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Post by Dan @ 12:12pm 15/03/13 | 8 Comments
A mysterious video game titled Cook's Mad Recipe has been rated R18+ by the Australian Classification Board, becoming the first title to achieve the new adult rating for "high impact sexual references".

The Application was submitted by European outfit Koch Media and its publisher Deep Silver of Dead Island fame, and the new owners of Saints Row and Metro: Last Light. Most peculiar however, is that the developer is listed as Eutechnyx, a UK studio known only for racing games such as Auto Club Revolution, and the recent licensed NASCAR titles.

Cook's Mad Recipe ticks almost all of the consumer advice boxes with "high impact" themes, and sexual references, "strong impact" violence, and drug use, and "moderate impact" language and nudity, all relevant ingredients for a mad brew.

Deep Silver hasn't hinted at anything that could fit the description, but we've reached out to our local reps for comment. In the mean-time, speculate away: An adventure game chronicling Captain James Cook's secret smuggling operations? Grand Theft NASCAR? A seductive action game starring Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver? We can only hope.

Update: A previous classification entry for Deep Silver's Ride me to Hell: Retribution bears a striking resemblance to the details of this new development, suggesting that it is likely a codenamed submission for the Biker-centric title, previously thought to be cancelled (Thanks Crash). Cook's Mad Recipe is perhaps a reference to a methamphetamine cook in the game.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:15pm 15/3/13
I've never understood the work themes used in this context. Like when I see the a warning that the following show contains "mild themes" I have no f*****g idea what they're talking about.
Posted 12:28pm 15/3/13
On the subject of R18+ - why hasn't anyone made some all out sex MMO? would be a mad cash cow.
Posted 12:40pm 15/3/13
maybe because it would be refused classification.
Nerf Lord
Posted 12:50pm 15/3/13
On the subject of R18+ - why hasn't anyone made some all out sex MMO? would be a mad cash cow.

It's on my To Do list, if I ever get some reusable precursor character technology finished. It would indeed be a cash cow.
Posted 01:00pm 15/3/13
I noticed this earlier on and did some quick looking around. I believe its the same game that was classified in Feb. Everything is the same except the version for "Cook's Mad Recipe" is modified.

Posted 01:03pm 15/3/13
On the subject of R18+ - why hasn't anyone made some all out sex MMO? would be a mad cash cow.

Isn't that second life?
Posted 01:39pm 15/3/13
I thought they Linden Labs banned all the gambling and sex stuff out of Second Life?
Seems a bit shortsighted to remove the whole point of going there in the first place.
Posted 06:40pm 15/3/13
I discovered this almost 12 hours ago, I emailed Deep Silver hopefully I hear back something soon.
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