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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:53am 30/11/11 | 5 Comments
SEGA and The Creative Assembly have revealed "Fall of the Samurai", an all-new expansion to their critically received Total War: Shogun 2.

The new addition features six new playable clans, 39 new land units, 10 new naval units, three new agent types and four new historical battles along with new foreign powers, a new port siege battle type, improved siege battle mechanics, new land and see unit interactions, railway lines over the campaign map and much, much more.

You can check out the full press release detailing the changes here, and the expansion won't require the base game to play.

Check out a trailer for Fall of the Samurai embedded below. (Please note, this game does not feature Tom Cruise as a playable unit).

creative assemblytotal war: shogun 2 fall of the samuraiexpansionpc

Latest Comments
Posted 01:59pm 30/11/11
I have neglected Shogun 2. I played it a lot for a few weeks....then nothing. I think I'm broken.
Posted 03:05pm 30/11/11
I adore Shogun 2, it's biggest flaw is that you can be a master diplomat and have everyone on side but as soon as you hit the magical "you are too powerful mark" everyone hates you and declares war on you, even your most staunch allies. Drives me nuts.
Posted 04:03pm 30/11/11
I do the same as you bladerunner, I play a new game exclusively until I'm done, then not at all. I'm gunna keep an eye on this DLC cuz I think the empire era was more fun than the Shogun era, prefer the guns.
Posted 03:18pm 30/11/11
i played it through once and became shogun or w/e.. doesn't seem to tickle my interest that much especially when it's 5v1 and your s*** is constantly getting killed / destroyed by the assassin's, shinobi's blah blah u can't make enough to over come the difference so you just rape with your army.
Posted 12:53am 01/12/11
Empire was awesome. I had so much fun with that. There is something about marching guys up to the front and watching them absorb vollys of lead and cannon fire. I like the whole colonial era too.
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