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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:32pm 12/03/10 | 12 Comments
This one is a little belated, but it took a while to find someone crazy enough to immerse themselves in the seemingly insane world of Tatsunoko. It turns out, however, at its core, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom is a stellar fighting game that long lives the legacy Capcom have left with all their Vs. titles.

Chad Drake was our man on the front line, and as something of a Capcom fighting game aficionado (and ass-kicker), he took review duties on and finished them with a 24,000 hit combo. Or something like that.

Click here for his full review.

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Posted 01:36pm 12/3/10
You really liked this that much you gave it a 9.0 out of 10.0?

Posted 01:42pm 12/3/10
It's a bloody good game, as long as the music is off that is. The super system is a touch different to what was rolled out in MvC2 et al, but still works pretty well. Oh - And it's Tekkaman, not Blade who's available at the start. Tekkaman Blade/Teknoman is an unlockable character :)
Posted 01:46pm 12/3/10
It's rated higher than SF4 wasn't it.

It cannot be better than SF4. Certainly not going to be better than SSF4 when it comes out.

Posted 04:44pm 12/3/10
Ahhh no it didn't, Dan reviewed SF4 and give it 9.8/10 -

edit - was reading the comments on that review and there you are complaining about the score on that one as well :)
Posted 04:54pm 12/3/10
Oh well in that case paint me green and call my gumby.

9.8 phowar.. that's very close to a perfect game..

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Posted 04:57pm 12/3/10
the Wii version was a bit average, but you can't expect too much with a 2 button Wii controller

hang about - is this a Wii only game?
Posted 05:05pm 12/3/10
Except it uses four buttons and was originally an arcade game with the exact same controls.
Posted 05:07pm 12/3/10
is this a Wii only game?

I'm too used to my Madcatz arcade stick on the xbox 360 and refuse to play with anything but, but knowing me i'll still prolly end up picking this up >:(
Posted 05:11pm 12/3/10
MatchFixa: Yep, I found SF4 to be near flawless when reviewing for all the reasons mentioned in my critique. Goddam that intro music and those shiiiitty cut-scenes though - the lack of tournament support in multiplayer was also a sour point.
Posted 05:35pm 12/3/10
It's no secret that I love street fighter, especially street fighter 4. To me it is simply the best in the series so far and no doubt the best fighting game series to date (IMO).

Having said that, while i completely agree with your criticisms of the game i still wouldn't have rated SF4 that high. Gameplay at its core needs some tweaking for balance. The lackluster online modes would hurt the score too (capcom did improve that with the addition of championship mode) but still there could be so much more done in terms of online play. I also would've liked to see more remakes of the old street fighter music, since some of the later ones weren't anything to write home about. Then there's the alternate costumes. Charging extra for that s*** is just not cool. Lack of bonus stages from the old street fighter would've been a very nice touch and would've added some nostalgia to the game as well.

They may seem like minor gripes but to a street fighter fan these things can add up. They do not necessarily detract from the SF experience but more so in making it less than a perfect game. Having said that, to someone who's new to the SF series it may as well be very close to a perfect fighting game.

A lot of those issues that i mentioned have been addressed for SSF4, so it'd be interesting to see how you would rate it when it gets released.

Anyway back to you Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom :/

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Posted 01:12pm 16/3/10
do want....but I won't want a wii :P
Posted 01:24pm 16/3/10
this was in my sig like over a month ago......
ive clocked the game...
old news........

(great for fans of battle of the planets btw)
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