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Post by Dan @ 07:58am 26/09/13 | 6 Comments
Ubisoft has announced that the much anticipated animated RPG South Park: The Stick of Truth will indeed be arriving before the end of year, confirming a December 10th 2013 US release date, followed by December 13th in Europe. As is Ubisoft's way, these release dates are only for the console versions of the game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and although the game is still coming to Windows PC, that date "will be shared at a later time".

A collector's edition of the game titled "Grand Wizard Edition" was also revealed, which in addition to the console game, will include the following bonuses:
  • Grand Wizard Kidrobot® Cartman Figure
    Own the Grand Wizard Cartman and his stick of authority with this six-inch replica figure from Kidrobot®. The Grand Wizard Cartman figure is not available in stores and can only be found in the Grand Wizard Edition.
  • Kingdom of South Park Map
    The entire town of South Park has been mapped for the first time in South Park history.
  • The Stick of Truth Ultimate Fellowship Pack
    Unlock the ultimate fellowship with the one pack to rule them all! Choose your class and pick your perk with four exclusive Stick of Truth costumes that come equipped with special abilities. Suit up as the Necromancer Sorcerer to increase your fire damage, earn extra gold by equipping the Rogue Assassin outfit, deal extra weapon damage with the Ranger Elf costume, or raise your defence with the Holy Defender outfit. The choice is yours, New Kid.
A new trailer and five new screenshots accompanied the announcement, and as before, are indistinguishable from the long-running television show. Check them out below.

Update: We've now received local Australian launch details, which will see the game touch down on our shores on December 12th for PS3 and X360, and the Grand Wizard Edition will be exclusive to EB Games and Ubisoft's own Uplay shop.

SOUTHP_1.jpg SOUTHP_5.jpg SOUTHP_4.jpg

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:21am 26/9/13
Delayed on PC because Ubisoft? :(
Posted 09:53am 26/9/13
Because piracy is so high on PC probably.

I saw a picture of pirate bay on the GTA5 launch, and it was just copies of GTA5 everywhere.
Posted 10:24am 26/9/13
I saw a picture of pirate bay on the GTA5 launch, and it was just copies of GTA5 everywhere.

you do realise those are console versions since there isn't a pc version yet?
Posted 11:07am 26/9/13
That was my point.
Posted 12:13pm 26/9/13
It is also a bit of a pain in the arse to get console pirated copies to work correctly compared to PC. PC pirated stuff can also have stuff like foreign languages ripped and movies re-encoded to decrease their size.

In short is orders of magnitude easier to download and play a PC pirated game compared to a console pirated game.
Posted 08:29am 27/9/13
Trailer looks good, but how about a gameplay trailer? That gives me no idea whatsoever what the gameplay is like.

This'll definitely be a "wait for the reviews" one.
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