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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:14pm 28/02/12 | 15 Comments
It took a long time for anyone to step up to the superhero plate and deliver not only a solid game based on a popular comic book character, but also one of the best new IPs in action-adventure gaming of this (and arguably every other) generation. But that's exactly what Rocksteady did with their Arkham series of Batman games: Batman: Arkham Asylum and of course, Batman: Arkham City.

That isn't to say other dev studios haven't had a decent crack, and in this industry there's also a problem with getting big, confident and competent ideas across the pitch-to-publisher line as Day 1 Studios (F.E.A.R., Fracture) discovered with their own Batman project.

A source at Day 1 recently let loose an internal video of animation tests for said project to Siliconera, which was based on the Batman one-shot Gotham by Gaslight - a tale set in the 19th century where Batman tracks down the notorious Jack The Ripper.

The animation test shows off a very Gothic Batman, replete with great cape physics and a fully realised 19th century Gotham, though it obviously lacks a lot of detail. It certainly looked promising, maybe now that Batman is big videogame business, this bad boy could get picked up again... what do you think Warner Bros. Interactive?

Watch the streaming video from Siliconera emebedded below.

batmanbatman: arkham citybatman: arkham asylumwarner bros. interactiveday 1 studiosgotham by gaslight

Latest Comments
Posted 12:21pm 28/2/12
really wish there were more 19th century action/adventure games. I was kind of hoping assassin's creed would head in that direction but i doubt that.
Posted 01:33pm 28/2/12
Epic cloak is epic.
Posted 01:37pm 28/2/12
That is a busy cloak.....
Posted 02:31pm 28/2/12
Batman looks more like Bane. So much muscle :/
Posted 03:14pm 28/2/12
This game looks so EPIC
Reverend Evil
Posted 03:44pm 28/2/12
He looks like sherlock holmes
Posted 04:28pm 28/2/12
Aww man. It looks quite intriguing, it's a shame it didn't come to fruition. I love me some Bats.
Posted 05:49pm 28/2/12
A bit overboard with the cloth physics. It works well, but could do with a bit more dampening.
Posted 06:04pm 28/2/12
To be honest I'm glad they didn't make this game. I hate it when they try to cram a popular character into every god damn situation like they do with comic books. It's worse than unnecessary sequels for movies.

Leave Jack the Ripper to Sherlock Holmes or a character that fits within that time period IMO.
Posted 06:20pm 28/2/12
doesn't look very steampunk.
Posted 08:45pm 28/2/12
sweet mother of capes.
Posted 08:54pm 28/2/12
The tech looks interesting, though I think there might be a thing as too much batman. Could make for an original IP, though it may have a much larger hurdle to overcome then...
Posted 11:10pm 28/2/12
You had me at cape physics ..
Posted 11:32pm 28/2/12
Posted 08:20am 29/2/12
It looked pretty neat, dat cape.
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