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Post by Dan @ 10:43am 28/10/13 | 16 Comments
Star Citizen, the ambitious space-sim MMO from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts has already secured more than enough funding from prospective players that it no longer needs any external investment, and although its crowfunding backers still can't do much more than walk around a spaceship hangar, the flow of capital into the project shows little sign of slowing down.

An update from Roberts on the official website explains that October was the project's "single biggest month of crowdfunding yet" --an impressive feat, considering its original Kickstarter campaign broke records at the time.

Less than a week after passing US$24 Million, the tally has reportedly now passed $25M, obligating the team to make good on their pledge to expand the deployment of server infrastructure for the game's alpha test, which sounds promising for those of us outside of North America:
Enhanced Alpha – We will use additional funding to build a wider alpha test than we had originally intended for the first phase of Star Citizen’s launch. The initial plan was to first launch servers in North America and then expand to areas such as Europe and Australia to decrease latency in these areas, perfecting the game as we improve the experience around the world. This funding will allow us to invest in a wider infrastructure for our early testing, spinning up remote servers earlier. Hitting this goal will also allow us to increase the number of remaining alpha slots. Extra alpha slots not only means more Star Citizens will travel the ‘verse at launch, but that we will receive more feedback and more stress testing. This in turn will allow us to better balance and enhance the Star Citizen experience!
Although the base game is supposedly fully funded, the team continues to outline further stretch goals, claiming that additional dollars enable them to start "putting things we’ve already discussed for the future into development now".

The next target at $27M will introduce a new merchant vessel for the Banu traders, whoever they are.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:50am 28/10/13
Fuuuuck yyeeeaahhh!

Dying to play Dogfighting in December! :D
Posted 11:39am 28/10/13
I won't be playing this until the 1080p Oculus rift is launched and bought by me.

Why play it in 2d when I can wait and play it in VR :P
Posted 11:44am 28/10/13
Yup I backed this game ages ago and been waiting patiently. I will also be getting the 1080p Oculus Rift to play it. I may even get a joystick or something. Good times ahead with this game.
Posted 11:59am 28/10/13
This game has insane legs, I would never have seen it gain $25 million at all. Eagerly excited and will definitely be getting that 1080p OR for delicious dogfighting.
Posted 12:40pm 28/10/13
Remember, the dogfighting module we get in December is an EARLY ALPHA version. IT WILL BE BADLY BROKEN and it is our job to help find the issues to help the Dev team fix them.

When the first instance of the Hangar was released to us, there were constant complaints...even though Chris Roberts kept saying that he would have never ever let even the publishers/investors see that early of a test phase. Chris is using us all as an experiment...releasing versions that would normally only be seen by in-house QA testing.

So please don't b**** when the Dog Fighting Module is seriously least the versions 1 through 4...that we'll all be playing!

Posted 05:53pm 28/10/13
Lol good luck with that Dolnor people will ALWAYS b**** no matter what
Posted 06:49pm 28/10/13
lol they better deliver big time.
Posted 09:11pm 28/10/13
As long as I can do the Babylon 5 thing of flipping my bird 180 and shooting at the dude chasing me whilst still moving the forward direction. Yay for real space combat.
Posted 09:45pm 28/10/13
Yes Neutonion physics are confirmed part of the game Tollazor so you can pull off crazy maneuvers
Posted 03:18am 29/10/13
Yeah I was just thinking it'll be hilarious if it's s***.
Posted 04:29am 29/10/13
seems like its like wing commander on crack

which might be a good thing
Posted 08:13am 29/10/13
Wing commander?

No no no. Privateer on crack.
Posted 12:28pm 29/10/13
LOL best thing to ever happen to these guys was the showing at AMD's GPU14. straight after it, they have the best crowd funding month ever :P glad they went, im looking forward to this... been looking for a freelancer replacement for years...
Posted 01:13pm 29/10/13
If I was Chris Roberts I'd be taking my 25 million and moving to a country with no extradition
Posted 01:21pm 29/10/13
If I was Chris Roberts I'd be taking my 25 million and moving to a country with no extradition
Posted 04:15pm 29/10/13
@Newgo it wasn't the AMD presentation that made their pledge level skyrocket, it was the release of the 2944 Aurora and the hornet Variants.
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