isn't a "save Nintendo" feature. Rather, it began its life as a desire to walk, unhindered, through the Mushroom Kingdom in open-world form and morphed into what it is now.

The natural change in the article's direction is a clear indication the only problem the Big N faces is lacking releases amidst a popular and much-loved stable. They don't need third-party cross-platform releases to stay in the game, because their manifest of games is magnificent, but they do need help speeding up the release process, as we explore in the feature linked below.

Click here to Grand Theft Mario.

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Posted 12:11pm 24/9/14
A new F-Zero from the folks at Bizarre Creations, Blur or even Amusement Vision...
Bizarre Creations and Amusement Vision no longer exist. Also, wasn't Blur a Bizarre Creations game, not a dev studio?

Honestly, there were some pretty bad suggestions in there. Why would Jonathan Blow be a good match for a new Earthbound/Mother game? The series is full of zany and absurd humour, not something Blow has a reputation for. Double Fine would be a far better choice, since Costume Quest was pretty clearly influenced by Earthbound and DF have a good pedigree for comedy.
Team Meat and Mario? Mario isn't exactly a franchise that needs help, there's already a Mario side-scroller on the Wii U and it's one of the platform's best sellers. So I'm not sure why Nintendo needs Team Meat when most of Super Meat Boy's sales come from bundles or discounting the game to $1.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:49pm 24/9/14
Well, at least it's starting a dialogue :)

Humour and quirkiness isn't the only facet of Earthbound/Mother, but it's a pretty unique game and Blow just felt like a good fit to me. I'd also argue that the platform/movement mechanics, coupled with the level design of Super Meat Boy is largely superior to Nintendo's own Mario games, and would play the s*** out of a side-scroller truly going back to the series' roots by the guys who've mastered just that - its roots.

Your DoubleFine suggestion is spot-on though, or Ron Gilbert on something would be amazing. Blur were a studio I've since discovered are now gone. So thanks for the reminder, sad the other two are no longer around as well :(
Posted 01:01pm 24/9/14
Awesome piece Stevesy, I think with the Wii U kind of being all but ignored outside of Nintendo this is the sort of thing that would spark a steady flow of games and interest.

As for a dream-team scenario Irrational Games and Metroid. Only because the in-world storytelling with recordings etc and gradual powers is like totes Metroid Prime. Sure, they're now defunct, but that's a total dream-team.
Posted 01:19pm 24/9/14
Gimme Legend of Zelda done by From with help from Miyamoto and Aonuma.

As much as I love my Wii U it does have its problems, namely, third party support and lack of flowing titles. It is far from a bad console in terms of hardware (of course it is behind PS4/XBone), but that lacking support is really hurting its legs in becoming a competitive console, one that is only now still around because of the stringent first-party support.

I'm really hoping their next iteration on gaming is one that takes a look at what makes a console successful. Hardware helps, but you could have a beast of thing and still lack in the games department if you don't have studios helping to leverage your amazing warchest of IPs. That's why I can easily see one OS for their home console and handheld console, just to leverage all their IPs onto both consoles with little effort.
Posted 02:17pm 24/9/14
The day Rare got taken over by Microsoft was a sad day.

I've started wondering what Nintendo will do next for the home console. Wii U seems to be a failure, Wii was a success on the books but not critically imo.

I completely agree with you Steve, if nintendo starts contracting games to outside studios we could see some cool things being made but I think the hardware is a problem.
Posted 05:46pm 24/9/14
Definitely would be awesome to see some third-party talent stepping into Nintendo IPs, and holy s*** Kosta, Irrational + Metroid just sounds so right.

Personally I reckon bring back not only what Steve suggested, a Mario reminiscent to SM64, but bloody Donkey Kong 64! That game was amazing, gave the same feeling used to describe SM64 in the article. It just felt right, but they've gone back to side-scrolling DK again (don't have an issue with that, Tropical Freeze was in my opinion still the best game on Wii U).

Obsidian should have a crack at Earthbound ;)
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