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Post by Eorl @ 07:00pm 17/08/13 | 9 Comments
Sony’s PlayStation Access has published a new video showcasing a variety of montages from various Sony console games, revealing the evolution of the console makers graphic capability throughout the PlayStation brand history.

With a small dose of PlayStation 4 next-gen graphics, the montage looks back at each of the consoles graphical prowess, showing us just how far we've come from the classic Red Faction or Crash Bandicoot gameplay to titles like The Last of Us or Gran Turismo 6.

All this is ahead of Sony's Gamescom press conference, where they have revealed through their UK PlayStation Blog that eager fans can expect "a briefing to media on our release plans for PlayStation 4, as well as updates on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita." Hopefully we can hear an official announcement on the impending release of their next-gen console, but for now check out the video below for the nostalgic montage.

sonyplaystationplaystation 4graphics montage

Latest Comments
Posted 07:19pm 17/8/13
The biggest problem with this video is that it doesn't tell you which iterations the videos are from. This wouldn't be so bad if you knew there were four for every example, but there aren't. Most of them go PS1, PS2, PS4 - so you're left with the last one thinking it's PS3 and expecting more.

SoulBlade/Calibur would have been a perfect example, as there's been at least one variant for every console.
Posted 07:20pm 17/8/13
lol, what is that f*****g music.
Posted 07:48pm 17/8/13
raven, they did show them in order from ps1 to 4. all the games are shown in their genres for each console generation. however, they used different games for some of the genres instead of direct sequels like metal gear solid. for example the platformer games were crash bandicoot for ps1, jak & daxter for ps2, ratchet and clank for ps3 and finally knack for ps4.
Posted 08:45pm 17/8/13
Found it funny Call of Duty went through generations until next-gen when Battlefield 4 was shown. Also super excited to watch Gamescom, eager to see if they announce a price cut for the PlayStation Vita, would love to pick it up but the damn memory cards are just way too expensive.
Posted 08:47pm 17/8/13
What do you need a memory card for? I had a Vita on launch with 2gb and never ran into trouble.
Posted 09:09pm 17/8/13
What do you need a memory card for? I had a Vita on launch with 2gb and never ran into trouble.

I'd prefer to purchase online rather than buying from shop and as such would probably run out of space pretty quickly. It was an odd decision that Sony never went with normal memory cards, could have seen a pretty interesting fight between Nintendo and Sony.
Posted 09:10pm 17/8/13
Arent the digital copies more $$?
Posted 11:50pm 17/8/13
looks good
Posted 09:51am 18/8/13
anyone remember the Sony Trinitron ad? a bit of shoosh

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