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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:20pm 04/08/10 | 15 Comments
Looks like the Dead Space flick is definitely in the works, as MTV's Movie Blog has revealed through an interview with director, DJ Caruso.

"Playing that game was one of the scariest gaming experiences I've had in my entire life," he told the site. "So I think the nuances of that and trying to capture that in the movie [are intriguing]."

Apparently they're down a writer for the adaptation just yet, but are promising to get into it as soon as Caruso is finished with his current project (I Am Number Four) and the treatment's producers are done with the Twilights (yep, those Twilights).

"It's interesting to try to get the major studios to understand that this isn't Event Horizon," he said reassuringly. "So you've got to sort of steer their brain out of that. So we're fighting some of those elements... I'm still looking forward to getting going."

I'd put my money on Alex Kurtzman as a solid writer for this adaptation, or David Hayter or Neil Blomkamp - dudes of that nature.

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Posted 02:47pm 04/8/10
hmph... i thought event horizon was a top movie :p
is he saying that event horizon is bad... or that major studio peeps can't imagine a movie about a spaceship with monsters n not think of event horizon? either way... i bet this movie won't be as good as event horizon :D
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:06pm 04/8/10
I'd argue event horizon was Paul Anderson's best movie, but that it's not as good as it could have been - everything else he's done has been rubbish
Posted 03:37pm 04/8/10
Also important to make the distinction between Paul W.S. Anderson (Event Horizon then lots of rubbish) and Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, Magnolia, There Will Be Blood).
Posted 03:45pm 04/8/10
Resident Evil was pretty good.

And yes Dan it is very important to make that distinction. Paul Thomas Anderson ownz.
Posted 03:50pm 04/8/10
Hope you mean the first Resident Evil movie. The other two were terrible.
Posted 03:57pm 04/8/10
The first Resevil movie was alright, I don't get why the special effects were so f*****g terribad though. The licker looked so s***.
Posted 04:02pm 04/8/10
I'm also yet to be convinced that DJ Caruso is capable of directing a movie I'll like. Disturbia and Eagle Eye were pretty damn average. I'm more concerned about him f*****g up Y: The Last Man than DeadSpace though. DeadSpace could work as a movie, but Y should really be a TV series or gtfo imo. the characters in Y need way more development than you can get in a 2 hour film.
Posted 04:53pm 04/8/10
Yeah the first one, never saw the other ones. Was the licker that monster thing at the end? I am guessing that was part of the games or something (I have never played any) but I felt that monster thing was totally unnecessary in the movie... would have been cooler if it was just zombies.

And Eagle Eye was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Magical explodey powerlines? Come on.
Posted 05:28pm 04/8/10
So we're gonna have some werewolves and sparkly vampires pop in ey?
Posted 06:00pm 04/8/10
fpot yeah the licker was in the games. Could kill you in hit.
Posted 06:58pm 04/8/10
Dead space scary? really?

I found it pretty generic and boring myself. Don't think it was really movie material myself... though the hand interface thing was a nifty idea.
Posted 07:02pm 04/8/10
space horror movies with aliens is not an original idea. So it doesn't matter what they come up with it isn't going to be groundbreaking.
Posted 08:38pm 04/8/10
And Eagle Eye was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Magical explodey powerlines? Come on.

Haha you were expecting a movie leading with Shia Le Boofhead to be good.
Posted 08:39pm 04/8/10
Holes was his only good movie.
Posted 09:18pm 04/8/10
Blomkamp writing for the f*****g win.
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