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Post by Dan @ 10:23am 06/02/14 | 6 Comments
Free-to-play multiplayer mech combat Hawken is moving to Steam, with publisher Meteor Entertainment explaining that following the transition the game will not be accessible by the traditional client downloader, but via a Steam login.
Steam is the premier platform for PC gaming reaching millions of gamers worldwide and will allow us to introduce HAWKEN to a brand new audience. As we continue to focus on a full release in 2014, expanding our reach is a major priority for us.Today, we're bringing LIVE services down to begin our transition to Steam. This is quite a major shift for us, so the process will not be instantaneous. We've created a Steam Transition Guide and Steam Transition FAQ in order to address the most pressing questions
The transition will begin with Steam products keys being sent to existing hawken players over the next seven days, with the intention of slowly ramping up to the a full Steam launch.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:19am 06/2/14
good idea this should actually get more ppl playing it
Posted 11:25am 06/2/14
i liked the look of it when it was 1st talked about but it sort of dropped of my radar. Do many play it? Is it actually a fun game?
Posted 11:34am 06/2/14
No. We need to encourage game designers to focus on gameplay first.
Posted 12:20pm 06/2/14
yeah you see thats what i got from the vids of it i watched recently.

The robots looked kind of clunky for movement and it was usually just slug fest face to face most health wins or get hit run away try to repair repeat.

The real skill of FPS (which it kind of is) is movement + accuracy + strategy = win. Hawken promised that in early clips of doctored gameplay but didnt seem to deliver it from the actual gameplay clips ;(
Posted 12:09pm 07/2/14
The game at its core is fine .. actually its excellent .. I mean the sense of piloting a large combat machine .. the issues have been the not fun game modes .. Siege was excellent in closed beta 2 but every iteration since has failed to capture the same fun.

But the primary issues are no clan support (which has supposedly been in the works for a long time) and a real lack of players to fill games. Hawken on Steam is the best news for the game in a year.
Posted 09:05pm 10/2/14
The real skill of FPS (which it kind of is) is movement + accuracy + strategy = win.

Yup. Hawken feels like playing CS with a first gen optical mouse on dial up.
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