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Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3

Nintendo Wii U | PC | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360
Genre: Role Playing Players: 1 to 0
Developer: Bioware Official Site: http://masseffect.com/
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date:
8th March 2012
Mass Effect 3

Genre: Role Playing
Players: 1 to 0
Developer: Bioware
Official Site: http://masseffect.com/
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date:
8th March 2012
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Mass Effect 3 Review
Review By @ 09:54am 07/03/12
When Mass Effect 2 arrived, stylised and looking like a boy who had become a man, following BioWare’s first, shaky foray into an original space-faring IP with Mass Effect, it was to the chagrin of many that despite this new sheen, the game had lost much of its RPG foundation. Combat was no longer settled by the roll of a dice, and character levelling was so streamlined, it might as well have had racing stripes. But maybe the point all along is that Mass Effect, as a series, has always been a shooter trapped in an RPG body.

It’s hard to tell, really. But with all the metagaming in tow, there’s one clear fact about Mass Effect: story is paramount. And this is a tale that literally spans the galaxy, and at such epic scale, it ends with so much gusto, so much luster, so much weight... *breathes into a bag* so much awesome, that it's almost impossible to relay in words. Planet to planet, character to character, the game delivers the goods on almost every level, but when the space dust clears the end is truly realised - something almost unheard of in the videogame landscape.

EA and BioWare have been readily talking up the idea that if you’ve never played Mass Effect before, this third chapter is the perfect place to start. And to a degree, there’s a lot in place to back this claim up. You can now jump into the game with the option to play it purely for the Action, or only for its story or for the full “RPG experience”. All the in-game help you could need can also be turned on, or you can just have it all automated so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. But ultimately, all you’re getting here is less than one-third of the epic experience.

If you’d never played the game before, then you’d have no idea how much weight the death of Kaidan played on Shepard, and his (or her) relationship with Ashley. Or how keeping Urdnot Wrex alive meant so much in the grand scheme of human-Krogan relations. You wouldn’t know the epic bureaucracy involved with becoming a Spectre, or even the gravity of being the first human ever invited to join its ranks. You wouldn’t have experienced the absolute disdain laid upon you by Jack for siding with Miranda, or have been flattered at the adulation from Tali in face of all your heroism and heavy decision-making. Honestly, you wouldn’t know much at all.

So going against their grain, you can definitely jump into the deep-end here, but so much of what’s happening, or how specific relationships play out just wouldn’t make sense, and amazing as this game is (and believe me, it’s amazing), I’m going to recommend starting right from the start for Mass Effect newcomers. In fact, it would be a massive disservice to the opus BioWare created with all three games to only jump in now, and despite Mass Effect 3’s excellent exposition, you just wouldn’t fully understand the context of the gravity of Earth, and the Galaxy’s, situation.

I also won’t lie about coming into Mass Effect 3 with a load of trepidation. The addition of multiplayer, for one, had me worried. Along with the aforementioned gameplay options to literally dumb down your experience with the game, but going balls-out and setting foot in Shepard’s boots once more in the way the dev team intended (read: “full RPG experience”) immediately hooked me. For aficionados, the experience is very much the same with only a handful of changes, and most for the better. Conversations are the same dynamic experience as ever, and in-game cut-scene Paragon or Renegade options return for the better. Squad commands are back and are much more robust this time around due to what feels like tweaked AI. Your teammates are much better behind the trigger, or with their Psiotic powers, and I felt like each encounter with an equally tweaked enemy AI was not only easier to manage, but more visceral on the whole.

Cover mechanics have also been adjusted, and moving between points feels much more refined and organic. Enemies will aggressively flank you now, and thanks to an upgraded series of archetypes, you’ll need to tactically engage them with far more forethought. Simple additions such as grenades though, make for a more action-oriented third-person shooter experience, which sits nicely juxtaposed to the conversation-seeking parts of the game, and it’s all dished out in well-balanced servings, keeping you readily on your toes, and happily relaxed in character engagement.

Oddly enough, the stand-out moment for me came very early in the piece when first setting foot on Mars. Throughout the whole series I’ve walked on some of the most picturesque and amazingly realised fantasy planets the imagination could muster, but actually seeing a fully realised Mars, replete with human colonisation, just took the cake. The fact the planet actually exists and in my lifetime will likely see humans on its surface just made the moment more magical, and despite its dreary red hue and lack of stand-out features, the art team did an amazing job of bringing it to life. Standing there and being told to focus in on the massive dust cloud on the horizon; closing in on you like some ubiquitous Mars-sized tsunami was breathtaking.

It’s this single moment that, for me, sums up the whole experience. Mass Effect 3 is about humanity, and saving it. The Reapers invade Earth within the first few minutes of the game, with the cost to life being thrown at you in dramatic form right from the outset. BioWare waste no time reminding you just why you need to step back into the boots of Commander Shepard, but once this is established, they also know that as a human, it’s your place to explore and engage in compelling ways, and at your own pace. And this is something Mass Effect 3 delivers in galactic spades.

Little things such as dynamic eaves-dropping that leads to full-fledged investigative side-quests, or pursuing relationships again, or hitting RT at just the right moment to knock out an annoying reporter make the Mass Effect experience so... effective.

Sure the game has its flaws. Be it the annoying camera issues that pop up at the most crucial of times, or some of the wooden dialogue from less-memorable characters, it can be forgiven. And we can also forgive the team for touting weapon customisation as a robust RPG element when in actuality it’s simply a case of two options per weapons, and often fairly superfluous. Everything that I came across that felt a little bit wrong, was as quickly forgiven as it was found. There’s just too much in the way of scope here to utterly scold minor misgivings that, frankly, don’t detract from what the game is about - saving humanity.

Never before has a game felt like so much was on the line. And this brings me back to the point about having to sink your teeth into the series proper. There's no possible way to relay the weight of investment for those of us coming into Mass Effect 3 fully armed with the knowledge and interactions of events from the previous two games - all of that pays off triple here. And I can't stress enough how much you need to experience the narrative length from its beginnings, because otherwise, you just won't fully understand what's at stake for all of humanity, and all of the galaxy.

And that’s where Mass Effect 3 wins. At being a humanising game; an experience that transcends ‘videogame’ to something much more than simply creating a character and shooting a bunch of aliens in the face. It’s a piece of interactive art at the highest level and a perfect crescendo to one of the great sci-fi dramas of our time. An absolute must-buy.
What we liked
  • Stunning conclusion to an epic sci-fi opus
  • Refined action feels organic and visceral
  • Massive cast of characters
  • Plenty of side-quests to keep you occupied
  • Planet-side vistas are a sight to behold
What we didn't like
  • Camera issues during combat
  • Weapon customisation too lite-on
  • Out-of-place on-rails sections
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 10:28am 07/3/12
Awesome cannot wait
Posted 10:34am 07/3/12
My copy is sitting at home, all downloaded and waiting to be unlocked. This is going to be a long day :(
Posted 10:37am 07/3/12
Got the CD key just before I got to work and should be finished downloading when I get home. Can't wait.
Posted 10:40am 07/3/12
That reminds me, I need to finish Mass Effect 2.
Posted 11:18am 07/3/12
I need to play Mass Effect.
Posted 11:35am 07/3/12
Edit: Never mind, my question was answered by actually reading the review
Posted 11:37am 07/3/12
Looks ok, but i've heard its getting flooded with paid reviews on sites like metacritic and ign.com and is typical of games which so much riding on them, which is very misleading.
Posted 11:40am 07/3/12
i never played me1 & had no troubles picking up me2.
walk around, talk to peeps, yo! i'm commander shepard, saviour of the wotnots & watevs!
fly around the space gate thingos, do the missions, mine the fkn ore outta planets, shoot the bad guys pewpewpew! duck, cover, reload, pewpewpew!... upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! what's to be overwhelmed by? ;)
Posted 12:14pm 07/3/12
Posted 12:19pm 07/3/12
Checked out the IGN review and i know it looks like a proper magazine article but i swear it looked like an ad trying to pose as a review.

Nowdays i only check out vid reviews as i find it easier to decide if i will like the gameplay or not which is the only real reason i play games (f*** story). That and the closing comments of written reviews for a summary.
Posted 12:39pm 07/3/12
part of me wants to replay me1 and 2 to copy my saves through. another part says screw that and just play the damn game.
Posted 01:03pm 07/3/12
I am so damn excited to play this game. Gotta play though 2 again first - I finished 1 on Monday night :D
Posted 01:04pm 07/3/12
^ hehe i have the same problem
Posted 01:11pm 07/3/12
How many hours gameplay is ME 2 ? I want to play ME3 but going back and finishing ME2 seems somewhat tough given my limited free time to game.
Posted 01:31pm 07/3/12
How many hours gameplay is ME 2 ? I want to play ME3 but going back and finishing ME2 seems somewhat tough given my limited free time to game.

probably less than 20 hours if you skip dialogue and side quests
Posted 01:43pm 07/3/12
How many hours gameplay is ME 2 ? I want to play ME3 but going back and finishing ME2 seems somewhat tough given my limited free time to game.

I remember spending near forty hours on it, but i did so many of the side quests and what not. Could probably get close to half of it I think.

If anyone is wondering ME1 took around 10 hours in the last couple of days. I didn't skip any dialogue, did heaps of sidequests too. (But nowhere near all of them)
Posted 01:47pm 07/3/12
I imported my ME1 save into ME2 and finished that too. What's the actual advantage of it, do you continue with the Paragon/Renegade points you had or is it purely the story line progression that's different depending on past decisions with all of your points reset?
Posted 01:49pm 07/3/12
coping an absolute beating on user reviews on meta critic ... although it's probably just those d*******s that were harassing the dragonage dev.
Posted 01:51pm 07/3/12
Great review. I can't wait until tomorrow. Fingers are crossed for target/big w mix up and the street date to break.

I think I logged about 40hrs in ME1 and just clocked over 80hrs in ME2. I don't see the point in skipping over the story just to finish the games so you get the "rewards". The story itself is the reward.
Posted 02:49pm 07/3/12
Can't WAIT to play it. Mass Effect is one of my favourite game series. I spent the last week playing through ME1+ME2 after work to get back into the story and make my save all perfect.
Posted 03:28pm 07/3/12
"all of that pays of triple here"

should be

"all of that pays off triple here"
Posted 04:11pm 07/3/12
I imported my ME1 save into ME2 and finished that too. What's the actual advantage of it, do you continue with the Paragon/Renegade points you had or is it purely the story line progression that's different depending on past decisions with all of your points reset?

not sure about importing to me3, but i would guess you get the same stuff you got for importing me1 save to me2 (alignment points, money etc).
Posted 04:12pm 07/3/12
the ME series is probably the only games i have bothered finishing and re-played in years...
Posted 04:20pm 07/3/12
not sure about importing to me3, but i would guess you get the same stuff you got for importing me1 save to me2 (alignment points, money etc).
Noper. Bit different this time. You only seem to keep a tiny bit of your paragon/renegade alignment. You retain your character level and abilities and of course plotlines, but not credits.
Posted 05:01pm 07/3/12
Do you get to tweak your facial features when you import, or are you stuck with whatever you used in ME2?
Posted 05:09pm 07/3/12
^ My understanding is that you're only stuck with it if you were playing ME2 while the wind changed.

Someone's done a ME1 face code generator for the PC, lol
Posted 09:16pm 07/3/12
I haven't been able to get excited about the third ME yet. Loved one and two but for some reason just not really hanging out for number three. I think it's because despite playing ME2 through at least 3 times I never got my characters story right.

First time I played as a soldier and found the combat boring, second time I played as a chick and actually did ok with everyone living at the end. Last time I played a better class but still didn't end up nailing Miranda, talk about high maintenance!
Posted 09:54pm 07/3/12
were you a guy the third time? you can't nail her if you're a chick.
Posted 10:39pm 07/3/12
Tried to finish ME1 the other day, a elevator bugged and killed 2 hours of story progression. F*** yeah! Went and played Deus ex instead of the 2 hours of repeat gameplay and was much happier.
Posted 10:41pm 07/3/12
sifnt quick save every 5 seconds
Posted 10:57pm 07/3/12
were you a guy the third time? you can't nail her if you're a chick.
Nah I was replaying as a dude because I knew I would want a good male save for ME3 in a class that didn't suck. I have heard that they have made the Soldier class a lot more fun through the DLC's but my first save ended with a lot of spare rooms on the Normandy.
Posted 11:14pm 07/3/12
Wow, I imported my character into ME3 and started at level 30 with f***loads of points to spend. Is that intended?
Posted 11:22pm 07/3/12
this cracked me up

last edited by Eorl at 13:31:44 08/Mar/12
Posted 01:35am 08/3/12
Getting metabombed and last I heard is sitting at around 3.7. Dunno why but i'm enjoying it. I think i'm about 10 hours or so in and so far i'm loving it. Playing on hardcore and oh boy does it get hard at times. Like having to fight 3 geth prime at once which took me like 20 minutes to do. This character is going for Tali and...

after you end the war between the geth and get her home world back, on the ship she tells you she's left something in your room for you. When you go up there it's a photo of her on her home world and you can see her without her mask/suit on and she's quite a looker

Going to replay again and go for ashely simply because I wanna know if she's packing something extra of if the rumour was just that.
Posted 02:20am 08/3/12
It references a lot of s*** I did in ME2, even really insignificant stuff like the fact I paid to get the operation in the medbay to remove the scars from my shepherd's face.

I like how it includes the DLC as well, theres been stuff that referred back to the choices I made in the Arrival DLC, and theres heaps of Shadow Broker stuff.
Posted 04:03am 08/3/12
Getting metabombed and last I heard is sitting at around 3.7.

Most of this would be butt hurt people who don't like the idea of the day one DLC. If you read some of the comments they haven't even played the game let alone bought it yet rate it a zero.
Posted 05:08am 08/3/12
I can't buy this on Steam, WTFBBQ!?
Posted 11:06am 08/3/12
I'm a consumer whore, I already bought the Day 1 DLC. Its only a couple of bucks, and its Protheans! Plus Mass Effect DLC in the past has generally been pretty awesome, so all controversy aside, I'm sure it'll be worth the dollars.

It really is pretty cool how much stuff it remembers from previous saves though, even if its only little things. Like the reporter on the citadel tried to interview me again, and I went to punch her again (cos I did that last time) and she dodged out of the way and is like "Not this time Shepherd!" so then I headbutted her instead. Much lols.
Posted 05:44pm 08/3/12
A lot of disappointed players out there b****ing about this game. $$$ is the message I'm getting.
Posted 05:53pm 08/3/12
bought the game off a cdkey website. hopefully get the code tonight so i can start downloading.
Posted 05:53pm 08/3/12
I dunno, from most of what I've read, the message I'm getting is its just popular to hate Bioware at the moment, so people are trashing the game purely out of spite (some without even having played it).
Posted 06:08pm 08/3/12
Sad face. At the final part of the game I think and my entire squad (those with me in my party) were just killed. That means Tali. I r sad. Note to self: don't start final fight next playthrough with only 50% army strength.
Posted 06:14pm 08/3/12
Yeah seems to be the bandwagon of the month for the internet sheep, although they did the same thing with DA2 because it cost $10 whole dollars more than other games and still people took it seriously.
Posted 06:19pm 08/3/12
I think Bioware has been a bit lackluster. Could be because of TOR. I am at Mars, just arrived, looking for....Mars Bars or something, Find some space hookers.

EDIT: Website to get saved games from.

Posted 06:26pm 08/3/12
I trust there are multiple endings depending on how strong your army is when you decide to launch the final assault because my ending was... depressing.

tali died, shepard died, most of my friends died, anderson died, all synthetic life wiped out, mass relays blown up and joker tried out running the blast but seemingly crashes onto a planty planet. I guess EDI is dead too. HAPPY END!
Reverend Evil
Posted 06:43pm 08/3/12
What are the PC controls like? Can you re-map all the keys? I'm interested in giving this a go since there's nothing else happening game-wise atm.
Posted 06:53pm 08/3/12
I remaped the melee key to my mouse button 5.
Posted 06:53pm 08/3/12
I trust there are multiple endings depending on how strong your army is when you decide to launch the final assault because my ending was... depressing.

pretty sure that's how it is.
Posted 06:53pm 08/3/12
PC controls seem ok, you can remap everything as needed. I was pretty turned off by the fact that it doesn't automatically support controllers. FFS Microsoft.
Posted 07:49pm 08/3/12
lame. got email saying key was available for pick up. went to the site and says there's no key available :/
Posted 08:38pm 08/3/12
Where did you buy from, Ravn0s? email them, they are probably out of stock or are very busy/lazy.
Posted 08:40pm 08/3/12
Posted 10:39pm 08/3/12
yay got my key.
Posted 02:07pm 09/3/12
From what i've been able to gather, there is a LOT of hate that the endings f*****g suck. I tend to agree with them a bit. There seem to be only 3 endings, 2 of which are the same except 1 where shepard lives and the other dies.

- Spoiler:
humanity becomes part machine, like the TIM I suppose

- Spoiler:
shepard dies but destroys the reapers, the mass effect relays and any synthetic lifeform. Guess this includes your friendly geth buddies and EDI too. Normandy crashlands on a planet with lots of trees.

- Spoiler:
same as above but shepard lives.

Now I wasn't expecting an ending where everyone lives happyly ever after but there's no ending where the reapers just win flat out? No shepard+love interest are together at least? That aside, while we are on the subject of love interests it's worth noting that so far from what i've played Tali was the character they put the most thought into. Both the other 2 main girls seem very straight and uptight, where as tali jokes around with you while you are out on missions and you both make fun of each other. Even better when EDI is around for these moments as she lets you both know she is aware you have been screwing on the ship. Also Tali being drunk is hilarious.

I'm also liking that the choices you make here have pretty immediate effects. I guess they had to do that because it's ending to the story but for example Spoiler:
If you choose to let legion upload himself to the other geth, they eradicate the quarian and when tali see's the crashing ships and flaming debris from the planet below she kills herself. Don't think you get a replacement character for her either.
So yeah don't do that.

Music also has a very daft punkish feel to it like it was from Tron or something which is kick f*****g arse. Oh and turns out the picture of tali and the scene from the very very last moment in the game are from stock standard images you can find online. They just put them into the game.
Posted 05:17pm 09/3/12
argh spoiler
Posted 05:42pm 09/3/12
This thread has become very dangerous :P

I'm still not very far in, since I've only played it for a couple of hours last night, and a couple of hours the night before, but one thing that I guess has let me down a little is the science doesn't feel as convincing as it was in previous ones. I mean, I know its mostly made up science anyway, but (especially in the first game) they made it sound really convincing, and if you went through the codex a lot of it was spelt out in great detail, even right down to how the battle tactics for different sized ships, how they cool the reactors of ships, the physics of travelling through a mass effect relay, etc. So far in ME3, while its sitll good, it feels like its dropped in quality a bit to generic cheap sci-fi science where they just throw around big words like "Quantum Entanglement" and hope they stick.
Posted 07:11pm 09/3/12
Yeah sorry about that, I got a little bit too enthusiastic about what I should leave out of spoilers. Will cover up more next time. Here's something I found pretty cool though. yeah spoilers below...

- Spoiler:
There is a mission early on to rescue students from a school under attack by cerberus. If you do this mission you get to see jack with hair, who looks really weird. However if you miss that mission (main story missions until the class one vanishes) you will fight jack later on after she has been brainwashed by cerberus. There is a similar thing like that with Thane and him coming to protect you with an awesome cutscene of him fighting.

I like the planning they put into things like that. That if you miss something it can come back to bite you in the butt.
Posted 09:45pm 09/3/12
excited as, got this today as a late bday pressie from my mates installing now :D

Does anyone know where to DL save game files of different playthroughs of ME1/2 to upload into 3? Got this for PC and my last two were on xbox so no saves for me :(
Posted 10:11pm 09/3/12

Can select alignment, who you rooted in the last 2 games and select from a big list of games.
Posted 10:19pm 09/3/12
Cheers dm
Posted 10:39pm 09/3/12
Dan posted a link to a savegame editor as well, dunno if it was in this thread or one of the other ME3 threads, but I used that to tweak a few things in my ME2 save before I imported into ME3 and it worked really well
Posted 11:50pm 09/3/12
just got off mars and loving it
Posted 12:18am 10/3/12
Dark, flash light only lit rooms + banshee screams = me s***ting my pants. It's amnesia all over again. Oh god why did I accept this mission?
Posted 03:57am 10/3/12
I'm really loving how they refer back to the DLC and bring back characters and events from it, really makes it feel like part of the story and not just tacked on. Just did a mission that referred back to the Project Overlord dlc, and there was a story arc involving Kasumi as well.

Makes me wonder though how those would play out if you weren't using a savegame that had played those DLCs. Like, is the Kasumi story even available?
Posted 04:04am 10/3/12
Kasumi is in here? Wow i've not come across that mission yet and i've done every avaliable one so far this run through. Maybe it's after meeting tali. Shame you couldn't romance her last game because she was an interesting character.
Posted 04:07am 10/3/12
Nah, its not after meeting Tali, cos I haven't done that yet, I got it pretty early on, the second time I went back to the citadel.

Its the one where you help out the Salarian spectre who is investigating Hanaar who have been indoctrinated, and you end up saving the Hanaar homeworld. I can't remember where it starts though, possibly in the embassy area?
Posted 04:18am 10/3/12
I'm thinking I might pull a weekender and re-play ME1 and ME2 to get up on the story, and sort my save games for follow through out - then get into ME3.

Posted 05:24am 10/3/12
So in my version of reality, in which I just finished ME3:

shepard didn't notice the kid in the vent so some random child getting on a shuttle never registered so two shuttles being blown out of the sky was just another day at the office... thus there was no reason for a retarded callback to the ending of contact and the devs decided to just end the game when the camera zooms out on silhouettes of anderson and shepard lighting up giant space-cigars and talking about how much strange they are gonna get when they get back to earth.

Pretty good ending really
Posted 01:52pm 10/3/12
Wow I thought I had scoured the citadel but I've never seen that quest before Khel so I guess I need to look harder.
Posted 04:31pm 10/3/12
Weird things i've noticed

- Sometimes when you load a saved game it f**** your character up. Like if you imported a saved game it sometimes resets your character look back to default or some randomised one. I just had my black haired shepard turn into a ginger with freckles.

- Same as above but my loadout sometimes changes to s***** weapons I never use with odd loadout mods like scopes on pistols.

- Why are some choices considered renegade when they involve saving people from being killed? This sometimes involves your own team mates.

- Anyone having an invisible garrus roam the ship? I hear him talking to people but can't find him anywhere. He was talking to tali, and my speakers told me he was right in front of me but couldn't see him.

- Sometimes people just don't show up in cutscenes. Like they miss their assigned position on the screen and it just shows a wall or something. Lol.

- I had a crash (damn bugged room on horizon. save lots while here people!) and after reloading it shows my military strength at 0%. WOO! so gonna win this war now.

last edited by DM at 16:31:09 10/Mar/12
Posted 04:53pm 10/3/12
Why are some choices considered renegade when they involve saving people from being killed? This sometimes involves your own team mates.

I never saw Renegade choices as "bad" or "evil", no matter how you play Shepard is still a hero, I just saw Renegade choices as more the "victory at any cost" and "take no s*** from anyone" kind of choices, so you can still do good things and get renegade points if you went about it in a no-bulls***, hardcore kind of way.

Anyone having an invisible garrus roam the ship? I hear him talking to people but can't find him anywhere. He was talking to tali, and my speakers told me he was right in front of me but couldn't see him.

Sure he wasn't talking over the comm system? I've walked into a couple of rooms and walked in on conversations he was having with other people over the ship's comm system. He hangs out in the main gun battery area normally
Posted 04:55pm 10/3/12
Played some multiplayer this morning, its fun but f*** its laggy at times. I don't think theres any region checks, cos I think I was ending up in games hosted by people overseas, and it was pretty much unplayable, I was rubber-banding and warping all over the place. When I created my own game and was hosting it was fine (well, fine for me), but there was still at least one american dude in the game, and it was s*** for him.
Posted 04:59pm 10/3/12
Oh well that would explain why he always seems to be around. Also something i'm about to find out is what happens if you import a game where your entire crew died last game. I'm eager to find out how the game replaces them all and who with since you obviously can't do this whole thing on your own.
Posted 06:15pm 10/3/12
I don't seem to be having any problems like you DM. I imported my ME2 game I finished/re-did the ending with, Tali died so I wonder who is going to replace her, if any.

@DM - Yeah it would be interesting to find out what would go on if everyone died in ME2.

Yeah there really is no evil choices in the game, just "acting like an arse" choices lol.
Posted 06:40pm 10/3/12
Oh well that would explain why he always seems to be around. Also something i'm about to find out is what happens if you import a game where your entire crew died last game. I'm eager to find out how the game replaces them all and who with since you obviously can't do this whole thing on your own.

there's a memorial on the normandy with the names of all the people that died in the previous games. i'm not using a save game so it looks like the deaths of wrex and thane are canon as well as a lot of the crew. kaidan is also up there but it can be ashley depending on your choice when creating your shephard at the beginning. i'm guessing more names would be on there if you choose numerous deaths at creation.

just got the new crew member from the dlc. he's awesome.

last edited by ravn0s at 18:40:12 10/Mar/12
Posted 07:00pm 10/3/12
yeah he is pretty cool and funny to have around, like telling people that salarians used to eat flies. Also when Tali is drunk I heard she tries to hit on him through the intercom.

Oh and the Garrus/James bulls*** conversation was hilarious too.

"they teach you to make up crap like that in the alliance? or did you think of it all on your own?"
"it's a gift"
Posted 07:18pm 10/3/12
Seems like this game is not as bad as I feared. ME2 would still be better overall. The gun play seems......more...realistic in 3 then in 1 or 2 as well which is nice. I also notice loading screens take like 2-4 seconds which is great.
Posted 07:22pm 10/3/12
The only thing people really are complaining about is the endings far as I've been able to tell. That aside it's a fantastic game. Will do a final run through as a non-imported shepard being a prick and see how things go.
Posted 07:34pm 10/3/12
jesus christ this game is good.
Posted 08:25pm 10/3/12

^^ wow what a s*** way to try and get a key that was, won't be using them again, 2 days later still no key
Posted 10:44pm 10/3/12
Yeah, the guy from the DLC is pretty awesome, much more awesome than the generic commando dude we got from the DLC in ME2. He has cool dialogue, and he has a fun skillset too, I've been using him a lot.

I've been doing heaps of side missions, so I'm still not that far through the actual main storyline, but as far as I can tell so far most (if not all?) of the people you can get in your party are characters who weren't with you in ME2, except for Garrus, and I guess it sounds like you get Tali as well. So even if everyone died in ME2 I don't think it'd make a huge difference to the overall game, just wouldn't get them turning up doing cameos/side missions like most of them do.

The only person I got killed on the suicide mission in ME2 was Samara, so I guess she wont be showing up for me, but a lot of the others have.

Best cameo I've come accross so far was the mission where you meet back up with Grunt, he was awesome. Which is weird cos he was probably one of my least favourite characters in ME2, but hes just hardcore in ME3.

i'm not using a save game so it looks like the deaths of wrex and thane are canon as well as a lot of the crew

Yeah, Wrex being dead was one of the things I used the savegame editor to change in my game. Cos when I played ME2, Wrex was alive, and was involved in all the stuff in Tuchanka, but then when I imported into ME3 I guess it looked for the flags from ME1 to see if Wrex was alive, didn't find them, and then just made it so he was dead since thats the default setting. So I edited my savegame and put the ME1 plot flags in there to represent the choices I made in ME1 so they got carried over properly.
Posted 11:14pm 10/3/12
Of the 7 characters you get with DLC included, at least 2 can die if you make bad choices and Garrus can be just flat out dead if he wasn't around. Guess there is always people to make a team. I want to do a final run of the game where I make all the opposite choices and use a renegade background. I say would LIKE to but f*** me, does it piss anyone else off that there is so much god damn talking that can't be skipped? Why must I watch a 5 minute talking scene that is unskippable every damn time? They did this in the first game and 2 later they still refuse to let me skip what I want to. I don't think I can handle the same talking over again since I've already played through the entire game once.

On the romance side of things, not really a spoiler but just to be sure Spoiler:
don't expect a great ending. Mine with tali had none. She just appeared dead and shepard was 100% fine with it. No mention of it at all ever again. Bad writing there or my shepard was a total sociopath

EDIT - OH something else I see all the damn time. People have evolved since the last game to have rotatable necks. Seriously watch the way people tilt or turn their heads and it's crazy. How did they not see it looks f*****g stupid? Not to mention i've lost count at the times my shepards eyes have rolled into the back of his head when talking to someone, especially when on vid comm. Case in point watch when the quarians show up. You can't miss it.

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Posted 11:37pm 10/3/12
i'm not skipping any dialogue so dunno about unskippable parts.
Posted 11:41pm 10/3/12
^^ wow what a s*** way to try and get a key that was, won't be using them again, 2 days later still no key

in stark contrast, I went to gamesrocket and got my key immediately after making payment
Posted 11:42pm 10/3/12
Yeah, I haven't been skipping any dialogue either so I haven't noticed, but I have noticed the animation of you using a Mass Effect relay is unskippable, that annoys me. I guess it must be doing loading in the background though while its playing, and thats why you can't skip it, otherwise its just retarded.
Posted 11:44pm 10/3/12
Also, I gotta wonder the "Galaxy at War" thing splits the galaxy up into sectors and shows you the readiness separately for each sector, because as far as I can tell it increases the same amount for each sector each time you play multiplayer. All my sectors were at 50%, then I played a bit of multiplayer and they're all now at 55%, so why are they split up?
Posted 02:50am 11/3/12
Downloading right now I can't wait :)
Posted 08:19am 11/3/12
Wowzers.. Ashley got way hot!!
Posted 08:33am 11/3/12
Wowzers.. Ashley got way hot!!

Yes she did, I was going to stick with Miranda, but....

Also I got mine on Xbox 360 and the Kinect voice interaction is a fun gimmick, being able to shout commands, NPC conversation options and use powers.
Posted 09:09am 11/3/12
3.5 million copies sold in the first week. Impressive.
Posted 10:02am 11/3/12
Wowzers.. Ashley got way hot!!

eh she looks more manly now imo.
Posted 12:18pm 11/3/12
wow what a s*** way to try and get a key that was, won't be using them again

For anyone still wanting to buy, here's a summary of prices I've checked out:

[RU Version requiring EN patch]
cdkeys ( .com.au ) :: $40
directgamekeys :: $37
cdkeyshere :: $34

[Multi-language version]
cdkeys ( .com.au ) :: $47
intkeys :: $44 (or ~$41 if you use coupon code e0ab2639a1)

So in summary I'd recommend the intkeys multi-lang couponed version if you want a hassle/patch free install.

Bought mine from them last night, key arrived 11 minutes after payment.
Posted 05:23pm 11/3/12
Ash images.


Looks like she found a salon when she came back to earth, About time too.

3.5mil copies is a solid release. Also Soo many side quests to do.
Posted 06:04pm 11/3/12
Ash is better looking than what she was in previous games yes. Anyone else find that reporter lady you can invite on the normandy to be really creepy looking? Something about the way she looks just strikes me as incredibly ugly and were it not for me trying to get a good ending I wouldn't have her on board creeping things up.

EDIT - Also why does EDI have camel toe?

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Posted 06:15pm 11/3/12
PC controls seem ok, you can remap everything as needed. I was pretty turned off by the fact that it doesn't automatically support controllers. FFS Microsoft.
How is it Microsoft's fault? Unreal Engine 3 supports controllers pretty well, Bioware are just being stupid.
Posted 06:20pm 11/3/12
lol i just got EDI and noticed the camel toe straight away.

i think the reporter chick used to be a dude. i walked into her room and she was having a conversation with someone through the floating camera, and the other person said they couldn't believe how feminine she looked now etc.
Posted 06:23pm 11/3/12
Hahaha now i'm tempted to try her out and see if she really is a dude or not.
Posted 09:37pm 11/3/12
EDI is now pretty awesome, She looks like a futuristic sex cyborg. The reporter lady should be a women but it would not surprise me if bioware made her a trap.

Just had a look at the wiki, No sign of being a trap. http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Diana_Allers
Posted 12:25am 12/3/12
How much time have you spent with the game to already have completed it multiple times DM? I'm up to like 30 hours and still on my first playthrough, but then I'm being pretty OCD about doing everything and finding everything and talking to everyone.
Posted 12:29am 12/3/12
I think my 1st playthrough ran about 25 hours, then I had a 8 hour one for ashley where I ploughed through main content only up to the point of the final mission. Way to much time on my hands. I want to try for a 100% done one or at least as close to it as I can manage but I've missed out on too much study time so that will have to wait.
Posted 12:50am 12/3/12
then I had a 8 hour one for ashley

I've been wondering who this person is.

I must've gotten her killed in the first game :(
Posted 01:29am 12/3/12
Oh man not ME3 related but RPG related and it made me laugh a lot harder than it should of...


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Posted 10:06am 12/3/12
i've played for 10 hours and i've only completed up to rescuing the turian primarch for the main storyline.

running around exploring the citadel and doing side missions atm.
Posted 10:43am 12/3/12
A question for those who have finished the game: I notice every time I go back to the war room to check on my army/fleet status that the required minimum has increased.

Does this mean I have to try to get as many alliances ASAP without wasting time on crappy side-quests or does it only mean that as alliance-making missions come up, I should try to ensure I succeed in each one regardless of how long it takes or what else I do?
Posted 01:44pm 12/3/12
I don't think the minimum bar changes does it? I never thought it was moving. That just means you can't do the final mission without at least that much of people/gear behind you that's all. Not timer based or anything so take as much time as you need. Side missions often lead to your fleet size growing so it's best to do as many as you can. I heard that if you do most of the missions it has an effect on a pretty serious choice you have to make later.

last edited by DM at 13:44:53 12/Mar/12
Posted 01:49pm 12/3/12
^ Thanks!

Also some of the conversation options are deceiving. I'm trying to lean towards Renegade when talking to non-Squad characters - I pick whatever sounds most cold and unwelcoming and 1/4 of the time he says something positive and I get a Paragon point. Soft bastard >_<
Posted 02:00pm 12/3/12
Yeah I just go with "bottom right hand option 99% of the time means renegade points" and works out pretty well for me.
Posted 03:30pm 12/3/12
Has anyone else had their Shepard's eyes bulge out during cutscenes like hes Arnie getting spat out onto the surface of Mars? Its kind of funny at first, but then its just disturbing and totally ruins any impact the cutscenes might have had. Sometimes it fixes itself, but quitting and restarting seems to fix it too.
Posted 03:34pm 12/3/12
There are lots of issues with head movement (turning around almost doing a full 180) and eyes rolling into the back of peoples heads so not surprised there are moments when they seem to pop out too.
Posted 11:13pm 12/3/12
^lol I haven't had any issues with animations or heads at all. Been great for me :)
Posted 11:51pm 12/3/12
Also some of the conversation options are deceiving. I'm trying to lean towards Renegade when talking to non-Squad characters - I pick whatever sounds most cold and unwelcoming and 1/4 of the time he says something positive and I get a Paragon point. Soft bastard

i'm going for paragon and the top right conversation option always gives paragon points. i'm guessing bottom right gives renegade.
Posted 12:06am 13/3/12
Model and animation seem to be off sometimes. Bioware should probably fix it before they throw out DLC.

My Shep

EDI the new sex bot.

Our Favourite Krogan
Posted 12:16am 13/3/12
On mars when you jump to the new tram, there is a high chance your arm will glitch out, suck itself into your body and the hand comes out of your gun.
Posted 12:54am 13/3/12
Yeah, it seems kind of stupid that Wrex dying is the default "canon" version, cos the bits with him are so cool. There were some rather good bits with Thane too, so it sucks that hes dead by default too.

Samara died on my suicide mission in ME2, so shes not in ME3 for me, but I'm assuming she shows up when you're doing the mission at the Ardat Yakshi sanctuary?

This is pretty much quickly becoming the best Mass Effect game for me, I mean ME2 was great and all but this is just topping it in every way. And so much more epic. I guess a large part of it is seeing all the stories come to an end as well, so it might not be as good if you hadn't played the previous ones.
Posted 01:05am 13/3/12
Yeah that's where she comes into play. Aside from that I never saw her again. Hope you weren't like me though, playing with headphones on and the volume up then you hear a banshee scream. Holy f*** those things make your ears bleed and I guess rightfully so. It just makes me panic hearing those things on top of the other mobs that come with them to worry about. Thane's appearance is awesome I thought, also his line of Spoiler:
that assassin should be ashamed, a terminally ill drell stopped him getting to his target
made me lol.

Best moment with wrex though if he lived in #1 is Spoiler:
if you choose to lie about the cure and kill morden. Wrex finds out next time you go to the citadel and attacks you and you get the renegade option to kill him
. He is f*****g piiiiiissed off to say the least, and with good reason. I want to do another, final run of the game but I really can't be arsed because of the endings. Hell it's not even the game ending that bothers me. It's that there's literally no ending to the romance part of things.

If you take your romance girl/guy on the final mission with you as you would normally do thinking something will happen like a final scene between them, they just die along with person #2 in the group. There is no touching farewell to them, no speech, not even acknowledgement that they just died in front of you and you'll never be together again. Hell, there isn't even a camera pan to show your dead team mates or anything and you are just expected to carry on.
The f*** kind of way is that to treat a story they spent like 40 - 50 hours building up over the course of 2 games?

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Posted 01:42am 13/3/12
ME3 is not as bad as I feared, Its coming along very well. Characters are good, Overall story is OK. Funny dialog and character bits. Hope there is some good DLC in the works for it too. After ME3 I hope they make more games in the Mass Effect world.
Posted 08:42am 13/3/12
Anyone else had issue with the sound, mostly voices, being a bit echoey?
Posted 10:11am 13/3/12
There were some rather good bits with Thane too, so it sucks that hes dead by default too.

well i figured he probably died from that disease since he only had a few months left to live. glad to see he shows up with imported saves.
Posted 10:58am 13/3/12
Yeah, he says when you run into him that he has outlived all the doctor's expectations and he could die at any time, but then he ends up going out in a suitably heroic way instead of just dying to a disease.
Posted 02:41pm 14/3/12
Thanes death was sad but awesome at the same time. I was sadface when Mordin died, he was one of my faves.

I also hated the ending, if you can even call it an ending... /pout.
Posted 03:39pm 14/3/12
Decent game, was quite happy right until the ending (trying not to give spoilers).

- Good dialogue and interesting characters
- Lesbians
- Combat was a bit more diverse than previous games, felt more engaging
- The story mode seems interesting for further playthroughs to skip combat

- The ending
- Also, the ending
- Melee is horrible
- Quests were sometimes hard to keep track of
- I felt the story lacking in immersion primarily because the choices you were presented with sometimes felt disjointed or even useless, like it didn't matter what choices you made
- This was also culminated in the ending

It was pretty clear that sacrifice was a big theme throughout but the way they tried to push choices which lead to the same events happening anyway didn't seem to fit all that well with their polarised paragon/renegade system, not to mention it just left me feeling like a passive bystander sometimes.

Overall I'm confused with a lot of the ratings the game is getting, this is nowhere near a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination but neither does it justify the massive backlash it got at release. Sans the ending I would give this a solid 8/10 but mainly for the characters (knock 2 off that including the ending).

I also have a sinking feeling that they will probably release another DLC (aka do a fallout) which changes the ending but I can't help feeling that it won't be motivated by anything other than milking out some more cash.

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Posted 04:15pm 14/3/12
I felt the story lacking in immersion primarily because the choices you were presented with sometimes felt disjointed or even useless, like it didn't matter what choices you made - This was also culminated in the ending

This. For example why would you EVER pick Spoiler:
siding with the geth over the quarians when it results in tali killing herself so you lose an important team mate and then the ending results in the geth being destroyed anyway by the blue/red science?
Posted 04:39pm 14/3/12
wow that actually happens? I had them both happy with each other, maybe 'cause I was super paragon?

I'm going to youtube that s*** right now!
Posted 05:13pm 14/3/12
I'm not paragon, I'm mostly renegade, and I still ended up with the geth and the quarians working together. I loved that whole section actually, from the geth dreadnaught through the geth server and then the reaper base, was all awesome.

For me, Legion sacrificed himself to upgrade the geth and make them more intelligent and more awesome, and they have joined me in the fight against the reapers and are helping the quarians to recolonise rannoch. And the quarian fleet has also joined me.

Sounds to me like the choices you make can have pretty huge effects on the game, not that I've looked into ALL the different things that can happen, but just the wildly different versions of the geth thing and the krogan genophage thing that I've heard tell me theres some pretty huge differences in the way things can play out.

I didn't go renegade on the genophage thing, I told Mordin about the sabotage and he went up to the tower to fix it and ended up sacrificing himself to cure the genophage. But my friend went full renegade and he ended up having to kill Mordin to stop him fixing the tower, and then blamed it on the Krogans. Then later on the citadel Wrex found out what he had done, and he killed Wrex. Thats pretty damn different to the way it played out for me.
Posted 05:09pm 14/3/12
Lucky buggers. The hell did I do wrong since I played through that section twice and never got that option lol.
Posted 05:13pm 14/3/12
Did you have Legion? Cos he was like the lynchpin for it, he brokers the peace. If you don't have Legion do you still get to do the bit where you go inside the Geth server? Cos he was the one that arranged that too and sorted it out all out.

F***, if you don't have Legion how does any of that play out, cos hes so vital to that whole section after the dreadnaught :S
Posted 05:16pm 14/3/12
Yeah he was there with me. 1st time when I turned against him and sided with tali the prick tried to kill me. I didn't have an option to do any renegade or paragon talking either so that was a bust. 2nd time through I sided with him and same thing no options for peace so the other path played out. I'll get around to doing a real careful playthrough one day but I've just managed to get the dolphin emulator working so I have many high res wii games to rip from my collection and play. Look pretty amazing actually.

EDIT - I heard that if legion is dead he is replaced by a standard geth named Geth IV, same events happen though

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Posted 05:16pm 14/3/12
i'm sort of not looking forward to the ending now that so many people have b****ed about how bad it is. :(
Posted 05:17pm 14/3/12
does your geth buddy from me2 show up?

Yeah, Legion, he shows up, he plays a pretty big role on the Geth/Quarian bits.
Posted 06:48pm 14/3/12
Legion is my favorite character in the series. I'm sad you don't get him as a playable character again.
Posted 11:38pm 14/3/12
oh mordin, you were a funny little guy, but you went out like a champ.
Posted 11:57pm 14/3/12
The only time i've ever seen mordin show any real emotion (that I can remember) is when Spoiler:
you tell him he isn't going up. Shepard goes on and on about how mordin has always defended his work and that the genophage had to be done and he is like WELL I WAS WRONG!. He really gets pissedSpoiler:
Posted 01:26am 15/3/12
Posted 01:38am 15/3/12
having to practically force myself to play this atm, it feels too much like watching a really s***** movie
only just started fighting through the building on mars, hopefully it gets better
Posted 10:12am 15/3/12
dm: more convo with mordin then was much different.
Posted 10:34am 15/3/12
There are lots of issues with head movement (turning around almost doing a full 180) and eyes rolling into the back of peoples heads so not surprised there are moments when they seem to pop out too.

The eye roll thing happened to me when Shepard (female) first spoke to Ashley, the door opens, I step out then my eyes roll up into the head with an expression that was saying, 'Ahhhh f*** whats she want now' .. It set the tone for their relationship from that point on. Best glitch ever.
Posted 12:43pm 15/3/12
I just did the genophage cure and citadel missions, that s*** was epic!

Also heard best dialogue line so far "If you were dancing, would you be waving your arms?"

I've noticed lately, must be about half way through the game, the body animation/speech in the cut scenes has gotten more choppy/wierd - not sure if its game bugs or my PC. I also have way echoey dialogue sometimes.
Posted 12:52pm 15/3/12
i went to the bridge after the genophage missions and garrus and joker were telling jokes. some of them were pretty funny.
Posted 01:17pm 15/3/12
I really like that you can reset your skill points for any character for free the first time and then at a monetary cost on subsequent resets. Seems they really thought it through this time.
Posted 02:28pm 15/3/12
Posted 03:18pm 15/3/12
Who is the person in the photo and what lies did he tell?
Posted 03:25pm 15/3/12
It's Casey Hudson, game dev for ME3 who said in an interview

This story arc is coming to an end with this game. That means the endings can be a lot more different. At this point we're taking into account so many decisions that you've made as a player and reflecting a lot of that stuff. It's not even in any way like the traditional game endings, where you can say how many endings there are or whether you got ending A, B, or C.

Which is bulls*** because that's exactly what you get. ending A B or C
Posted 04:15pm 15/3/12
but is he talking about the end of me3 or me3 as the end to the trilogy?
Posted 04:20pm 15/3/12
I haven't got to the ending yet, but so far I gotta say I'm more than happy with it, its f*****g awesome how it takes so much of the stuff I've done in the past into account and its so awesome seeing all the various storylines from throughout the series wrap up. I think the ending would have to be atrociously bad to change my opinion of the game at this point
Posted 07:05pm 16/3/12
I for one had no real issue with the ending. I take the point that some people are saying it's a little arbitrary but, it ended, and I felt happy with my choice.

Are people just annoyed that it wasn't all lovey dovey, or that many of the games choices up until then were irrelevant to the outcome of the ending?
Posted 12:16am 17/3/12

Posted 12:23am 17/3/12
I for one had no real issue with the ending. I take the point that some people are saying it's a little arbitrary but, it ended, and I felt happy with my choice.

Are people just annoyed that it wasn't all lovey dovey, or that many of the games choices up until then were irrelevant to the outcome of the ending?

Pretty much your last sentence. People felt cheated that it ended with all but a colour change. Hell I just watched all 6 endings and wouldn't have been able to tell the difference albeit the colour.
Posted 05:11pm 17/3/12
I liked the ending, I think the problem is most people take the last few minutes of the game as "the ending" and look at it out of context. To me, the ending was pretty much everything that happened once you got to earth, with all the saying goodbye to your crew members and giving epic speeches and stuff, that all felt like part of the ending to me.

At the very least you have to take everything once you return to the citadel as the ending, and even looking at it that way, I still found it pretty satisfying. If you get tunnel vision and look at just that last choice as the ending out of context of the rest of the game then sure, it could seem a bit underwhelming, but to me most of that stuff just felt like an epilogue, cos everything had already been resolved by that point essentially. The game wrapped up absolutely every storyline and every character arc possible, so I couldn't hope for a better ending to the series tbh.

Its not really like a COD game or something where you can just watch the final cutscene and claim you've now watched the ending, it just doesn't work out of context like that. I agree with Zapo, I think people are just butthurt that it wasn't some huge heroic happy ending, or that it wasn't the ending they had imagined in their heads, which blinds them to just enjoying the game for what it is and enjoying the story that was told. Its not really uncommon for that to happen though, I can't remember the last time a long-running popular series finished and people weren't b****ing about how much they hated the ending, it never lives up to what they had imagined in their heads.
Posted 05:25pm 17/3/12
One of the legitimate criticisms I've seen that I sort of agree with is that it was a bit late in the piece to introduce that character at the end who was the controller of the reapers and the architect behind the whole thing, it was a bit out of left field. But when I thought about it, it didn't offend me quite as much as it originally had, cos I mean they drop plenty of references throughout the game to how many cycles there has been, and how many races there has been before these ones, and how little they actually know about the citadel or who build it, etc, so its not hard to imagine that thing being one of the first races (or a product of one of the first races). Just would have been nice to maybe build up to that reveal instead of just springing it on the player at the end.


I do find it amusing though what people consider the "good" ending. A lot people seem to consider the one where Shepard survives to be the "good" ending, I've even seen it described as the "perfect" ending, but to me it doesn't seem very good. I mean, all the geth get killed, and EDI gets killed, and even though hes not dead Shepard is probably crippled and in agony.

To me, the "good" ending was the synthesis one. Yeah, Shepard dies, but everyone else ends up better off and the galaxy in general seems to end up in a much better state

Posted 04:14pm 18/3/12
Someone just wrote in to ask if we were "paid off" because we haven't written an article like everyone else in the world b****ing about the ending.

I haven't played the game but from my completely ignorant layperson's perspective, PA's wrap up seemed to be fairly reasonable, ending with this:

"The book has been written and you can change the way you read it but don’t pretend you’re the author."
Posted 07:45pm 18/3/12
bah i couldn't save both the geth and the quarians. had to make a choice between the two. apparently you need to have imported saves from previous games where you resolved the conflict between legion and tali. since you meet legion for the first time in me3, if you don't import a save game, you can't save both. :(

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Posted 08:43pm 18/3/12
Yeah, PA seems to be one of the only websites talking sense amongst the tsunami of tears about the ending. This bit stands out for me too cos its exactly how I felt about the game also:

I guess this comes down to when you think the ending starts. Like Tycho, I consider Mass Effect 3 to be “the ending”. The game starts with Earth under attack and from that point on it’s a mad dash to try and stop the Reapers. I’d argue that if you like ME3 then you liked the ending.

The whole game felt like the ending to me too, until I read this on PA I thought I held some freakish point of view that nobody else did but I'm glad to find out I'm not completely alone (even if I do seem to be in the minority).

Found this article to be a good read too, and it mostly mirrored my views also.

Posted 11:05am 19/3/12
I have to agree with Khel and Gabriel (Penny Arcade) on this topic. I felt that the entire game was the true ending, a wrapping up of each characters story arc including commander sheperds story.

The only part of the game which I felt disappointed by (a very slight disappointment) is that the ending reward was too little on detail as to how the choices you make affect the galaxy in a positive or negative light in the long term.


At the ending cutscene at about 60 seconds in length, this does seem to be far too cheap a reward for tying up loose ends and for 50+ hrs or 150+ hrs of gameplay if you include ME1 & 2.

After I had invest all that time, not only in commander sheperd but also the secondary characters, I felt that I should have gotten more detail than a quick 60 second clip of showing a crash landing of the normandy on a green planet. Assuming that my teammates had been vaporised and commander sheperd dead from throwing himself into the beam (I did the synthesis ending).

Instead they simply gave you a cliffs notes or hints that this is how things turned out and you can use your imagination for the rest. This also discourages me from playing through the entire series again as I know that I can't affect the ultimate outcome.

Sure I think that the choices that you make do have an effect on the story afterall it's your story, and everyones may be slightly different (or greatly).

Aside from the above point, I think Bioware did a fantastic job and I'll be looking forward to seeing if there is a ME4.
Posted 01:24pm 19/3/12
edited my save game so that there's peace between the geth and quarians. win!
Posted 05:28am 07/4/12
What number of military strength points did peeps end up with before starting the final mission (Assault cer hq)? Does it make much difference?

I saw somewhere you need 4000 to get the best ending, and I've seen on other fourms peeps had 7000.

I Imported saves from ME1 and ME2 with most s*** done and ultra paragon. In ME3 I've researched every galaxy to 100%, done all the side quests I could find, and have been ultra paragon (Got everyone working together except the Solarians are a bit pissy about curing the genophage) yet my military strenth is like 3200. wtfbbq!?

last edited by Viper119 at 05:28:27 07/Apr/12
Posted 08:31am 07/4/12
playing multiplayer also increases it i think.
Posted 01:35pm 07/4/12
Yeah, your galactic readiness affects the military strength, and playing multiplayer raises that. 3200 still seems a bit low though, I thought you were sposed to be able to get 4000 without needing to play multiplayer, but I don't really know.
Posted 01:41pm 07/4/12
i think i had over 5000 without any mp.
Posted 11:03pm 08/4/12
Military strength aside, I finished the game.

Think the fanboy rage at the ending is way over-rated, if you take the very final cutscene as the ending then of course you'd miffed, but really the last 30-40 minutes of the game is the ending, and that's all awesome - overall a great wrap up. I can see why peeps would want all the questions answered, but thats standard ending fair.

Spoiler question!?

I didn't fully understand the controller kid though, he created the reapers and the cycles to prevent the inevitable chaos of humans creating synthetics and causing war? Who created him? Was he a synthetic?
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