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Post by Dan @ 01:34pm 14/05/11 | 35 Comments
Following what appears to be an accidental leak from a source, Activision have followed through with the first teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 -- for the first time officially confirming the game's actual existence (despite it being public knowledge for some time now).

Check out the teaser trailer below or click here for HD. Note that this is very much the definition of teaser and really doesn't show anything of worth.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is expected (although still not yet confirmed) for this Holiday season on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

call of dutymodern warfare 3trailerannounced

Latest Comments
Posted 01:46pm 14/5/11
The competition heats up!
Posted 01:48pm 14/5/11
Looks like it might be set around Russia invading the US.
Posted 01:49pm 14/5/11
If you haven't seen yet, go Kotaku and see the massive speculation they've got going there.
Posted 01:50pm 14/5/11
kotaku has a s***load of leaked info.

link 1

link 2

link 3
Posted 02:09pm 14/5/11
this holiday season

So june holiday's in america I'm guessing?
Posted 02:12pm 14/5/11
November I believe. And then expect BF3 a week after.
Posted 02:14pm 14/5/11
I realy dont understand the point of these things, they could have changed the name that came up at the end and it could be a trailer for anything
Posted 02:21pm 14/5/11
Won't be worth buying without dedicated servers. MW2 wasn't, and I didn't buy it either.
Reverend Evil
Posted 02:21pm 14/5/11
Video was awesome. Can't wait.
Posted 02:33pm 14/5/11
Looks like it might be set around Russia invading the US.

Sam Newman: Oh, really?
Posted 02:50pm 14/5/11
The Kotaku stuff actually looks ok, reserving judgement.
Posted 03:11pm 14/5/11
ctrl k
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:20pm 14/5/11
It's the same teaser they did last year.

And personally, I really like the characters and story for the Modern Warfare games and felt the second needed closure, so I'm quietly excited for this ;)
Posted 03:45pm 14/5/11
The second was utter s***. Also, the screens on kotaku look awful. I hope this game fails miserably.
Posted 03:55pm 14/5/11
Agreed. you'd want to hope those leaked images are from early in development, cause that's just not going to stack up against BF3.
Posted 03:56pm 14/5/11
Aside from the multiplayer, MW2 was pretty good, hopefully with number 3 they will learn from their mistakes and perhaps they may break a new sales record.
Posted 04:32pm 14/5/11
Dedicated servers are overrated, a million Nuketown 24/7 servers isnt my idea of fun. My mates and I never had as much fun in a game since MW2, jumping in games fast and easy, having a blast, so much fun, yeah it was buggy and weird, but it was a riot. Blackops just blowed and that's when we stopped playing the CoD series, hoping MW3 brings the magic back to fast twitch based arcade FPS.

Tho BF3 is looking SWEET
Posted 04:56pm 14/5/11
lol... not surprised
Posted 05:25pm 14/5/11
Posted 06:04pm 14/5/11
Deviouz, I'd like them to have both a lobby system and dedicated servers. So your able to just form a party and go to the first available dedicated server that suits your needs. But for those that want to go more in-depth, can do so with the browser.
Posted 08:22pm 14/5/11
BF3 all the way. COD is dying.
Posted 08:59pm 14/5/11
Posted 09:55pm 14/5/11
I absolutely cannot wait to see how the story develops in this video game series.
Posted 11:05pm 14/5/11
New York could suck me back in.
Posted 12:23am 15/5/11
the destroy America like its current economy? one can only hope
Posted 02:32am 15/5/11
While I'm sure this wont fail because they could chuck out any fps and stick the COD name on it and sell a few million, I hope it does get well and truly beaten by BF3. Activision need to be slapped in the face by a c***.
Posted 02:42am 15/5/11
Gah, ANOTHER modern shooter? It's going to have to be amazing for me to get that foul taste of Blops out of my mouth. Hopefully less cut scenes and the requirement to actually shoot to pass the game.

I was hoping for a Perfect Dark level of weapon technology. Maybe next time.
Posted 02:50am 15/5/11
Let me know COD:Abbottabad is released and maybe I'll be interested.
Posted 02:55am 15/5/11
you play one cod game, then you've played them all.. same gameplay every single time. don't understand how you people don't find COD utterly f*****g boring.
Posted 09:39am 15/5/11
the campaign settings sound great, but unless Activision completely changes their business model i'm not going anywhere near it.
Posted 09:58am 15/5/11
The leaked shots still show they're on Quake 3 engine, hell, some of the multiplayer levels and player models looked just like Blops/MW2/MW1 -_-
Posted 12:07pm 15/5/11
Cods gearing up to be the biggest noob series of all time
Posted 02:08pm 15/5/11
WOn't be buying this one.
Posted 02:10pm 15/5/11
WOn't be buying this one.

Posted 04:24pm 18/5/11
Hopefully they can make it different instead of the same old s***
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