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Post by Dan @ 11:08pm 30/11/10 | 23 Comments
DICE have released a new patch for the popular Battlefield: Bad Company 2, gearing up for upcoming Vietnam War themed downloadable expansion.

The patch can now be found locally on Ausgamers Files (2.5GB) and will upgrade any previous version of Bad Company 2 to version R10.

The R10 update only addresses a small number of issues for PC gamers and the bulk of the size is due to its ability to upgrade all previous versions and adding the framework for the Vietnam expansion.

Xbox 360 owners should also be receiving an update soon that brings it up to the same bug-fixed standard as PC - more details on that here.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam is due at a still non-specific date before the year's end.

battlefield bad company 2vietnam
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:11pm 30/11/10
I like how it is 2.5 gb's.
Posted 11:21pm 30/11/10

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam is due at a still non-specific date before the year's end.

Dec 18th. On steam for $15 atm. No VPN required for that price... yet.
Posted 11:26pm 30/11/10
The most awesome part about this patch is you can now put acog and red dot on the m14 and g3 ;D
Posted 11:35pm 30/11/10
My Steam just started updating, overnighter I guess.

Looking forward to Vietnam (My Steam says 19 December 2010), $15 is a fair gamble.
Posted 11:44pm 30/11/10
Sigh, why release the DLC patch to everyone? Even those with zero intentions of getting the DLC?
I have no intention of grabbing it but steam decided to start downloading it.
It did not break my quota bank but I can see how it would do so for some people.

Have they fixed the fact that AA guns alter the course of helicopters? That was such a stupid "feature".
Posted 09:11am 01/12/10
The Battlefield Blog say the game is unlocked on Dec 18 for EADL and Steam users.

Also: December 21. Save the date. That is when Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam will launch (December 22 for PS3 in Europe). If you prefer your battlefielding on PC, you can get a three day headstart on EA Store and Steam, where it will be available on December 18.
Posted 10:51am 01/12/10
I'm going to give it a crack bit of a break from CoDBO but seriously BL to the players who don't want it being forced to download the patch.
Posted 03:43pm 01/12/10
I will be giving it a run myself. I really liked old school BF vietnam so I am hoping this will be at least as much of a laugh.
Posted 05:15pm 01/12/10
26min update booooom - loving my cable :) Off to play now yaaaay !
Posted 05:42pm 01/12/10
Aye cable ftw! Optus just bumped up our plan to 1TB; quite a pleasant surprise to wake up to :D

A silly question perhaps but what is the deal with the map packs? Do they just come with the patch or are they something you have to search after / buy / DL?
Posted 07:24pm 01/12/10
Yeah it seems I must have got it from a big pond content server because my usage meter hasn't moved much since downloading the patch last night through steam and there's 2430 of freebie data listed in my usage stats.
Posted 12:01am 02/12/10
Holy crap. This is coming down at 2MB/s. Who needs an NBN!?
Posted 12:16am 02/12/10
People not living next door to an exchange?
Posted 12:18am 02/12/10
I dont
I'm on a RIM and can only get Bigpond Cable. Thats working out ok though these days :)
Posted 12:55pm 02/12/10
Mephz - Its not a feature, its fact - if an aa gun hits a heli of course its going to be pushed off course
(thats why you take em out first ;))
Posted 02:54pm 02/12/10
It was a stupid feature regardless of what would happen to a real helicopter.

last edited by Mephz at 14:54:30 02/Dec/10
Posted 03:08pm 02/12/10
They have to give the choppers a weak point - heli with smoke = invincible
Posted 03:17pm 02/12/10
took me 23 mins last nite, the new maps are awesome, the maps from the original bc i meant.
anything to keep me away from the headless chickens running around that is black ops!
Posted 02:06pm 04/12/10
I've updated and now have like 2 servers in my browser... Is this a pre-release?
Posted 05:20pm 04/12/10
loving heavy metal - snipers paradise ;)

Once you get high up on the hills on the sides of the map you are almost level with most of the helis.. makes shooting the pilots easy!

also... anyone managed to land on top of those wind power generators?
Posted 06:47pm 04/12/10
I really hate the new maps. 32 players is too few for such large maps. Infantry are useless, the only classes you can use are f*****g snipers or engineers.
Posted 07:18am 05/12/10
I really hate the new maps. 32 players is too few for such large maps. Infantry are useless, the only classes you can use are f*****g snipers or engineers.

exactly how i feel, the rush maps are good but im finding the conquests absolutely horrible. Its pretty much just like your either in a tank, a sniper or your dead.
Posted 09:05am 05/12/10
loving the new large sized maps..

just like Atacama Desert it's a (Pizza Hut) n00b kill fest. Throw down the smoke grens and cut through em like a hot knife through butter.

You'll get the occasional game where there are a group (or 2) of enemies who are using their own TeamSpeak to work better, but that's more so at night..

damn I wish I used TeamSpeak back when BF2 was around.

If you're having probs with snipers, just tag them with the dart gun. It's f*****g hilarious seeing them blokes trying to hide from 2 or 3 RPGs that are zoning in on them from ~500m away :P

they tend to get the idea after a few deaths and play another class.

last edited by koopz at 09:05:17 05/Dec/10
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