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Post by Dan @ 02:53pm 31/10/11 | 16 Comments
When EA announced their rebranded digital download service Origin -- clearly aimed at getting a slice of Valve's Steam pie -- many wondered how they could possibly hope to become a worthwhile competitor by only selling EA games, while Steam features games from almost every major publisher (sans Blizzard).

Over the weekend, that goal became a little more plausible, as EA have announced that PC games from three major third party publishers -- Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, THQ, Capcom -- will soon be available for purchase and download on Origin, kicking things off with Batman: Arkham City, Saints Row: The Third and more promised to come:
“We are very pleased to partner with EA and have Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's key PC titles available on Origin,” said Greg Ballard, senior vice president, Digital Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “In growing our digital offerings for consumers we want to give fans increased access to critically acclaimed titles such as Batman: Arkham City.”

“THQ is excited to work with Origin and to offer players another new, innovative way to experience the over-the-top fun of Saints Row: The Third,” said Terri Schiek, senior vice president of publishing, Americas at THQ. “We look forward to building our relationship with the Origin team, and to continue to deliver great content for the platform.”

“When we met with the EA team and discussed their long-term vision for Origin, we were excited to lend our weight to their efforts,” said Christian Svensson, senior vice president at Capcom Entertainment. “We hope to expand our PC fanbase for our legendary brands on Origin.”
As much as we all love Steam, it's nice to see the market getting some healthy competition in this space and we're suitably impressed by Origin's download speeds.


Latest Comments
Posted 03:11pm 31/10/11
Hmmm, competition with steam? Maybe, i'lll stick with steam as it has been a flawless service for me so far. Untill that changes...
Posted 03:16pm 31/10/11
Competition can only be good. And if anyone complains about having to run 2 download services in the background like bloody Reddit is doing, lrn2RAM more.
Posted 03:18pm 31/10/11
i wonder how long those download speeds will be so fast,

as more and more people get on, and no doubt as EA run more and more servers, that speed is going to go down pretty quick
Posted 04:18pm 31/10/11
so does that mean steam will also offer or pretty soon if u want x game u go to origin, if u want z game u go to steam?
Posted 04:35pm 31/10/11
i wonder how long those download speeds will be so fast,
Yep, a good question. EA are doing sweet f*** all compared to the volume Valve are pushing out.

That said EA are moving a pretty huge chunk of data and they're doing so with almost no loss in speed. Last time I checked they were using akamai or something which must cost them an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabsolute fortune - whereas Valve manage to offload a lot of their costs to third parties who are happy to run content servers for them (which must save Valve a lot of money).

I would love to see EA's bandwidth bills!
Posted 04:51pm 31/10/11
I started using CDN for our stuff at work and the cost came out to be pretty reasonable. Rackspace CDN uses Akamai and charges 18c/GB outbound and 15c/gb storage and the performance is outstanding for what we used it for.
Posted 07:04pm 31/10/11
i wonder how long those download speeds will be so fast,

as more and more people get on, and no doubt as EA run more and more servers, that speed is going to go down pretty quick

they will just close down some more 12-18 month old game servers.
Posted 08:52pm 31/10/11
Meh, until Origin starts offering US pricing (aka probably never) on games, I won't use it.

CD key buying websites all the way.
Posted 09:00pm 31/10/11
I foresee pre-order exclusives for your digital platform of choice ala EB games/JB etc incoming.
Posted 11:35pm 31/10/11
More competition can only be a good thing to lower prices, but I will be avoiding Origin and sticking with ozgameshop / CD key sites, then Steam (in that order)...
Posted 12:05am 01/11/11
Whatever EA's bandwidth cost is, it's surely gotta be cheaper than stamping a bunch of little spinning plastic circles and shipping them in cardboard boxes/plastic cases to all corners of the planet for them to take up retail shelf space paid for by the middle man.
Posted 12:19am 01/11/11
by a billion times dazhel... they have no warehouse overheads, no transport overheads, no employees putting boxes onto pallets etc.... all they need to do is pay their mega bandwidth bill every month sit back and let the phat loots roll in
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