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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:33am 22/05/14 | 6 Comments
Resourcefulness, cunning and much more advanced technology means we're able to track, and play, almost any single-player videogaming experience that has ever made it out into the wild. Heard good things about Secret of Mana? Want to know what Final Fantasy's final fantasy was like? Never played Where in the World is Carmen Sandiedgo? These are all games you can find, and play, very easily. But what about the ever-growing list of online multiplayer games that require server tech and maintenance to survive?

In the wake of the recent GameSpy news that a number of EA online games would be losing their persistent platform, our own Joab Gilroy did some investigating to see what we can do to maintain the longevity of these online multiplayer classics.

Click here for our server survival report.

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Posted 07:27pm 26/5/14
Project Reality launched v 1.2 today!

You know, on a related topic and all.
Posted 09:26pm 26/5/14
The tricky part comes from Battlefield's persistent leveling system, which necessitates a user account and login system
And this is why you console fanboys and your damn stupid achievements have ruined gaming forever. The day they were invented was the day gaming died.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 10:10pm 26/5/14
Even before online server connections, a great deal of games became unplayable simply due to being software incomparable, tying game speed to the refresh rate etc.

Thankfully DosBox and ScummVM fixed a lot of that, but it was rough there in the middle, especially because back then I used to still bother to play anything more than a few years old.

(But then, you could theoretically setup a machine with an old OS to run those at least. Think of all the sweet soundtracks lost forever to the sands of obsolete in games and tv :(, kids these days probably don't even know the Quest for Glory tune)
Posted 10:25pm 26/5/14
have you not seen youtube? it's full of old game themes.

Makes me want to get out the emulator and play some commodore 64 games.

My favourite sound track was the mega drive version of lemmings. I would just pause it and listen to the music.
Posted 11:18pm 26/5/14
pft you and your newfangled Quest for Glory - it will always be hero's quest to me ;p

I recently installed some old SSI gold box titles like pool of radiance. used to play that on the C64 with a joystick and eat soggy zapped meat pies after school with mates back in the day. good times
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 11:22pm 26/5/14
It'll always be hero's quest to me too, never fear. :) (Plus Hero's Quest had the sweeter stepping-out-of-Spielburg-theme-music, before the remake).

Unfortunately googling Hero's Quest Theme Music seems to get some other game based on the board game that was what required the name change.
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