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Post by Dan @ 08:45am 28/07/09 | 28 Comments
Activision have released a new trailer from the incredibly hotly anticipated Modern Warfare 2, showing off some long-awaited multiplayer gameplay footage in true Call of Duty style.

The clip shows off a couple of different weapons and unlocks and plenty of carnage. Check it out right here on AusGamers.

Modern Warfare 2 is due November 10 2009 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For details on the game's singleplayer, stop by our in-depth preview from E3 2009.

modern warfare 2trailer

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:30am 28/7/09
Posted 09:48am 28/7/09
I CANT wait for this! I just felt some movement!!
Posted 09:58am 28/7/09
holy s*** that is awesome
Posted 10:03am 28/7/09
Finally, stinger missles in the multiplayer.
Posted 10:07am 28/7/09
The GuVna
Posted 10:11am 28/7/09
Sticky grenades, sweet
Posted 10:18am 28/7/09
i am completely, 100% signed up for this.

Posted 11:12am 28/7/09
a new set of noobs to pwn, yes!
Posted 11:21am 28/7/09
I would like to congratulate Ausgamers and Ign on correctly naming this trailer. The majority of it showed actual gameplay footage, and thus "Gamplay Trailer" is correctly used.
Posted 11:40am 28/7/09
i think kudos from greazy is a very high compliment indeed. well done ausgamers, as i am sure greazy's approval is very important to you.
Posted 11:59am 28/7/09
Why in the name of f*** don't ausgamers have the ability to embed videos on their own forums?

It just occured to me that this is a really obvious and useful feature. You guys are always so far behind the times.
Posted 12:12pm 28/7/09
Why in the name of f*** don't ausgamers have the ability to embed videos on their own forums?
I've asked that question many times in many different ways. I agree that it's a no brainer thing to do, just needs to be made a higher priority for implementation than it presently is.
Posted 12:22pm 28/7/09
What does "in the name of f***" mean anyways? If you were to use "in the name of [insert random deity here]" then I could understand it as some sort of blasphemous curse but substituting f*** into it doesn't really mean anything.

"in the name of all that is good" could be some sort of desperate plea, but "f***" in itself is a vulgar verb present tense. If you could maybe amend it to "in the name of f*****G" assuming f*****g is taken to be a good thing then it may make some sense.
Posted 07:28pm 28/7/09
Yep, I'm definitely getting onboard this ship from day 1 (or whenever k-mart sells it for cheaper than everyone else).
Posted 10:06pm 28/7/09
Why in the f*** is ur head stuck so far up your ass infi?
Posted 10:15pm 28/7/09
because he likes the smell
Posted 10:17pm 28/7/09
its infi. best to ignore the tard.
Posted 10:22pm 28/7/09
vid looks cool. might be the first cod game i buy
Posted 01:11am 29/7/09
Yea game looks sweet.
Posted 01:20am 29/7/09
Did no one cotton onto the fact that the AC130 appears to be a pilotable vehicle in multiplayer?
The black an white clips just after it's appearance shoulda twigged

Holy CRAP!


Buying two copies
Posted 06:50am 29/7/09
^ did you cotton on to the customisable kill streaks? the AC130 is the FIRST unlock... i can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.
Cat Scratch
Posted 10:23am 29/7/09
AC130 - looks like you control one of the guns - not the plane - still bloody awesome.

movement detector unlock - close quarters combat (shotgun time!) - semi destructible elements....

hmmm - 11 - 10 - 09 (8 - 7- 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1- NOW!)
Posted 10:34am 29/7/09
Comes out on my Birthday :) Will get, or buy, one way or the other must have it !
Posted 12:10pm 29/7/09
you sure et? that's probably an americanised date in the trailer.
Posted 12:51pm 29/7/09
Yeah,, I thought the same thing after I posted that Fracture. Its probably not 11 Oct but 10 Nov which would suck all that much more.
Posted 02:01pm 29/7/09
Video game fans can expect to pay more for their favourite games after a major publisher announced a significant price-rise for the most eagerly awaited title of the year.
In a move that is being hotly debated within the games industry, Activision, the company behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 let it be known that the much-anticipated game will cost 55 a rise of 10 on the usual price.

now everyone(in the UK?): touch your toes!


this also made me laugh (both the pricetag and the s***) xbox stuff
Posted 02:03pm 29/7/09
oh s*** i hope it's not november. that's too long to wait, and could cause civil unrest.

yup it is 10 november. this could turn out bad.

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