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Post by Eorl @ 11:46am 09/07/13 | 2 Comments
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have unveiled new details on the upcoming expansion pack, Fury of the Feywild, which is set to offer a new campaign system, a new meta-quest feature that allows players to unlock three distinct regions of Sharandar as you progress in Neverwinter.
Once Fury of the Feywild is live in Summer 2013, Sergeant Knox will advise players to travel to the new adventure zone of Sharandar where a new quest line will be introduced as well as the Campaign System. The system itself will be a new UI (user interface) window similar to the Queue or Professions window. In it, players will find Projects that they must complete in order to unlock Sharandar's other neighborhoods, the new Malabog Castle dungeon delve, and new passive powers for their characters.
Those left scratching their heads wondering how you'll be completing the projects and progressing, a new blog post has revealed further information on the subject. Players will find that the Sharandar zone itself will have many repeatable quests that give rewards which players will use in the Campaign System window, but players can complete solo instances and the five-man Malabog Castle to speed up progression within the Campaign System.

"Malabog Castle is unlocked via an early (and relatively quick) Campaign System Project before players are able to enter it. For solo instances, players can acquire a one-time use key that they can acquire while doing repeatable quests in the zone or purchase in game with a new currency that comes from the adventure zone."

Adventurers wanting to know what they will be offered in return for their valiant efforts will be pleased to hear that new T1 sets will be available within Sharandar and new T2 gear is obtainable within Malabog Castle. Players can also obtain T1 gear from new solo instances, from the Sharandar Store with new currencies, and from repeatable Campaign Projects. In addition to armours, Sharandar will be bringing several new unique weapons for each class.

For more on the new expansion, check out the official website which offers a complete rundown of all the new additions to the free-to-play title.

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Posted 11:56am 09/7/13
Anyone playing this? I'm enjoying it but none of my usual crowd are into it, looking for a guild and s***, on Dragon but would consider a move..
Posted 11:26pm 09/7/13
I was playing it, but like most MMO's these days it's all instance based and spend most your time in queues or trying to assemble a party. I figured it be better once i got to 60 but it was even worse.
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