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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:37am 29/03/11 | 5 Comments
Valve have given us a heads up that from now through until Friday of this week, you can grab and join in on a beta for Darkspore ahead of the game's [delayed] release.
Also, Steam announces an exclusive pre-purchase offer: a four-pack of Darkspore for the price of three. So grab some friends and join the sci-fi universe of Darkspore, a fast-paced new online Action-RPG from Maxis and Electronic Arts in which you battle across alien worlds with your customized squads of heroes.
That's not a great deal of time to get into a beta, but if you're looking for something to pass the time, head on over to Steam and pick it up. Be sure and let us know you're thoughts on it too.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:49am 29/3/11
This actually looked pretty decent after seeing TotalBiscuit play it a little, kind of like another diabloesque game with spore style characters.
...waiiiiit a minute, wasn't it $50 on steam last week rather than $70. Well, not getting that now.
Posted 12:32pm 29/3/11
Heh, this is way more my kind of Spore.
Missus still puts massive hours into the first, She makes some freaky looking aliens.
Posted 02:18pm 29/3/11
Downloading the beta off steam now. Taking forever. Only dling at 250~KB/s. Sloooooooooow
Posted 03:27pm 29/3/11
Wish it was longer than till friday :(
Posted 09:41am 30/3/11
Well I can't runt he game for some reason. Just crashes after the intro movies. So uninstalled.
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