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Post by trog @ 08:59am 08/02/12 | 10 Comments
Someone from CCP has confirmed with a Twitter post that their upcoming Eve universe game DUST 514 - currently slated for exclusive release on PlayStation 3 - will indeed have support for the keyboard and mouse.

While this is no consolation to the many PC fans that were looking forward to getting their hands on this tie-in title, at least those playing it on console will have the option to drive the game through the superior method of keyboard and mouse.

Check out our game page for more information about this title.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:23pm 08/2/12
So they've acknowledged that developing this for a console was a silly idea to begin with?
Posted 12:26pm 08/2/12
More of this please.
Posted 01:24pm 08/2/12
oh joy

another win for console
Posted 03:27pm 08/2/12
To gain a new audience they must move away from the choir, having DUST514 as console only is 100% the correct decision. Keyboard and mouse support, if actually true, is the icing on the cake.
Posted 03:45pm 08/2/12
It's not even a console only, it's a ps3 only.

Hey, we want to reach new audiences, but we'll exclude well over half of all gamers from playing, including our existing fanbase.
Posted 03:56pm 08/2/12
To gain a new audience they must move away from the choir, having DUST514 as console only is 100% the correct decision. Keyboard and mouse support, if actually true, is the icing on the cake.
I was massively interested in Dust 514 when I heard about it.

I love the idea of playing an FPS game which interacts with an MMO at various levels. I know a bunch of people that play Eve Online and being able to play a game with them involved at a different, meta-game level I found hugely attractive - despite having absolutely zero interest in the MMO side. I think there are plenty of people out there that would be interested in a similar thing on PC.

And just because you're doing a PS3 version, there's nothing that says they can't do a PC version. If your point was valid, they'd be releasing on the Xbox as well. This whole thing to me just reeks of Sony-dumptruck-full-of-cash (at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theory nutbag). I just don't buy the "larger audience" thing, because the way to REALLY get to a larger audience is to sell your game on more platforms.

Anyway, I know I sound like Yet Another Whining PC Gamer, but I was really keen to see what they were going to do here because to me this sort of fusion between massively different styles of games is long, long overdue, and I think whoever does it right first is going to kick some serious ass.
Posted 04:08pm 08/2/12
Oh bugger a well thought out response.

Well to keep it short.

CCP could not release DUST514 on XBOX due to MS not allowing them a direct connection to the Eve Online servers.

They don't want to, and quite rightly so, release DUST514 on PC as this could eat into the paying Eve Online audience. Of course this will happen in some amount anyway due to a percentage of the Eve Online population also owning a PS3.

As you rightly say the fusion between the PS3 and PC audience using different but mutually beneficial games that exist in the same universe is very very intriguing, it has great promise.

My biggest concern is the current and expected future glut of First Person Shooters will drown DUST514 out and what sort of popularity peak will it have, or do we have to look at using a new metric for MMO FPS's that exist in a mature shared online world.

If I had to pick just one word for DUST514 it would have to be "interesting".
Posted 04:16pm 08/2/12
Yep, all good points. I'm just a jaded PC gamer :)
Posted 04:37pm 08/2/12
Lol fair enough.

Well I guess I am also, and a bitter veteran in Eve Online!

The only console I own is a Wii for the kids to play Mario Something or Other so my observation of the DUST514 players will entirely be from orbit.
Posted 09:03pm 08/2/12
Developers for PS3 should of embraced k+m from the get go, it would now be the most popular format if they had imo.
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