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Post by Eorl @ 01:56pm 16/05/13 | 1 Comments
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Traveller's Tales have announced their latest LEGO title, LEGO Friends which will be making its debut on Nintendo 3DS and DS handhelds. The new LEGO title will offer creative gameplay based on the new LEGO Friends collection of building sets that initially launched in 2012.
LEGO Friends welcomes players to Heartlake City, where summer fun awaits! Players have complete freedom to express their unique style, explore areas and activities that interest them most, such as perfecting a dance routine in the studio, taking a few shots on goal at soccer practice, or visiting the store to get cool items to customize their character, as they build friendships with their five new friends.

Building friendships is the heart of the game. As players meet new friends and join them on special adventures, such as helping Emma take pictures for her next newspaper article or reviewing song choices for Andrea's next performance, they grow their friendship levels with each character. Once players reach "true friend" status with all of the characters, they are able to build a Heartlake Celebration for them.
The LEGO title will also be introducing the ability to take care of a variety of pets by training and grooming them, but also offering the chance to enter their pets into competitions. Pets will also have a special skill that players can use to help them in their adventures, and the ability to switch places to play the game from their perspective.

LEGO Friends will be available on Nintendo 3DS and DS later this year.

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Oh f*****g yay, my daughter will be happy for once. Do Ausgamers really cover this demographic?
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