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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:28pm 30/06/11 | 7 Comments
We reported a few weeks back that it was rumoured we'd be seeing the Boy Wonder in some capacity in the forthcoming Batman: Arkham City, and while those rumours were already confirmed, Warner Bros. Interactive today sent through word the Tim Drake Robin DLC pack would be exclusive, in Australia, to JB Hi-Fi pre-orders.
The Tim Drake Robin pack is currently available exclusively to Australian fans who pre-order the game from JB Hi-Fi on any of the platforms for which the game will be available: Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Games for Windows PC and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.
According to the announcement, Drake will have his own gadgets and moves as well as his own Challenge Maps, exclusive to his DLC.

Whether this ends up like the Joker DLC that was exclusive to PS3 and never made its way anywhere else, will remain to be seen, but if history in Australia for these pre-order deals is anything to go by, it'll be available for everyone later down the track.

Click the image to the right, or right here for a better look at Rocksteady's Robin rendition.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:01pm 30/6/11
i read that it will be a timed exclusive and will be available to everyone after a little while.
Posted 04:29pm 30/6/11
I don't think I like the idea of DLC exclusive to certain stores and only available to preorders. This does make a lot of people pissed off. Back in the day DLC was always released for free in patches n s*** anyway, that is until someone worked out they can make coin out of it and also make people want things more (marketing and such).
Posted 04:40pm 30/6/11
Back in the day DLC was always released for free in patches n s*** anyway

Nah it wasn't, it was sold in stores as expansion packs/mission discs/feature packs, etc
Posted 07:16pm 30/6/11
Yeah DLC back in the day wasn't DLC, it was expansion packs. It's just smarter for the big CEO types to cut it up and sell it separately. Doesn't really matter to me, I will usually buy the game and then obtain the DLC in a sea scavenger way. Damn does Robin look good though.
Posted 11:32pm 30/6/11
Well at least expansion packs had more content than just a new item in a game, you know what I mean?
Posted 12:22am 01/7/11
Yeah expansion packs were actually a worthy addition to a game. Think Brood War, LOD or Shivering Isles. (BW and LOD obviously being the exceptional ones)

DLC is mostly garbage.
Posted 01:54am 01/7/11
Depends on the DLC though. Extra costumes for Streetfighter, yeah ok, probably not a high point, but look at the DLC for games like Burnout Paradise, Grand Theft Auto, Fallout, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed 2. Huge amounts of extra content was released as DLC for those games, easily content worthy of being an expansion pack in the past. Its just instead of getting it in bite sized chunks every couple of months, you'd wait 12 months then pay for the expansion pack and get it in one hit.

Releasing it as DLC is (and I'm just guessing cos I really don't know much about financial s***) probably better for the cash flow of a company because its money coming in regularly, instead of just a long period of development with no money coming in, then money at the end. Its also better for the gamer, because you're getting more of the game you want to play sooner, instead of having to wait for the traditional development cycle of an expansion pack.
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