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Post by Eorl @ 08:53am 22/09/14 | 6 Comments
Oculus has announced over the weekend their newest virtual reality headset prototype, named the Crescent Bay. The new headset is aimed at developers who will use it to finish their games for a retail release and consumer version of the Oculus Rift.

It features 360 degree tracking, higher resolution, lower latency, and a built-in audio solution. The weight has been lowered, with improved ergonomics, and includes optional integrated audio; the audio will deliver what you would expect to hear from 3D space.

Oculus licensed technology developed at the University of Maryland from Realsp to make this possible. "We're working on audio as aggressively as we're working on the vision side," Oculus' Brendan Iribe stated during the announcement.

Iribe stressed that while Crescent Bay is still not the consumer version of Oculus' vision, Crescent Bay's improvements over the Crystal Cove are comparable to the advancements made from DK1 to DK2.

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Posted 09:48am 22/9/14
Oh dear, just 1 month after DK2 started to ship. Any news on the actual res or latency?
Posted 12:04pm 22/9/14
Ph33x - None yet, though I've seen quotes thrown around by a few people who have tried it (at Occulus Connect).

So far they've said "I couldn't see any pixels, it's the first time I've felt presence" and other similar things.

Here's a vid with two guys talking about their experience:

::EDIT:: Forgot to mention;

The CB has been confirmed to be running @ 90hz and looks clearer than the Samsung "Gear".

For comparison, these are the screen specs of the phone used with the gear:

Type: Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size: 1440 x 2560 pixels, 5.7 inches (~515 ppi pixel density)

So the fact that it looks clearer means either they're using a higher res screen, they've finally decided they're gonna have to use a diffusion filter or they've gone with a custom 1600p screen (that was theorized on the forums, as there were a few quotes from Palmer asking about displaying in 1600p, specifically one at a movie première or something).
Posted 12:36pm 22/9/14
Any news on the actual res or latency?

neogaf seems to think the res is 1440p.
Posted 01:28pm 22/9/14
I am curious how this will function in an FPS, will it take the place of the mouse in regards to moving your head instead of the mouse to line up a shot? Or will it be the same as what I had to get used to in Arma II when I started using TrakIR where looking around was independent of mouse aiming? If it does function like TrakIR it'll take people a little getting used to because you have to be aware of where your cross hairs are in relation to where you are looking. Mind you trying to use head movement to line up shots would probably be a whole lot harder.
Posted 01:30pm 22/9/14
Rav - That was pure speculation based on (depending on your viewpoint) "educated guessing". (Unless I missed a press release, but I don't think so).

Personally, I think it might be a higher res screen, possibly curved? My reasons are because Palmer has been quoted asking about 1600p support in movies and because Carmack said they didn't want to use a filter because it loses too much image sharpness.

Also, there was a quote about "DK2 to CV1 will be a massive increase" in terms of the screen. Some people are taking that to mean 1440p (which isn't a massive increase in my opinion! It's just a "next step up") while others are thinking they either have a custom screen (top pick is possible curved 1600p AMOLED) and some others are saying that it might be a 4k screen that upscales 1080p (until such time as 4k is more accepted). The only trouble with 4k is that 90hz isn't currently possible (according to people who actually keep up with display / connector technologies) unless they were using like display port or something, but they don't seem to want to use that.
Posted 09:12am 23/9/14
Mind you trying to use head movement to line up shots would probably be a whole lot harder.

In 50 years people would look like this.

And once they get washed up and become a bum, they turn into this.
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