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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:03am 01/07/11 | 11 Comments
Everyone thought Red Dead Redemption's last DLC drop, Undead Nightmare, was going to be the proverbial pos-release nail in the coffin for RDR, but a recent Tweet from Rockstar suggests otherwise.

When asked by another Twitter user "Whens next Red Dead DLC coming out?" The team responded with a "Look for release date and details in the coming weeks". Obviously for those of us who've played the game through on any of the console this is good news, but for some reason there's just still no word on whether PC users will be riding across the dusty plains. L.A. Noire has already been confirmed for PC, while GTA 4 didn't take too long to get there either, but for RDR it looks more and more like it just won't happen.

Stay tuned for official details on this impending new Red Dead Redemption content.

contentdlcred dead redemptionrockstarpc
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:06am 01/7/11
weird man, game is almost a year old now?
Not that I'm complaining, just a bit out of character for someone like Rockstar, but welcome nonetheless :D
Posted 11:04am 01/7/11
As long as Rockstar brings out L.A. Noire and GTA 5 on P.C i'm Happy.
Posted 11:11am 01/7/11
Don't really care about L.A. Noire coming to pc and would of MUCH rather they bring RDR to us instead.
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:28am 01/7/11
Yeah, I'd rather play RDR on PC than LA Noire
Posted 11:55am 01/7/11
Yep definitely after RDR for PC as well. Fell in love with Gun when it came out :)
The GuVna
Posted 12:01pm 01/7/11
With Steam gaining alot of ... er... steam.. on the PC market at the moment, I can't see a negative on releasing RDR on the PC Steam platform. GTA IV on PC in the US was rather successful I recall?
Posted 12:04pm 01/7/11
Fell in love with Gun

Oh man I remember that game but never played it and wanted to. Time to play it tonight!
Posted 02:15pm 01/7/11
Same as above, not really interested in LA Noire, just want RDR on the PC.
Posted 02:51pm 01/7/11
Hopefully if it's single player DLC you don't need your savegame as I have a new Xbox since played RDR and lost it all when I moved over
Posted 03:18pm 01/7/11
Cool! Can't wait to revisit the world of RDR, there really isn't anything else like it right now.

LA Noire is going to be clunky as hell on a PC. It would be awesome if they completely redesigned the interface to a point and click style, but I have no idea how. I would seriously consider buying RDR again for PC if they released it, but not LA Noire.

Don't really care about L.A. Noire coming to pc and would of MUCH rather they bring RDR to us instead.


would have

damn you internet.
Posted 09:50am 06/7/11
My thoughts echo those in this thread, RDR for PC please!
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