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Post by trog @ 12:20pm 22/10/11 | 32 Comments
Fresh from BlizzCon where Steve is working to bring us fresh Blizzard-related information, comes a Diablo 3 cinematic trailer titled "Black Soulstone". Here's the official blurb:
As Deckard Cain's niece, Leah, struggles to make sense of her uncle's mysterious and disturbing notations, she bears witness to a dark vision. Azmodan, Lord of Sin, towers over the fragile young woman, swearing his armies of the burning Hells shall pour forth into Sanctuary, ravishing the world and all hope of resistance.
Check it out below or click here for the HD option.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:25pm 22/10/11
i wonder if the empty seats in the council are andariel, durial and ?lilith

its about 1/2 the opening intro according to bashiok
Posted 12:46pm 22/10/11
Good to see they can still make awesome cinematics.
Posted 12:48pm 22/10/11
Get excited
Posted 01:35pm 22/10/11
i wonder if the empty seats in the council are andariel, durial and ?lilith

its about 1/2 the opening intro according to bashiok

I hope not. i killed them all in d2!
Posted 02:22pm 22/10/11
Posted 02:33pm 22/10/11
And the king of darkness is...... obese
Posted 02:35pm 22/10/11
Posted 12:08am 23/10/11
Was she dreaming or teleported ?
Posted 12:12am 23/10/11
Makes sense he is fat as he is the "Lord of Sin" and some of the sins are gluttony, greed & sloth :D
Posted 02:07am 23/10/11
Since this villain seems to be a rival to the 3 brothers, i'd like to see a scene, either ingame or in cinematic, where Diablo returns (they DID say he'd be back right?) and fights with him. Perhaps ingame it could play out where your job isn't to do damage and kill them but to survive a set length of time or until 1 is dead.
Posted 05:00am 23/10/11
I'm sure Diablo comes back since hes on the cover of the game
Posted 05:21am 23/10/11
I'm sure Diablo comes back since hes on the cover of the game

I'm pretty sure diablo has nothing to do with the game

Diablo 3

Posted 09:09am 23/10/11
Lame. This cut scene gave me no desire to play the game. Shame to see the way Blizzard have gone over the past 5-10 years.
Posted 09:11am 23/10/11

you'll buy the game, no doubt
Posted 10:25am 23/10/11
gotta be Trollin with a name like Ricky lol
Posted 10:54am 23/10/11
kind of disappointing for blizzard tbh =\
Posted 10:09am 24/10/11
gotta be Trollin with a name like Ricky lol

That might be how he rolls, but tbh I kinda have to agree. The diablo 3 story seems to ignore 1 AND 2 and the Lore that was set down there. 1 was awesome, 2 was pretty good, 3 looks like it might be passable but I am not paying for it until it is on special and gets its patches out. Learnt from Blizz with all their other games. Until they have atleast 2-3 major patches done, it will just be bad.
Posted 10:22am 24/10/11
i dont understand a single thing from that trailer?

who is the chic? who is the fat f***? why does he not like her? why did he crack open the cave? what the f*** is the stone? what the f*** is the fat guy on about?

never played diablo 1 or 2 to the end, to much of a click fest + time waste for me. i guess diablo 3 has no intention of appealing to those who didnt play 1 or 2.
Posted 10:36am 24/10/11
good post gamer

you ask questions and then admit you don't really know anything about the game from the beginning

last edited by paveway at 10:36:41 24/Oct/11
Posted 10:41am 24/10/11
Yeah, completely awe inspiring considering the answers to the questions are in the official blurb right above the video...
Posted 10:49am 24/10/11
They retconned a few things, but the plot line for d1 and 2 were pretty thin and the games were developed largely in isolation, so I wouldn't expect too much.

tbqh I'm in it for the mass murder, not the intricate plot development.
Posted 12:07pm 24/10/11
So in this day and age of HD remakes, I vote d2 should get the treatment.
can you imagine how quickly that s*** would sell while we all wait for d3.
Posted 02:19pm 24/10/11
So in D2, the heros slay the three big badies (the prime evils) sending them to the abyss where all the demons spawn from (so they've returned to go I guess?). There are these lesser evils, 4 of them, which for whatever reason decided to exile the 3 primes to the mortal world (which is how they got slain I guess?), are now seeking a black stone for...? The world stone is shattered, doesn't this mean that hell and heaven is going to start eating up the mortal world?

Also, the heroes going made is getting old. Can't they just be died/dying/old/disappeared?

Azmodan appears to be leading the big 4 in an effort for something.
Posted 05:17pm 24/10/11
Yeah apparently all except Belial and Azmodan and left out of the evils.

Azmodan's lieutenants are the 7 deadly sins so I'm guessing some of them will be bosses as well.

The retcon explained that the character in diablo 1 (which was the wanderer from diablo 2) is actually Aiden, Leoric’s oldest son.

Nothing too WTF, so I don't know what people are on about.
Posted 03:31pm 25/10/11
Only azmodan and belial are alive because they were all killed in D2

Andariel, Duriel, and Andariels mother whose name escapes me
Posted 04:48pm 25/10/11
I don't remember either of them in D2 nor can I find anything on the internet about it?!!?
Posted 04:58pm 25/10/11
Only azmodan and belial are alive because they were all killed in D2

Andariel, Duriel, and Andariels mother whose name escapes me

he means 'they' as in the other lesser evils Andarial, Duriel and Andariel's motheri who i'm guessing is lilith

i don't remember this lilith/andariel's monther character

azmodan and belial weren't in d2
Posted 05:14pm 25/10/11
ah right. Lilith was in D2 apparently.

Posted 08:17pm 25/10/11
Yeah lilith was part of the uber diablo summoning on battle.net. Basically a very convoluted process of collecting a whole bunch of stuff, killing uber diablo (a pumped up version of diablo) and opening a portal to lilith which you kill for a unique charm.
Posted 12:12pm 26/10/11
I never got to take on uber D. I knew he was around when the screen shook.
Posted 12:15pm 26/10/11
D3 CE is now out for order from like EB, Game and so on. Already got my pre-order up.
Posted 01:38pm 26/10/11
Who is the most reputatble to get the Pre-order from?
Posted 01:51pm 26/10/11
I ordered mine from Game as they give you free shipping (which arrives the day it officialy comes out) and only charge $10 holding fee instead of EB games' 30% of total cost.
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