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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:02am 06/11/09 | 24 Comments
It's literally only a few days away, and in celebration, Infinity Ward have debuted their official launch trailer for arguably the year's most anticipated release, Modern Warfare 2.

With all the hubbub surrounding elements such as a lack of dedicated servers, the seemingly controversial airport/terrorist sequence (which isn't actually as bad as the 'interwebz' would have you believe), and seeing America burning in flames - MW2 certainly has garnered more attention than even IW probably thought it would get. But there's no denying the quality of what's at-hand, and today's trailer demonstrates this in spades. The big secret reveal here: Space! Seriously, look out for the space bit.

Check it out here.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:27am 06/11/09
I'm seriously gagging for this...
Posted 12:45pm 06/11/09
I'm not. Given clan wars via Promod were the only thing I played COD for, this setup is going to seriously suck.

The hardon I had for this game has gone flaccid. I will wait for community feedback. GG infinity ward. Why become slaves to the conslol market??
Posted 12:48pm 06/11/09
the year's most anticipated release

thats been said about a number of games this year..


No Demo
No Dedicated server
9v9 biggest game
No Leaning
No Mod tools
Peer to Peer, host migration 5 second delay
25 kill streak Nuke ends game
No Console or console commands

it's failed before it even started
Posted 01:10pm 06/11/09
holy f*** that looks awesome, did anyone else spot the first person space scene ?

F*** YES.

also that music track would have cost a metric crap load
Posted 01:20pm 06/11/09
pfft f***, the single player side of this game will be sick, cod4 was f*****g awesome single player i must have finished it at least 10 times.. i hardly played online anyway.
Posted 01:21pm 06/11/09
that track is "till i collapse" by eminem, release years ago
Posted 01:22pm 06/11/09
Graphics look good, but I'm unmoved regarding heavy in-game scriptage/cutscenes that they try to pass off as 'realism'. Just seems like every other game?

Also they should have suppressed the vocals in the song. Eminem talking about himself has nothing to do with "modern warfare".

last edited by parabol at 13:22:56 06/Nov/09
Posted 01:23pm 06/11/09
LOL @ eminem track in a game trailer, wasn't too bad tbh.

Game looks epic :D
Posted 01:33pm 06/11/09
i hardly played online anyway.

it always amazes me that people buy multiplayer games and never go online. I remember the COH producers stating a statistic that something like 75% of buyers never played online. just played the single player then comp stomps.
Posted 01:39pm 06/11/09
They might have butchered MP for PC gamers but meh i'll be getting this on the 360 either way. Single player is gonna be hype.

At least they didn't water down the gore like they did with L4D2. Talk about an act of softc***.

Posted 01:41pm 06/11/09
i take it theres no ps3 version coming?
Posted 01:45pm 06/11/09
There will be a PS3 version.
Posted 01:57pm 06/11/09
I hope everyone enjoys migrating hosts, people dropping and no one replacing the slot, massive drag on your shots, and adjusting your sensitivity through a sideways scroll bar in the options lulz. At least it still has assault rifle zoom and sprint buttons.

At least they didn't water down the gore like they did with L4D2. Talk about an act of softc***.

It only lacks gore if you are a noob.

re so
Posted 02:11pm 06/11/09
and adjusting your sensitivity through a sideways scroll bar in the options lulz.

Hahah holy s*** I didn't even think of that. You're gonna have to put up with whatever slim options they give you for mouse sensitivity. So if you can only set it in 4 different spots on the scale it is tough s*** if you can't get it right. Just like the FOV as well.
Posted 02:45pm 06/11/09
Wow... 25 Kill Streak Nuke ends the game... didn't know that. This really IS s***! :S
Posted 12:12am 07/11/09
no dedicated servers
Posted 12:45am 07/11/09
Yeah, I'm buying this anyway, the single player will be awesome and I don't think multiplayer is going to end up being the disastrous mess its being made out to be. Even if its not perfect, it'll still be good for some fun.

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm supposed to take a stand and not support companies pulling this sort of s*** by not buying their game, but its going to sell millions of copies on console anyway so its not like a few hardcore PC gamers boycotting it are going to make a difference. I'm sure those 20,000 signatures or whatever they got on their online petition for dedicated servers is really going to make Infinity Ward/Activision care while they're selling 2 million copies on console. I figure why punish myself by denying myself some awesome gaming?
Posted 01:16am 07/11/09
Amen to that.
Posted 01:21am 07/11/09
Khel sold us all out. DAMN YOU.
Posted 01:50am 07/11/09

but its going to sell millions of copies on console anyway so its not like a few hardcore PC gamers boycotting it are going to make a difference.

Pretty much. The people who know/care about the lack of dedicated servers in cod6 would be ant sized compared to the s*** loads of console noobs lined up at EB Games.

Similar to the L4D2 boycott group. Got people talking about the game, maybe get a few haters over to IW-HQ to brainwash them into fanboys like valve did :)
Posted 02:22am 07/11/09
Yeah, I'm buying this anyway, the single player will be awesome

I hope you feel guilty for making the baby jesus cry!
Posted 09:28am 07/11/09
if only 90% of my hardon for this game wasn't for the multiplayer, it wouldn't be so flaccid now
Posted 10:51am 07/11/09
Your gf must be disappointed with you pave.

And just in case you respond to that with "yeah but your mum isn't", too late for that now it doesn't count.
Posted 10:23am 12/11/09
Single player is actually average. After playing through I was rather let down. The console feel really does flow through in single player. Most of the game I was simply spraying and praying, no strategic spots to sit out and work my way through the missions. I felt disconnected from the game due to the feeling that I was being pushed through it. Don’t get me wrong tho the intensity of having the story reamed down your throat in single player is “fun”.

Multiplayer. Worst part was the new latency system in multiplayer. First 15 mins was a s*** fight to find a server I could join that didn’t have a ”red light" latency. When I did find a server I got lag spikes roughly every 5 seconds, shots were delayed by roughly 1 second. Forget the days of 16, 32 and 64 player games, they are long gone! When I tried to host a game all I got was problem after problem after problem with port forwarding. The shear amount of ports that are required to be forwarded through the router is incredible. From the look of the ports that are required to be forwarded it seems if your hosting an online game anyone else on your internet connection won’t be able to join in. (I am yet to test this). This whole requirement of being a network engineer in order to host a clan match is not sitting well with me. The whole point that was made by IW taking away the dedicated servers was to “make it more simple” [fourzerotwo]. It is NOT simpler. Let’s see, a server browser vs portforwarding and firewall configuration. What a joke.

I just wandered over to IW to see if I could get some support, it seems they are now getting smashed with support requests from PC users (see below).

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