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Post by Dan @ 01:53pm 20/10/11 | 16 Comments
As the clock slowly ticks down to next week's launch of the hugely anticiapted Battlefield 3, EA have released another trailer for the game, showcasing clips from the game's multiplayer component from a variety of different maps.
The award-winning Battlefield 3 multiplayer experience launches on October 27, 2011. Check out the intense gameplay action from each of the nine multiplayer maps available in Battlefield 3 along with the very first glimpse of our upcoming post-launch digital expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand.
Check out the video embedded below, Click here for the HD steam, or download 1080p high bitrate source clip from our files library.

battlefield 3bf3mutliplayertrailereadice
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:55pm 20/10/11
Yes, I know there was a forum thread with this trailer already, but it wasn't promotable.
Posted 02:12pm 20/10/11
Uh oh.
Think I'm going to have to tell my wife I'm going to be AFK from life for a few weeks :)
Posted 02:36pm 20/10/11
Meh, not like my thread was getting much attention.
Posted 03:05pm 20/10/11
So I like the look of the game, but really don't want to have to use EA's Origin tool to play it. Will the game ever be available on Steam? Also, stuff EA's regional pricing.
Posted 03:07pm 20/10/11
This is the first time I've been genuinely excited for a game for a long while :D
Posted 05:14pm 20/10/11
haha i have origin installed but cbfed paying yet. i have steam and mw3 ate my wallet
Posted 06:01pm 20/10/11
That looks so good it makes me sad that it's still a week away
Posted 06:30pm 20/10/11
wtb this and batman for pc yeeeeeeee
Posted 06:39pm 20/10/11
this game makes me wet myself everytime i see a new trailer...

i dipped in the open beta maby a sum total of 30-45 min game time and my god.....

the sound....
the imagery......
the...... game.....

amazing......... plz for the love of god dont review this on console....

i want a pc review..... 10.0 imo....
and as for the origin tool...... i personally did not see a problem with it....

no loading of the game..... dont have to skip through 10 screens with producers logos..... its logon on to origon website... scroll f list and join theyre server or just go to ur own.... in a game in less than a minute...
Posted 06:48pm 20/10/11
While I don't agree with your flagrant abuse of the period, I do agree that Origin and Battlelog were actually pretty good on the whole. It wasn't a painful experience at all and when it was working it was pretty seamless and easy to get into games.
Posted 07:02pm 20/10/11
PC gamers over reacting about something before they tried it? Colour me shocked.
Posted 07:12pm 20/10/11
Origin works fine, but I'll only be using it for games that require it, and hopefully I don't come across a whole lot more of them aside from this and Star Wars.

I'm just slightly attached to steam :P
Posted 07:43pm 20/10/11
I have no real problems with Origin or battle-log, Having it in game would be better but its not horrible to use. Also if you don't want to pay Origin retail price go...

Posted 11:12pm 20/10/11
My only issue with battlelog is that you have to keep a browser open in the background while you play. Early on in the beta you could close the browser once you loaded up and everything worked fine but they patched something and you started getting disco'd on map change. I get a pretty noticeable fps drop running either of firefox and chrome in the background - My gtx260/c2d 3ghz is starting to struggle with the latest gen of games that push pcs so anything open hurts, really.

That aside, I was actually surprised to see just how well a browser based launcher/server browser could be. Being able to open a bookmark when feeling like a round of BF3 is great because it actually means a substantially reduced time from whim to playing. No more waiting for the game to open, then waiting for the game to slowly update its server list (or updating your favorite list if the game you are playing has a browser that is not so s***** that it lacks that feature) and then slowly loading the level. They put a lot of work into engine so that it rapidly opens and loads levels which is a big improvement on previous battlefield titles and if it was battlelog that meant this had to happen then its just another thing to thank it for. I hope this also means that they have a solid backend for all multiplayer games now because server browsers have been so s*** recently that if this becomes a new standard for EA and gamespy dies then its all positive.
Posted 01:01am 21/10/11
Apparently Com Rose will be in on a day 1 patch:!/zh1nt0/status/126959150205906944
Posted 01:05am 21/10/11
Patch is meant to be out before the servers are even up too. So glad the commo-rose made it.
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