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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:10am 23/07/10 | 5 Comments
Continuing their rock solid support of Mass Effect 2 post-release, BioWare have today revealed the next downloadable content (DLC) mission pack, Lair of the Shadow Broker.
Two years ago, Commander Shepard died and Liara T'Soni fought in a desperate struggle against the Shadow Broker to recover her former Commander. Now that Shepard is back, it's time to even the score.

Team up with Liara and confront the mysterious and sinister Shadow Broker in the latest expansion to Mass Effect 2, coming soon!
Here's hoping it's as compelling as the Overlord DLC, which to this day I proclaim as some of the most gripping content I've played in a videogame, ever. Check out three screens from the Shadow Broker DLC below, and stay tuned for more details as they're made available.

biowaredlcmass effect 2screenshotslair of the shadow broker
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Latest Comments
Posted 08:13am 23/7/10
wow i was guessing we would be doing this in me3 not as dlc.

i guess this means if liara doesnt die during this dlc, she will be a squad mate in me3.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:38am 23/7/10
my only concern with any of the DLC characters you pick up along the way is, they're not able to be directly conversed with (ie you can't forge a proper relationship with them). But I like some of them a lot, so I'm really hoping they carry over as integrated characters in ME3
Posted 09:45am 23/7/10
still need to install ME2 and play ME2. Damn the massive backlog of games to play
Posted 09:46am 23/7/10
^ so true.
Posted 11:40am 23/7/10
Damn the massive backlog of games to play

It's been a bad year or two for that...
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