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Post by Dan @ 09:52am 30/04/12 | 15 Comments
Only a couple more weeks to go before the hugely anticipated Diablo III is upon us and if, like us, you have to absorb every piece of promotional material before the game's launch, then check out this new 30 second TV Spot that debuted over the weekend.

As promised by Blizzard the D3 television commercial features a few tastes of unrevealed cinematic footage from the game and includes some familiar imagery such as the glowing tentacles of Archangel Tyrael. Watch it embedded below or click here for the HD video page.

Diablo III is due on PC and Mac on May 15th 2012.

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Posted 10:13am 30/4/12
I have not played Diablo 2 for some time and I have not looked into Diablo 3 once, I barely know any details about it as I want everything to be a surprise and exciting on launch day. But this question comes to my mind, "How many times does Diablo need to be killed I thought in D2 his soulstone was destroyed or am I missing something?"
Posted 12:19pm 30/4/12
7 Evils; 3 Primes (Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto) to my understanding are either dead or contained in soul stones at the end of D2, the 4 Lesser Evils (Duriel, Anadirel, Belial, and Azmodan) to my knowledge are still alive as Azmodan is the primary antagonist in D3 at least according to the released trailers.
Posted 12:44pm 30/4/12
yeah i don't think anything about diablo himself has been shown/mentioned ever in anything i've seen

no doubt the big man himself will be there at the end one way or another
Posted 12:55pm 30/4/12
In one of the art videos they described making the character models for Diablo in-game for D3, which means he will be a boss. Perhaps Azmodan resurrects him somehow..
Posted 12:56pm 30/4/12
The lore kind of states that the prime evils can't actually die/be destroyed. Merely banished to a sort of abyss.
Posted 12:57pm 30/4/12
I get the impression most of the trailers and stuff released so far, is just from the beginning parts of the game, so yeah it might start with Azmodan being the big bad guy, but I'm sure it ramps up from there and becomes something more.
Posted 01:17pm 30/4/12
Hell yeah!
Posted 03:30pm 30/4/12
I couldn't help but notice the pseudo-Inception horn style in the trailer...
I hope the cinematics in the game are up to standard.

And I couldn't help but be a little underwhelmed by the Beta :/
Posted 05:44pm 30/4/12
The beta wasn't a demo. It wasn't suppose to impress and overwhelm.
Posted 08:06pm 30/4/12
f*** i am excited

i bought a year of f*****g wow just so i could get this mofo without leaving the house. awwwwwwww yeah

15 sleeps. massive f*****g boner
Posted 09:26pm 30/4/12
^You could have just bought the digital version from bnet without wasting $100 on a wow subscription :P
Posted 10:13pm 30/4/12
You got to give credit to Blizzard, they make some of the best trailers/in game Cinematic's around.

add me to the list of people very excited to be finally having the chance to play D3 full version. Beta's been fun but its a very small portion of the end product.
Posted 11:59pm 30/4/12
if you go back and look at all the cinematics and stuff from d2, and the few things they have released in d3, pretty sure it hints at how diablo is in this one :P
Posted 09:29am 01/5/12
+1 for no dubstep or inception horn section.

can't wait for this bad boy.
Posted 10:06am 01/5/12
dubstep jelly ||t
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