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While you might still be waiting for Grand Theft Auto V's online heists to magically appear (going on a year now), Ubisoft has just revealed a new gameplay demo offering a glimpse at some Assassin's Creed influenced heists.

Teamwork will be important in these Assassin's Creed: Unity heists, marking one of the new co-op missions players will be tasked with in-game. The missions rely on taking enemies out without being spotted, and coordination will be key with you and up to three friends banding together. You'll be infiltrating various areas to steal back the treasure that those pesky Templars want, so don't feel too bad about their deaths.

Ubisoft will also be incorporating some randomisation to the heist missions, with each play bringing about different locations of key objects. This includes where the treasure may be located, how many guards you'll be coming up against or even the guard patrol timings. Once you secure the loot you'll still need to be stealthy, with the prize of your loot diminishing the more enemies see you.

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