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Post by Eorl @ 10:30am 21/02/14 | 1 Comments
Announced during DICE's Summit conference in early 2013, Blacklight developer Zombie Studios has today revealed that their Unreal Engine 4 horror title Daylight will be making its way to PC and PlayStation 4 come April 8th.

The developer has also revealed that Daylight will be fully 3D compatible out of the box, utilising the RealD 3D tech to make everything feel more real than it probably should.
3D-enabled TVs and monitors will bring the scares, jumps and all other things that haunt the Mid Island area to life in a very tangible way. RealD is the same technology they use in movie theaters for 3D movies and excels at giving the game terrific depth-of-field. Catching an overhead light flicker down an incredibly long corridor is one of the more chilling 3D applications...until you come across a spirit, that is. If you have the means, we highly recommend giving this mode a try. Oh, and here's a casual reminder that Daylight is also compatible with the Oculus VR, for those brave enough...
It isn't just fancy 3D features that the indie team are supporting, with the PlayStation 4 version also getting its fair share of unique multimedia features, namely an interesting way to support Twitch chat in-game. This support will allow viewers to cue in-game events via Twitch's chat, with an example of "someone watching a stream types the word "Meow" into the chat, which causes the game to make a corresponding sound of a cat." Users can't spam the in-game cues though and Zombie Studios is keeping the trigger words close to heart, so you'll have to discover them yourself.

Two new areas were also revealed today, with players able to venture through both the prison and forest during their spooky travels. You can check out the full descriptions below, and check out the screenshots below.
The Prison area unlocks after players find their way out of Dr. Mercer's office. The hospital doors are replaced with iron bars, nurses' stations replaced with guard checkpoints, and the prison is punctuated with a lurking 3-story stack of prison cells. Remnants players will find in this area are notes from prisoners to each other, guard logs about various altercations, and even a few cover-ups of impropriety. The spirits players begin to encounter in the prison are the first ones in the game that start to get aggressive. Staying safe in the prisons will require being able to quickly and efficiently navigate the prison block, but the tight corridors and guard rooms will put players to the test.

One of the later levels in Daylight is the Forest. After players traverse through the Prison and the Sewers, they will find themselves outdoors in a big open area, lit only by the trusty mobile phone light and the faint glow of a sallow moon. Despite being a giant open area of scrub land and swamps, the Forest still has the same procedurally generated environments as the rest of Daylight. Several notable landmarks will be randomly generated in the open world. The random landmarks will also contain the location of the remnants to find, but only the bravest players will live long enough to see what kind of horrors the forest holds (the shack full of nooses is a personal favorite of mine).
Daylight will be available on PC and PlayStation 4 come April 8th for $14.99.

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Posted 03:40pm 21/2/14
For a game to be using the UE4, it doesn't look that much more exciting than UE3.
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