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Post by Dan @ 10:20am 10/05/11 | 42 Comments
We've featured a lot of Brink trailers in the past few weeks as Bethesda and Splash Damage plough toward release day of their hotly anticipated shooter, so for those that are getting a bit sick of hearing about it, the end just might be in sight.

Today, they've sent along the obligatory launch trailer -- a new two minute clip feature a mix of cinematic and game-engine footage that sets the scene of the game.

Check it out below or click here for the HD version.

Brink is due in Australia on May 12th 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

brinksplash damagebethesdatrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:44am 10/5/11
The way they did the intro, gotta love it.

I'm a BIG fan of the graphic style of this game :D
Posted 12:03pm 10/5/11
Damn that was kick ass. Can not wait!
Posted 12:09pm 10/5/11
The dedicated server just hit Steam https://twitter.com/#!/brinkgame/status/67734581486436352 .

Grabbing it now, it's a 1263MB download. Will post some more news if I learn anything extra interesting about it.
Posted 12:47pm 10/5/11
F*** yes, thanks Dan!
Posted 01:01pm 10/5/11
I cannot wait to start throwing around mollies and blasting newbs with an mp5, in the mean time who want's to start a war at a gay bar irl since games are such dangerous psychological manipulation devices especially among the fragile minded youth?

Posted 01:27pm 10/5/11
Looks average, I'm not impressed by this game at all. Wasn't there a Half-Life mod way back when which had all the parkour stuff as well as bullet time and all that jazz? I can't think of the name of it.
Posted 01:38pm 10/5/11
Still looks good, but why is everyone who has ever demonstrated the gameplay unable to aim properly? Are they just playing on console?
Posted 01:54pm 10/5/11
Demoing on consoles I believe sadly.
Posted 01:57pm 10/5/11
I remember now, The Specialist - http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-specialists
Posted 02:00pm 10/5/11
I remember now, The Specialist - http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-specialists

loved that game.

so this game essentially TF2 meets Mirrors Edge? If there's enough people playing online, i might have to pick this one up.
Posted 02:10pm 10/5/11
Can't wait. tis my bday on Friday too so I've taken the day off in anticipation of Brink overdose :D
Posted 03:38pm 10/5/11
Lots of US/EU reviews coming online now. Unfortunately we were communicated the wrong date because of time difference confusions, so we won't have ours up tomorrow -- it's probably for the best however, as we're only just getting access to the PC version and we really want to focus on that rather than console.

Seeing a lot of current reviews in the 80% range though which is nice.

I've noticed a couple of scathingly low ones though, which concerned me a little until I actually read them -- some of the worst critiques I've seen from those major publications, focusing on what they think the game should have included based on other games in the genre, rather than looking at the new and different things it does offer.

Joystick's complaining about it not having a lobby had me lol'ing, my god, can you not figure out how to join a hosted game? IGN's is just terrible. This is an actual quote from their review:
I was often confused when I couldn't drop a turret only to remember I was a Soldier, a class with a different set of skills.
Not, even, kidding.
Posted 04:28pm 10/5/11
Is the EU unlock date earlier than our AU region, or are they from the testers/early access crowd?

Does the Mammoth/AG VPS only run Lin* images or can I start an instance of Windows Server and run a Brink dedicated server : or is there some secret sauce nix executable available?
Posted 04:33pm 10/5/11
Yeah, some reviewers had early access to the game. It is now released in north america though, and unlocked for their Steam. Not until Thursday for us though :(

You could run a server on a windows VPS from mammothvps, though I have nfi how much cpu/mem you'd need to do that and if it would be adequate.
Posted 04:39pm 10/5/11
been slowly looking at the reviews, but that ign review was ridiculous. It seems all the reviews that gave it a better score say it does some new things well but is a game for veterans of the fps genre, it seems its more of an old school fps with no hold handing. I'll wait for more reviews though, an PC reviews before i decide on whether to get it or not.
Posted 05:26pm 10/5/11
Posted 05:43pm 10/5/11
^ that guy reads like an over zealous perfectionist wannabe. he probably lives in a bubble.
Posted 06:07pm 10/5/11
Looks like a game where everyones gonna be bunny hopping everywhere like they're on crack or something. Also why can't Steam just release it at the same time world wide?
Posted 06:08pm 10/5/11
Still looks good, but why is everyone who has ever demonstrated the gameplay unable to aim properly? Are they just playing on console?

I agree. Sadface.

And +1 to the specialist mod. That was back in the day when i just started playing around with mods and I had the gaming PC and IIRC an old Pentium 3 650mhz in my brothers room and we used to 1v1 LAN. Awesome mod that one.
Posted 06:14pm 10/5/11
well martz that technique did used to work in games along with 'wallhacks' to improve the velocity beyond what the developers had originally intended for it to be. If you watch some of the Quake Done Quick vids (if you can find them) you'll see this demonstrated.
Posted 06:14pm 10/5/11
Haha Dan, that is just bad. Sounds like they didn't get their money, so they write s***.
Posted 06:16pm 10/5/11
Looks like a game where everyones gonna be bunny hopping everywhere like they're on crack or something

Bunnyhopping is oldschool. Unless you come from the early days of Quake or UT or are a pro, i find most COD, BFBC2 and the like players dont bunnyhop. Most of them dont even crouch or jump to try and avoid fire.
Posted 06:37pm 10/5/11
lulz at any IGN review ever, they are on a special planet where games are short,easy and painfully monotonous.

it seems its more of an old school fps with no hold handing.

I believe that's what the developers are going for, and if they've pulled it off, I'm about to become a Brink addict a la CS beta 6 styles.
Posted 06:46pm 10/5/11
This is some pretty funny s***: http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/news/60202/Brink-Reviews-Are-A-Mixed-Bag-Some-Thoughts

Update: Uh oh, time for some drama boys and girls. I felt that Joystiq's Brink review was fishy, it almost came off as if it was written by someone that had spent very little time with the game. I was also pretty sure that Griffin McElroy was one of the editors that I played in the media game with. So, I decided to do a little digging, and confirmed that I had played with him while he was under his Xbox Live gamertag called "The Pencil Rain".

The kicker is Mr. McElroy has only earned a total Brink gamerscore value of 225, primarily from achievements that pretty much unlock themselves in the opening hour or two of play. I had over a couple hundred points just after the media playtest, and I'd imagine that's where he left off too. Xbox Live says he was playing Brink just a couple hours ago, yet again the value is 225. In my picture of his gamerscore details below you'll see that he hasn't completed either campaign, let alone the "what if" missions.

This puts a pretty big black mark on Joystiq's journalistic integrity in my eyes. If I had to guess the amount of time he spent playing it'd be a few hours at best, and from my point of view that's extremely unprofessional. But great job on that 2/5 score Griffin, way to shaft Splash Damage and Bethesda by putting in an absolute minimal amount of effort into your review.

Although it is pretty pathetic form by splash damage to essentially missrepresent the single player portion of the game (like the idea that the game should be played solo at all) but to review a game without properly playing it is beyond incompetent. At least the ars guy has a shred of credibility.
Posted 06:48pm 10/5/11
^^ haha holy s***, dudes like that should not even have a job reviewing games, dead set.
Posted 07:11pm 10/5/11
Never trust reviewers. Always trust your own opinion. That is what a review is, someones opinion.
Posted 07:40pm 10/5/11
Eorl that's a bit of a retarded statement, by your justifications we should just go out and buy everything as that's the only way to know if a game is good or not.

Reviews are there as someone's opinion obviously, doesn't mean they're invalid.

I always go to metacritic and read the top scoring few and the bottom, between them you can usually get a good idea of the game, some things people are willing to look past if they're enjoying other aspects of the game, whereas for others those annoyances can ruin the whole experience. You also have to factor in whether the IP, genre, style or setting appeals to you as that will factor into your enjoyment.
Posted 07:40pm 10/5/11
Just wow @ that Joystiq guy. I mean, there are excuses for a reviewer finishing with a low gamerscore (he could have been playing on any number of other accounts or xboxes) but his writeup was so bad that it would honestly explain things.

I'm still more surprised by the IGN one though. I know they have a lot of talented and credible people writing for them (particularly the Australian crew) and it's really strange that they'd let something that shabby slip through on a high profile title.
Posted 07:49pm 10/5/11
Heh I love how IGN rate graphics as average, when they reviewed it on X360.
Posted 08:10pm 10/5/11
Never trust reviewers. Always trust your own opinion. That is what a review is, someones opinion.
Reviews are supposed to be objective you doo doo head.
Heh I love how IGN rate graphics as average, when they reviewed it on X360.
Maybe that is because they are average for an xbox360 title and thats what they were reviewing it as. Your comment is like saying the graphics of crysis were average because you played it on low settings.

QGL has always been full of s*** but people at least used to get called on it. Instead of average file size, trogdor should be spending time charting the increase in stupidity on this forum. The registration of faceman would have to be ignored because it is a statistical anomaly though.
Posted 08:12pm 10/5/11
Sorry, your right there Wet, I should have said take them as opinions, and decide on both them and your own.
Posted 08:12pm 10/5/11
Also, as I said, all these bad reviews are coming through because money didn't pass their hands. That or it's not COD.
Posted 12:01am 11/5/11
I think I'm going to finally cave and pre-order this one, that video was the best I've seen and actually made me want to play the game unlike the others. Hearing that it's being aimed at veteran FPS players pretty much had me right there. But the fact that everyone is jumping around and don't look like they're glued to the ground like in CoD and BF is what makes me the happiest. Bring it on I say.

Steam pre-order here in the UK is £29.99 and I can find it for as low as £21.99 for a retail copy online incl. delivery... Why is digital delivery so much more expensive than actually purchasing a physical thing + delivery? I'll never understand that.
Posted 12:31am 11/5/11
Why is digital delivery so much more expensive than actually purchasing a physical thing + delivery?

Not 100% on this but I think a lot of those online retailers buy their stock from azn wholesalers which operate on a significantly lower RRP. Whereas steam would be getting the RRP from Bethashtaspasta.

Really want to give this game a whirl but afraid it will be bad and 30pounds I could've spent on piss (which is not a waste).

last edited by ctd at 00:31:27 11/May/11
The GuVna
Posted 12:37am 11/5/11
I always find GT video reviews well done.

To me the game looks to be just a spin on the ET franchise, but I've liked the last two iterations of the ET games so Ill probably pick it up
Posted 02:16am 11/5/11
Yeah, IGN have been churning out some terrible reviews lately, their Mortal Kombat review was a joke as well. But then I stopped paying attention to IGN a long time ago. 1up and Giant Bomb is usually who I pay the most attention to, oh, and Ausgamers of course :P
Posted 10:56am 11/5/11
What the hell is reddit?
Posted 10:58am 11/5/11
always find GT video reviews well done.

Oh wow, the gameplay in that vid looked really crap. Animations, style of combat, etc were fairly gumby. Definitely waiting for more reviews before touching this game.
Posted 01:27pm 11/5/11
I was just about to preorder this game then i decided to checkout a couple gameplay videos of the single player (played on the 360). Everything about it looks very average. Gameplay looks repetitive. The AI of your team are useless while the enemy AI are both stupid and overly aggressive. They simply run at you without any tactics and down you with 1 shot.

Animations just look awkward, especially when someone gets shot. While the graphic style of the character models looks cool the environments look plain. There seems be some depth to character customization but from what i've seen so far it doesn't have too much of an effect on the core gameplay.

I do think the game has a unique concept but from what i've seen so far it looks disappointing, one which is reminiscent of Kane and Lynch 2 (in terms of being a good concept but lacking in being a fun game).

Here's one of several videos i watched:

Something tells me IGN review is not too far off the mark with this one...I'm not sure about the MP but if the SP is any indication of how the MP will be then I'll be renting it for now.
Posted 07:16pm 11/5/11
Fixah that is on console by the way, which in this case does prove a difference. You can tell that Splash Damage actually finally made a two different version for a FPS, and PC has major, major differences and enjoyability over consoles.
Posted 07:39pm 11/5/11
From what I understand, there isn't really any SP. The single player is just the multiplayer with bots.
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