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Acer Predator X34 Monitor Review
Review By @ 03:08pm 14/12/17

Product: Acer Predator X34
Type: Monitor
Price: $1,499.00 RRP
Availability: Out Now

Ultra-Wide monitors have been around for a while now, and truth be told we’ve kind of ignored their existence as somewhat of a gimmick or completely unnecessary for gaming. 21:9 aspect ratio? Surely a thing for those who need multiple windows open at any given time to browse, write, and surf the web. Which, we’ve come to realise is just about everyone. Including us. So, from an immediate productivity position, an Ultra-Wide monitor is something to savour. And the Acer Predator X34 is a winner on that front with its 34440x1440 resolution and immersive widescreen display. A definite improvement over standard 16:9 1080p and 1440p screens.

But what about gaming? Games aren’t meant to be played in cinemascope - so why bother with an Ultra-Wide screen. Well, turns out we were wrong on that front too. 21:9 gaming on the Acer Predator X34 presents a monumental shift in immersion over the regular 16:9 display we were running mere moments before the X34 arrived. From DOOM to Assassin’s Cred Origins to Wolfenstein II – this is next level stuff. Not only are we now converts and full disciples in the Ways of the Ultra-Wide Monitor, it doesn’t hurt that the X34 also includes one of the best IPS panels we’ve ever seen. Regardless of aspect ratio. This is gaming as it was always meant to be.

Looking Good

The Predator X34 comes from Acer’s gaming line of Predator products which includes everything from laptops to desktops, monitors, and even projectors. All emblazoned with the Predator logo - which looks like a cross-between the Autobots symbol and Saruman’s tower from The Lord of the Rings. Ahem. Anyway, Predator is an Acer line that has grown from strength to strength in recent years, with the Predator X34 now representing one of the best gaming screens that money can buy.

If not, the best.

The 34 of the name refers to the size, 34 inches, Ultra-Wide, with an aspect ratio of 21:9. From a screen height perspective you get something in the realm of the now standard 27-inch monitor but stretched out to fill more desk. And slightly curved to improve immersion. Now, curved screens can tend to overdo things. The Predator X34’s curve on the other hand is subtle, almost imperceptible. And only there to compensate for the wider aspect ratio, making the displayed image look more natural.

As a premium monitor, which you’ve probably already guessed by taking one look at the price, the Predator X34 doesn’t cut any corners. From the build quality to features like USB inputs and aesthetic touches like angular brushed metal and an LED under-glow. In fact, the only thing missing is a remote. Something that just about every monitor lacks, leaving adjustment to series of buttons. But, like with everything else the Predator OSD is one of the best we’ve seen allowing for quick switching between picture modes and deep colour adjustment right down to RGB gamma control.

Still, a remote would have been nice.

Screen Story

  • Maximum Resolution: 3440 x 1440
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz (100Hz NVIDIA G-SYNC)
  • Colour Support: 1.07 Billion Colors
  • Contrast Ratio: 100,000,000:1
  • Brightness: 300 cd/m²

  • We’re now living in the age of insane contrast ratios, so they’re not the most important thing when it comes to looking at a new screen. Peak brightness is where it’s at, and the Predator X34 presents a bright image that also features excellent contrast and great colour. It’s the sort of thing you expect with an IPS panel, but even in darker scenes or images the X34 holds its own with fantastic shadow detail. A truly stunning image that only falters when viewing strictly 16:9 content – and only in the sense that you can visibly make out the edge-lighting in each corner.

    That being said the brightness is balanced and uniform across the entire 21:9 panel, with colour reproduction being accurate and rich across the board. The X34 shines when displaying a native 21:9 image. From your desktop, to a cinematic widescreen movie, through to the latest game.

    A View to Remember

    The Predator X34 is a gaming monitor, and as such features a G-SYNC capable screen with a refresh rate of 100Hz. For those that are unaware of Nividia’s G-SYNC technology, once you experience it in full it’s impossible to imagine life without it. Essentially it syncs the refresh rate of the monitor with that of a game’s frame-rate. And by doing so almost eliminates the need for a super high frame-rate. In practise it means that a title with a fluctuating frame-rate of anywhere between 30-60 frames-per-second will look like its running smoother than a game running at a pure 60 with minor dips.

    Couple that with the ultrawide 3440 x 1440 resolution, impressive brightness, contrast, and colour output, and playing DOOM or Wolfenstein II or Overwatch or anything for that matter – is revelatory. Impressive to a fault. Immersive, and brilliant. It’s like being in control of a real-life FOV slider and finally getting to see more of your surrounding environment. That being said you’ll need a decent GPU to get the most out of the X34, with our GeForce GTX 1070 Ti proving to be the perfect fit for the new reality. Ultra-Wide.

    Also, we were surprised to find out that most if not all modern titles support the 21:9 aspect ratio.

    After testing out a standard 4K display that was of a similar size but with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the choice couldn’t be clearer. The X34 is without a doubt an amazing display for gaming. And even without the still yet-to-be-seen HDR implementation across a wide-range of PC monitors, the X34 still feels like something that will stand the test of time. (Note: The Acer Predator X35 which has been announced will support Nvidia’s HDR implementation in addition to increasing the refresh rate to 200Hz). But even so, the X34 still ticks all the right boxes, keeps image quality, brightness, contrast, and colour, at the top of the list of things it does well. And alongside the G-SYNC capabilities, low response time, and impressive build quality, it’s no wonder this is considered the ultimate gaming screen.
    What we liked
    Playing games in the Ultra-Wide 21:9 aspect ratio is amazing
    Brilliant IPS panel with superb colour output, brightness, and contrast
    Impressive OSD with useful picture modes and great customisation
    3400x1440 resolution feels like a big step up from 1080p
    Feature packed and solid build
    What we didn't like
    No remote makes some OSD navigation a little clumsy
    HDR will be in next year’s version
    We gave it:
    OUT OF 10
    Latest Comments
    Posted 04:37pm 14/12/17
    Posted 05:21pm 14/12/17
    Indeed, hence a note at the bottom about the new model.... even so this is still one the best monitors on the market right now
    Posted 09:53pm 14/12/17
    Now if I could just justify a monitor worth the same as the rest of my PC.
    Posted 09:56pm 14/12/17
    THe new one is coming out in the next few months. It will have 200hz and 35". Willing to wait.
    That monitor looks dreamy.
    Posted 12:59pm 15/12/17
    The X34 had a lot of issues. The 100hz overclock was inconsistent, build quality was low and there was a huge amount of BLB lottery involved in getting a good one. The Asus equivalent was in a similar boat (same panel i believe), slightly better build quality, but still a huge lottery on getting a good panel.

    The Dell Alienware AW3418DW is a superior monitor in every way, and probably the best ultrawide money can buy at the moment (it is a tiny bit more expensive than the Acer/Asus but only by a couple of hundred, and its 100hz native, 120hz overlock which works for everyone, excellent quality control, and the customer service is very very good.

    Posted 03:50pm 15/12/17
    I've been using an LG 34UC79G for the last 89 months or so. I considered the X34 at the time but just wasn't satisfied with the performance Vs the cost. The LG has 144Mhz and 1 Ms response. I was fine with the resolution only being 2560 x 1080 :)
    Posted 09:18pm 15/12/17
    Do you need a significantly better graphics card to run on an ultrawide monitor? I would imagine it has a performance hit. I'm wanting to get a new monitor (I've been on a piece of s*** 1080p thing for years and long overdue for an upgrade) but not sure I can justify the cost of one of these (so expensive!!) especially if I also need to get a new video card.
    Posted 09:27pm 15/12/17
    Do you play any games with heavy system requirements? DOTA2 would run on anything that isn't more than ten years old. What GPU do you have at the moment?
    Posted 03:04am 16/12/17
    Do you play any games with heavy system requirements? DOTA2 would run on anything that isn't more than ten years old. What GPU do you have at the moment?
    nah just Dota 2. No idea what GPU; I'll check when I'm back - I can tell you I bought it in 2013 though, so it can't be that great.
    Posted 10:05am 16/12/17
    I got a x34 when they came out cause I'm a sucker for wasting money on compy stuff.

    I like it, it's pretty neat.
    Posted 02:22pm 16/12/17
    yeah not sure where the issues might be... haven't had any problems with the g-sync... but yeh... rendering a wider image does mean a better gpu is required... esp when it's 1440p as the vertical pixel count increase beings it close-ish to 4k... with the 1070 ti running everything on max or close to
    Posted 01:59pm 27/12/17
    I've got one of these, its fine, can't really complain (although would happily swap it out for a 5k apple monitor when they exist). Biggest problem is the game support, especially older games. Older games only semi-support it, its good for things like witcher 3 but cutscenes etc. are still shown in 16/9, which is a bummer.
    Posted 06:43pm 29/12/17
    I'm keen to make a monitor my next upgrade also (still rocking a 27" 60Hz currently).

    Unfortunately, there's nothing on the current market that I feel is worth the $$$, so I'm holding out for a new asus 200Hz 1440p gsync display I reckon.

    Basically I want something 1440p, 34"+, 144hz+ & gsync.

    Posted 07:34pm 01/1/18
    @deeper - the new Asus & Acer 200hz monitors are VA panels (ghosting issues, not as good at colours as an IPS). Not only that, but they are likely more than 6 months away with the AU Optronics panels not starting production until Q2, and that's assuming no more delays/production issues.

    I was going to hold out for the Asus one too, but the Alienware I mentioned is 120hz IPS and I think may actually just be a flat out better choice than the upcoming PG35VQ / Acer X35.

    The AW was on sale for $1650 during the boxing day sales, but is likely back up now. If you haggle with the Dell people, you should be able to get it for $1750-$1800.

    Posted 11:54am 02/1/18
    I'm holding out for the 4k HDR screen Asus are bringing out this year
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