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Post by Eorl @ 01:50pm 21/06/13 | 5 Comments
While work on the third and last title in The Witcher series is still well underway, a select few developers from CD Projekt RED have taken it upon themselves to release an "unofficial" mod that looks to rebalance the combat in The Witcher 2.

While not officially supported by CD Projekt RED despite being developed internally, the mod has been described as “a private after-work project” and “not a patch”. Featuring a number of sweeping changes to Geralt's performance in-combat including animation responsiveness, enemies have also been tweaked to offer a more strategic approach where they will "learn" after being smacked around by Geralt.

While the patch notes are quite long, a select few can be checked out below:
  • Up to 80% increase in responsiveness per Geralt's animations.

  • Up to 50% increase in responsiveness per NPCs animations.

  • Added strafing while being locked on an enemy and walking.

  • Geralt can block while moving ( NEW ANIMATIONS ). Static Guard Stance is no longer required to parry enemy attacks.

  • Geralt automatically parries enemy sword attacks and deflects incoming arrows. It doesn't mean Geralt is invincible. It's not a 100% chance to parry and the value is not constant. It changes depending on how many hits you block in a short time and from where does the hit land.

  • Geralt and his attackers are no longer bouncing off parry. It allows to continue attack sequence.

  • Monster attacks still cannot be parried with a sword.

  • While using Guard Stance Geralt channels an active Quen shield.

  • Above listed changes to defence mechanics decreased importance of rolling in combat.
For the full list you can find the mod available over at the official REDKit site, however registration is required to download the mod.

the witcher 2: assassins of kingscd projekt red

Latest Comments
Posted 06:39pm 21/6/13
The developers that keep on giving <3
Posted 07:11pm 21/6/13
Agreed. I've made a pact to always support these guys, regardless of if I can get it cheaper by cheesing the system.

They have to be the only game dev that actually seems to give 2 s**** about their customers first, profits second.
Posted 01:05am 22/6/13
Top blokes
Posted 11:25am 22/6/13
Impossible to navigate to the linked page (for me)
Posted 12:29pm 22/6/13
Probably a good time to see that has Witcher 2 at 70% off, $5.99

Not a bad price at all.
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