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Post by trog @ 10:32am 23/03/11 | 8 Comments
Valve sent out an email this morning announcing that they're integrating SILK, the voice codec used in Skype, into Steam:
Valve today announced a Steam Client update to introduce the SILK voice codec, which is the same developed and used by Skype, makers of the world's most popular voice communication service. SILK provides a significant improvement to Steam's voice chat quality. Steam voice chat is available both in one-on-one or group chats, and works both at the desktop as well as while a user is in game.
I've always been generally impressed with Steam's in-game voice quality so will be super-impressed if there is a noticable improvement!


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Posted 10:50am 23/3/11
Posted 11:04am 23/3/11
steam never ceases to amaze me.. how can you talk to say clan mates whilst in a game using this service?
Posted 02:51pm 23/3/11
hmm hope this doesn't put extra load on the CPU... has anyone seen how much load the damn (crap) skype puts on CPU for just vioice chat? My 1.6Ghz Core2Duo laptop runs at about 60% in just voice....
Posted 03:02pm 23/3/11
steam never ceases to amaze me.. how can you talk to say clan mates whilst in a game using this service?

Press shift-tab, start a group convo with everyone you want to talk to and press the voice button. It's how my mates and I were talking while we played Magicka recently.
Posted 03:03pm 23/3/11
March 21st build of Steam is using about 115mb of memory in idle

how could a voice codec be added to the client and not increase the cpu load at the in use times? this is all part of the Dellification of Steam and Gable et el

ah, hope. that word.
Posted 07:32pm 23/3/11
I'm not trying to justify Steam's memory usage, but how low on RAM are you? I wouldn't think that much RAM usage should really be cause for concern.
Posted 07:40pm 23/3/11
yeah ok well i've been meaning to sort out the paging file settings since im getting all sorts of trouble with those warnings lately but that 115Mb idle was a reading from a basic proc pool with one or two tabs open
Posted 09:41pm 23/3/11
Oh noes, 115mb, I guess I'll just have to rely on the other 7885mb in my system.
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