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Post by Eorl @ 12:04pm 08/03/13 | 10 Comments
Nvidia has today announced that their PhysX and APEX software kits will be available on the recently announced PlayStation 4, Sony's next-gen console. The software will allow developers to utilise PhysX and APEX technologies for collision detection and simulation of various objects including clothing, fluids and rigid bodies.
Game designers use PhysX and APEX technologies for collision detection and simulation of rigid bodies, clothing, fluids, particle systems and more across a wide range of platforms, including desktop PCs, game consoles, and mobile and handheld devices.

Nvidia PhysX technology is the world's most pervasive physics solution for designing real-time, real-world effects into interactive entertainment titles. The PhysX development environment gives developers unprecedented control over the look of their final in-game interactivity.

Taking PhysX technology content creation to the next level, Nvidia APEX technology lets artists create intricate physics-enabled environments. They can expand the quantity and visual quality of destructible objects; make smoke and other particle-based fluids integral to game play; and create life-like clothing that interacts with the character's body to achieve more realism in their games.
Mike Skolones, product manager for PhysX at Nvidia has said that "With PhysX and APEX support for PlayStation 4, customers can look forward to better games," while also noting that unified technology will help create better multi-platform titles which look to be the case with Sony's inclusion of X86 architecture.

In related Nvidia news the company has apologised for the performance issues many gamers are experiencing when trying to play the recently released Tomb Raider on any of the GeForce cards. Talking to Joystiq Nvidia's Andrew Burnes has said that "We are aware of performance and stability issues with GeForce GPUs running Tomb Raider with maximum settings," and that the company is working with Crystal Dynamics to address and resolve the issues many Nvidia card holders are facing when trying to play the game. According to Burnes the company "didn't receive final code until this past weekend which substantially decreased stability, image quality and performance over a build we were previously provided."

During the interview Burnes also stated that the problems aren't purely driver related, and that Crystal Dynamics will also have to implement their own code changes to help increase stability and performance for Nvidia users.

If you missed Sony's reveal of the PlayStation 4 at their New York PlayStation Meeting event late last month then swing by our round-up post which details everything you can expect from the next-gen console which will be launching this year for American residents.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:23pm 08/3/13
Interesting I've havent had any problems with Tomb Raider but i am on older version of the drivers as they new ones kept crashing on me as i posted previously
Posted 01:34pm 08/3/13
Running gtx680 here, maxed out on tomb raider looks amazing, but it does stutter occasionally, which i assume would be one of the issues.
Posted 01:50pm 08/3/13
GTX570 with latest beta drivers. Haven't had a single problem and it's been running extremely smooth on "high" settings. I haven't tried ultra yet.
Posted 02:24pm 08/3/13
Ever since I installed TR my video driver has been crashing, not sure if its related or coincidence. had old drivers, and upgraded to the latest, no difference
Posted 02:27pm 08/3/13
GTX 680m and crashes every 5-6 minutes,turn of tesselation np.cheers
Posted 02:49pm 08/3/13
Yes, I had to turn off tesselation or the game wouldn't even start. Couldn't even get into the options to turn it off so I had to use a reg hack.
Also had to disable TressFX. It worked ok when zoomed out, from Lara, but with close-ups it chugged too much. It seems un-optimised for Nvidia.
With those two options disabled it flys and no crashes. GTX 560 Ti.
Posted 02:58pm 08/3/13
Isn't the PS4 using AMD graphics? When I upgraded my PC last it was before nvidia had anything decent out so I grabbed an ATi card. One of the first games I played with my new beastie (at the time) machine was Batman. It looked pretty good at the default settings but I wanted to see how it would handle everything maxed out, as soon as I turned on PhysX it went to 1fps.

My cards a couple of generations old now but I still thought that physX was something only supported by nvidia cards, I was even thinking my next card would definitely be nvidia so I could take advantage of physX in games that supported it. If that's not the case though it certainly makes nvidia a lot less attractive.
Posted 06:04pm 08/3/13
I read you turn tesellation off to fix the crash issues. The only crash I get is if I click options on the game launcher. If I run the game then click options from the main menu, it works. Odd.
Posted 07:25pm 08/3/13
Sweet that it'll have PhysX on the ps3. Hopefully we see more games on PC with it.
Posted 08:00pm 08/3/13
Yes same with me Whoop, just finished the game though, was REALLY great. Absolutely loved it.
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