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Post by Dan @ 02:43pm 05/04/12 | 21 Comments
We've seen quite a bit of the narrative-driven singleplayer component of Ubisoft's upcoming island adventure Far Cry 3 now, but today it seems that the veil has been lifted off the game's competitive multiplayer component. Unfortunately Ubisoft have not released any official multiplayer trailers yet, however the good folk over at VG247 appear to have landed some hands-on access with a detailed write-up on the game's competitive particulars and a narrated video demonstrating one of the game's core multiplayer modes, Domination. While the mode itself is quite common in the genre, there are a few different ways in which Ubisoft are trying to make this one stand out from the crowd.
Team support points grant access to powerful offensive weapons such as psyche gas, which can be unleashed on a handful of the opposing team, causing them to see every other player as a black-silhouetted demon of indeterminate team assignment.

Each round is bookended by an optional map tutorial, voiced by star-antagonist Vaas, and an interactive cut-scene in which the best performing player of the winning team is offered bragging rights over their opposite number on the losing side, opting either to beat them to death or free them.
Watch the embed below for a look a the multiplayer game in action and some new multiplayer screenshots can be found here on our Far Cry 3 game page.

Far Cry 3 is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 6th 2012.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:40pm 05/4/12
Looks awesome.
Posted 03:55pm 05/4/12
Word is this is a new DLC pack for CoD, Pirates and Color.

They would get points for pirates but they are the scummy modern version that suck in all ways possible. Hardly surprised Ubisoft f***ed up this opportunity.
Posted 04:54pm 05/4/12
Only 3 Kill streaks awesome, too many kill streaks ruin multiplayer gameplay for me

Can't shoot through every object like you can in cod makes cover a available option

It's awesome how they did kill cam and Ending game option

No stupid Cod Jump,prone, rabbit action hopefully.

Reminds me of Call Of Duty 4:Modern Warfare (THE BEST COD IN THE SERIES)
Posted 05:41pm 05/4/12
No stupid Cod rabbit action hopefully.

lol. Bunnyhop hater.
Posted 05:43pm 05/4/12
Wow. More of the same s***. Won't be touching this.
Posted 06:23pm 05/4/12
Wow. More of the same s***. Won't be touching this.

Then what do you want?
Posted 06:33pm 05/4/12
i hope they stay focused on the single player side of things because that is looking good. this however is looking really s***, maybe the narrators boring script reading voice didn't help and he fail at humor.
Posted 06:48pm 05/4/12
Watched the video... looks like a clone copy of modern warefare and all the COD s*** going around these days...
Posted 06:53pm 05/4/12
Then what do you want?

Not more of the same s***?
Posted 07:12pm 05/4/12
Not more of the same s***?

Something awesome and new like Brink?
Posted 07:18pm 05/4/12
COD4 MW was the bomb cod4>blackops,mw2,mw3

Not really a Bunnyhop hater(even I do it) just sick of seeing it in every cod game i play

That's why Iv always been a bf3 fan, takes more skill and thinking power not brains of a 12 year old
Posted 07:26pm 05/4/12
This is a Far Cry from what I know, cause all I know, is I want...
Posted 08:06pm 05/4/12
I'll probably give MP a go, but I fear all these 'features' (battle-cry, barrel-bombs, detailed kill-cam, end-of-map-cutscenes) are going to be just gimmicks that will actually get very irritating.
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:37pm 05/4/12
Single play will prolly be fun. Multi just looks too boring.
Posted 10:51pm 05/4/12
Posted 01:36am 06/4/12
The lighting was pretty damned impressive. I did notice a lack of high dynamic range at work when going from a darker indoor environment to a lighter outside. Outside should have looked a lot brighter from the inside. But the movement of the characters and just the general eye candy looked better than any game on the market to date, forget ID Tech they getting old fast. But then again, you never really know until you try it yourself.
Posted 09:09am 06/4/12
single player ftw, dont see much of this going on for long unless its like fc1
Posted 10:42pm 07/4/12
Wow, and I was looking forward to Farcry.
Posted 12:00pm 09/4/12
doesnt look that impressive, the genre has been beaten to death with the same mp types...

will buy none the less
Posted 12:36pm 09/4/12
I'll probably give MP a go, but I fear all these 'features' (battle-cry, barrel-bombs, detailed kill-cam, end-of-map-cutscenes) are going to be just gimmicks that will actually get very irritating.

Yeah, I hate kill cam. It's good for finding hackers I suppose but if you're like me and die all the time, you spend the entire game sitting there watching the freaken kill cams.

uhg, I just watched the video.
I'm reloading
i'm reloading
i'm reloading
have to reload
i'm reloading
have to reload
i'm reloading

I hope that s*** is either not in the final, or you can turn it off. I hit the damn reload key, i bloody well know I'm reloading.
Posted 01:24pm 09/4/12
Just another series I'm glad I never got into
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