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Post by Eorl @ 04:01pm 04/09/14 | 6 Comments
Ubisoft has announced Watch Dogs' Bad Blood DLC pack, set to introduce a new single-player campaign.

Bad Blood arrives for Season Pass holders on September 23rd and for everyone else on September 30th. It gives you the chance to take control of the character of Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney for the first time as he tries to help out an old friend.
Watch_Dogs Bad Blood features an all new story campaign starring T-Bone, the brilliant and eccentric hacker players first met in Watch_Dogs, who is now playable for the first time. The campaign explores T-Bone’s story through 10 new missions set in new locations throughout Chicago. Shortly after the events of Watch_Dogs, Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney infiltrates Blume one last time to plant a false trail in their system. Before he can disappear from the grid, he receives a panicked phone call from Tobias Frewer, a former colleague from Blume’s ctOS prototype days, who’s in desperate need of help. Putting his own escape at risk, T-Bone decides to help, but quickly realizes the details of his old friend’s story aren’t adding up.
Bad Blood also grants players access to “Street Sweep” contracts, a dynamic new system of side missions that offers players endless hours of challenges. All Street Sweep contracts are playable in co-op mode (friend or public sessions), a first for Watch_Dogs, allowing two players to work together to combat Chicago’s criminal groups. The popular online ‘Hacking’ and ‘Tailing’ modes as well as new weapons, perks and outfits, including the remote-controlled car Eugene, will make it into the DLC.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:10am 05/9/14

Nvidia Game 24:

September 18 and runs for 24 hours.

Posted 01:07pm 05/9/14
I love how they are going ahead with more DLC despite the fact that the game is still effing broken on PC... I've got some bad blood with Ubisoft after this mess.
Posted 03:53pm 05/9/14
No, Ubisoft, don't hurry with actually fixing your broken game, I've lost interest in it.
Posted 05:45pm 05/9/14
Works fine for me on XBox! </troll>

Seriosly though, I actually I really enjoyed it, and considering Tbone is a more likeable character than the main protagonist of the game, I'm looking forward to this
Posted 09:00am 06/9/14
I agree with Khel works a treat on PS4 and I also enjoyed WD
Posted 06:33am 15/9/14
Watch Dogs is overhyped I think. What do you think guys?
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