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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:52pm 19/04/11 | 16 Comments
AusGamers was flown out to snowy Mormon-infested Utah last week for Bethesda's BFG preview event, where among many a game, we were sat in front of one of this year's biggest: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Director Todd Howard took us through an hour-long presentation that barely scratched the surface, but had everyone in the room champing at the bit for the game come November. As a result, we have an in-depth preview for you now, which we'll be following up with an equally in-depth Q&A (that was also almost an hour-long, so it's a big 'un) a bit later on. We also have a handful of new screens to accompany the piece, which you can see in greater detail by hitting the thumbnails below.

Click here for the full preview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:23pm 19/4/11
Ca ching.
Posted 01:24pm 19/4/11
These shots look all well and good and the orc looks especially awesome, but if they don't fix the facial animations for when your are talking to someone this will still be just as odd as oblivion. That game had a metric ton of stuff to do but every time you started to talk to someone they gave you this blank, sociopath stare at you which was just so horrible. If they fix this, I will be very happy as will many others I'm sure.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:25pm 19/4/11
DM, they've fixed that - better lip-syncing, more emotion and no conversation camera-locks (mentioned in preview)
Posted 01:26pm 19/4/11
Ah ok, I posted that before reading so looks like problem solved!
Posted 01:35pm 19/4/11
sounds amazing... and awesome write-up... cant wait to play this and by play i mean devote all waking hours to this beast
Posted 02:42pm 19/4/11
I hate this game.. because I know I'll sink weeks/months into it :D
Posted 02:44pm 19/4/11
Not sure if it was covered and I missed it, did you notice if towns are still instanced like in Oblivion? (or open with the rest of the world like Morrowind)
Posted 03:35pm 19/4/11
Great stuff, can't wait. Just need the next months to complete Oblivion, I could easily sink hundreds of hours into it.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:15pm 19/4/11
did you notice if towns are still instanced like in Oblivion?
they're persistent and open, as far as I know, in that, everything you do in the game-world affects them or you can affect them directly... or do you mean, do they need a separate load to enter? Because the town we visited was just part of the landscape, but the dungeon we visited loaded separately, and I would assume the bigger towns or cities need to do this too
Posted 04:21pm 19/4/11
Yep as in terms of part of the landscape. I think Oblivion had to separate them behind a loading wall due to the radial AI scripting stuff which turned out to be pretty uninteresting imo. Hopefully they're not limited by that again, because I think it's also the reason they took out crazy jumping abilities and whatnot - the mad freedom you got with a high level morrowind char was half the fun!
Posted 09:50pm 19/4/11
I'm guessing you still have to load when you enter a building, not sure if thats what nerf meant or not. That annoyed me more than anything. Large cities (or city) along with dungeons or caves I have no issue with due to the sheer number of them.
Posted 10:06pm 19/4/11
Oblivion is a good game right? I picked it up cheap a while ago for PC and finally got around to getting a controller working to nearly xbox good with it. I don't like playing games like oblivion and DA:O without a controller, they sure are better control by keyboard and mouse but then i can't shove it on a big screen and sit back and play it.

But I jumped into the game, you get thrown into a sewer level within seconds of the game and then given no instructions. I managed to get all the way to the first oblivion gate but i'm still not sure that the game is fun yet.. it gets better right?

I liked DA:O for the party members chatting while you were wandering around and stuff. I thought that was interesting and fun.
Posted 10:12pm 19/4/11
game and then given no instructions
Err its an rpg, you walk around and kill stuff for people.
Posted 10:29pm 19/4/11
I'm guessing you still have to load when you enter a building

Nah I mean how the cities themselves are actually instanced from the world, you had to enter a door to enter a city in oblivion, and couldn't jump over the walls / around the world in general because of it.

Oblivion is a good game right?

I liked it for a bit but then became very disappointed at how shallow and tolkien'esque it felt after Morrowind which was my introduction to the series.

But I jumped into the game, you get thrown into a sewer level within seconds of the game and then given no instructions.

It's just basically an fps where you equip your weapons and talk to people to get quests and stuff. Not overly similar to dragon age, there is almost nothing in the way of characters which is what I've felt is one of the elder scroll's weaknesses (or strengths, in an odd way. In Morrowind I felt like everybody were passing characters in a book - there was a lot of text).
Posted 04:04pm 20/4/11
Looks awesome, I've been hanging out for this one
Posted 09:41pm 27/4/11
They're also put together a "Gameplay Changes" thingy here

Not all that much is mentioned really, in retrospect...
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